6 Best Electric Pruner Shears for Home Garden


If you are a homeowner, a green-fingered gardener, or professional horticulture, an electric pruning shear is a must-have equipment. You should buy the most excellent equipment for the job, whether you’re pruning trees or cutting flowers. With the electric pruning shear, you should be able to get a straight and clean cut with no effort. … Read more

How to Install Artificial Turf for Dogs

artificial grass for dogs

If you have a dog, you must have heard about artificial turf for dogs. There are numerous reasons dog owners switch from their grass backyard to artificial turf. Artificial turf is safe for your coveted dogs. These are much more resilient than traditional lawns because they can resist wear and tear imposed by the dog’s … Read more

Do fabric shavers ruin clothes?

fabric shaver

The advancement of technology has gifted us a versatile device named the fabric shaver. It is an electronic device that utilizes a rotating blade to eliminate lint and pills from the fabric. People use fabric shavers on clothing, typically sweatshirts, sweaters, and other clothing made from wool, angora, and cashmere. These devices are often used … Read more

How to Propagate Bear Paw Succulent from a Leaf

Propagate Bear Paw Succulent

Cotyledon Tomentosa, popularly known as Bear’s paw, is one of the most attractive and lovable members of the succulents family. It has thick and fuzzy green leaves with noticeable dark red-toothed edges. The leaves look like bear claws that also have a velvety coating. Bear’s paw blooms large orange bell-shaped flowers during the spring season. … Read more