Welcome to the TMP where you can explore a range of topics including home improvement, DIY, parenting, schooling, gardening, and occasional travel posts. My name is Namrata, and I am the author of “The Mama Pirate” blog. I reside in the scenic city of Guwahati with my spouse and two children. As a profession, I work as an elementary school teacher in a local school. 

How was the blog started?

My journey into blogging began in 2017 when I discovered this exciting platform. Initially, I started with a blogspot blog and later migrated to self-hosted WordPress. My first post on Mama Pirate was published in October 2018. Although I was not consistent with publishing articles until 2020, the pandemic provided me with an opportunity to focus and publish content regularly. Currently, the blog has more than 200 posts.

Other Authors of TMP

Priyanki Baruah

She has an engineering degree and working full-time for an IT company in Kolkata. She writes for TMP on topics like home makeovers, parenting, fashion, and DIY hacks.

Swatisweta Parida

She has an M.tech in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University and is currently working as a part-time Content Writer for TMP. She loves to write about gardening and DIY hacks, and shares some of her thoughts on this website.

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