Does Turning Off Location Make Screentime Stop?

Turning off the location makes the screen time off. There are many services on the iPhone that work only when the location is on. You have to enable the location services. It enlists all the apps that require location permission. If you want to prevent turning off location services on your iPhone, you can select the “Do not allow changes” option. This way, you will not get disturbed by switching off the location time and again.

Apple maps launched in 2012 have come a long way since then. Many giant improvements have taken place over the years. Apple has given reasons to iPhone users to use their maps instead of other services like Google maps. Here we present you some great tips and tricks for using the Apple maps.

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1. Creation of a guide

The guide is a feature offered by Apple maps within. For example, if you are visiting a nearby place, you can create a guide to mention all the places, landmarks, bars, or restaurants you want to visit through this feature. You can organize your trip well by creating your guide.

To create your guide, simply search for a place on Apple maps, then swipe up from the card at the bottom. Select the guide option. Then select the new guide option, name your guide, and click on create.

Continue searching for places and add them to the created guide by swiping up from the bottom. You can see all the added places by clicking on the guide that you have created. You can see helpful information like the opening time of each place, sort them by date added, and look for their distance. You will see an edit option in the bottom left corner of the created guide. You can also share your guide with your contacts.

2. Sharing of ETA

You can share your ETA using Apple Maps. It makes it easy to get real-time updates for someone who is meeting. They will get to know your arrival time and if you are on schedule. But they will not be able to track you.

Select the place you want to go to and click on the go. You can see the arrival time on the bottom of the screen, the total number of miles, and the total journey time. Tap on the Open Contacts option. Select the contact you want to share your ETA from your contacts list. You can see a grey arrow on the right side of this detail. Select that. It will expand the menu and will locate the option Share ETA.

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3. Look at the curated guides.

Apple Maps have made up guides for those who do not want to create one on their own. They have curated guides on several outlets for you to check out. Swipe up from the search bar from the bottom of the screen. Scroll down to get the feature “Guides We Love”. Select

Explore guides or scroll through the created guides. You can also filter by various categories like Things to do, Nightlife, and Food & Drink.

After you have selected a guide to explore, select the ‘+’ icon next to each place. It will add them to a new guide or any of your existing guides.

4. Lessen the interruptions

Some people get disturbed by the spoken directions given by Apple Maps. They want to listen to songs or audiobooks while driving. You can make some changes and switch off the audio. You can add your favorite audiobook or podcast and select the option to not interrupt them in between.

5. Locate your parked car

You do not have to remember where you have parked your car because Apple Maps will do that for you. Suppose you have to drive a bit extra to find parking, then there is no need to remember a landmark or an area to know where your car is parked.

For this feature to work, you need a connection to your car’s Bluetooth or CarPlay stereo. As long as you can detect your location while parking, the map will show the place afterwards.

Open the settings of Apple Maps, scroll down to Show Parked Location and select it. Make sure that location services are on. Also, turn on the significant locations in System services. Otherwise, the feature will not work.

6. Know your current location by scanning nearby buildings

When you first start with directions on Apple Maps, figuring out where you are can be tricky. It is especially true when looking for directions as a pedestrian. For this situation, there is a feature where you can scan the nearby places to detect your location. This way, you will get a better idea of where you are and where you are heading.

Start as usual. You will see a hexagon appear inside a circle on the right side of the screen under the mute button. Tap on this to scan nearby buildings across the street. It will, however, not work for all routes as good lighting is required. But it is worth giving a try if you are a little confused.

End verdict

Turning off the location can turn off many features on the iPhone. Screen time is one of them. You can lock the location on so that it does not get off again and again.

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