100+ Interesting Captions for Instagram for Girls

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Living in a world where Instagram validity is more than everything else that matters, getting the perfect Instagram captions is one of the most important things trendsetters need to do. From yahoo to Pinterest, they leave behind nothing in the search for the best Instagram caption that suits their pictures. Are you in need of a caption to go with your perfect insta-shot? Well, don’t worry because we have collected the best Instagram captions of all types for you. Take a look at these captions from sassy to salvation, and find the suitable one for your picture that will make your post a hit.

We have divided all the captions into several categories so you can find the best one for you easily.

Instagram caption for girls about smile and happiness

  1. Nothing looks more beautiful than a happy smile.
  2. Take all the time on earth to make your soul happy
  3. The best gem you own is that smile
  4. It doesn’t matter what they say; if it makes you happy, do it over and over again.
  5. Beautiful reasons are everywhere. You just have to find one to be happy.
  6. It takes courage to walk through the fire to find happiness again
  7. Issa, happy day!
  8. Your happiness is on you, so be as happy as you want to.
  9. A happy face is more attractive than a handsome one.
  10. A smile and happiness are the opposite poles of a magnet. They attract each other.
  11. Happier the girl, shiner she is.
  12. Nothing is prettier than happiness
  13. A smile compliments your dress more than any guy ever will.
  14. A smile is never outdated
  15. You are your reason to be happy
  16. Accept your imperfections as a part of you, and you’ll soon find a glimpse of happiness
  17. Happy thoughts lead to a happy life.
  18. Making someone else happy is the best way to be happy
  19. You lose sixty moments of happiness every moment you choose to be unhappy
  20. Happy is the new rich.

Instagram captions for stylish girls

  1. You are who you are, not what they want you to be.
  2. All it takes is getting up, dressing up, and never giving up.
  3. Life might not be perfect, but my hair can be.
  4. My heels are higher than your standards
  5. I dress for myself, who’re you?
  6. They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy makeup, and to me, it’s the same thing.
  7. You’re dealing with a diamond, precious and rare, not a roadside stone lying everywhere
  8. Happiness is perfectly winged eyeliner.
  9. Nobody comes before you, so don’t love anyone more than you.
  1. If you’re waiting outside cus, I said I’ll be ready in two minutes, sorry babe, and you got pranked.
  2. They’re jealous of you because they ain’t you.
  3. Why surround yourself with negativity when you have makeup, good looks and dogs?!
  4. I need fingers to try all these nail polishes.
  5. Yes, looks aren’t everything, but I just have ’em in case you wanted to know
  6. Fashion is followed, style is created.
  7. I’d rather arrive late than ugly, ugh!
  8. Who runs the world? Curls!
  9. I’m not overdressed. You are over-opinionated
  10. Never try my coffee or my sarcasm. Both of them are too hot and bitter to not burn you.
  11. At least, my clothes ain’t as boring as my life!

Sassy and savage Instagram captions for girls

  1. I am the baddie your daddy warned would break your heart.
  2. Don’t try me coz this beauty can be a beast too.
  3. 99% angel, but that 1%, even Satan asked for an appointment.
  4. Queens don’t run. They make others after her.
  5. I have a heart of gold, but this mouth spills the sass.
  6. You can stand by the door; the garbage truck is
  7. Give yourself a break. Let the other idiots have a chance today.
  8. Why is ‘UGH’ the only emotion I feel these days?
  9. Life, eyeliner, guys, life, just wing it!
  10. Why regret not having that extra piece of brownie when you can be fat and fabulous?
  11. Karma went for a holiday. Let me hit you instead.
  12. I can swallow scrabble and barf it out, and it would still be better than what comes out of your mouth every moment you open it.
  13. Arrows and spears are outdated. Just leave them to read.
  14. I don’t have pennies to pay for a box of your unwanted opinions.
  15. No, I didn’t fall from heaven. I slithered into your doorstep right from Eden.
  16. Nothing looks better on you than a face shut up.
  17. Do you feel good about breaking my heart? Sorry boy, I knew you didn’t deserve any better than a toy from China.
  18. Nowadays, every day feels like a test I forgot to study for.
  19. If you think you can get enough of me, think again.
  20. You make me laugh because you are a joke.

Short captions for girls

  1. I am not trying to be cool. I am. P.S – you are not
  2. Every day is a day to sparkle.
  3. Wake up, coffee, killer outfit, bold lipstick, ready to rule the world.
  4. Be happy. People go crazy seeing that.
  5. The sky over my head, the earth beneath my feet and a glaring fire within my soul
  6. You know you had fun when there were no photos or posts that day.
  1. Nothing feels better than looking into the mirror and feeling good about what you see.
  2. I’ve been standing out since I was born, duh!
  3. Classy & fabulous and too much for you.
  4. Happy smiles and deep breaths.
  5. When you do it right, one lifetime is a million.
  6. Messy hair, like I care!
  7. EPIC SHIT is what I do.
  8. When you’re yourself, you have no competition.
  9. Life is happier when you’re laughing.
  10. If you have my ugly pictures, bruh, we’re gonna last.
  11. You know me only how much I want you to.
  12. Normal is boring.
  13. Surround yourself with food, dogs and happy people.
  14. It is moments like these that we live for, and that is why we exist.

Cute captions for Instagram for girls

short captions for girls
Cute girl
  1. Smile. Sparkle. Shine.
  2. I’m quiet, and everything but doesn’t see me with my friends.
  3. A complete cutie psycho. But a CUTIE.
  4. A pure heart and a sincere smile that all the makeup in the world you need.
  5. I don’t know about happiness or sorrow, but love will CHANGE you for sure…
  6. Start every morning by smiling at the mirror and seeing how big a difference it makes in your life.
  7. CoronaVirus is so 2020. Infect me with your smile.
  8. You’re not ordinary.
  9. That smile is the most priceless piece of jewellery you’ll ever own
  10. I’m a cutie, oh but honey! Make me mad, and only the Holy Trinity can save you.
  11. I’m a cute combination of AWW SO SWEET and EYE ROLLS!
  12. Good things take time. Great things happen in moments.
  13. Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.
  14. So which of you want to go and get the ‘Lazy of the year’ award for me?
  15. I try to be nice, but crap, this mouth.
  16. Nothing suits you better than a smile.
  17. You look the best when I catch you looking at me.
  18. Twinkle, Twinkle little star, wonderful and gorgeous, is what you are!
  19. Cute but rude
  20. Why be Downie when you can have a brownie?

Inspiring Instagram captions for girls

  1. I work when the world is asleep.
  2. There is a red carpet laid for any determined girl.
  3. Nothing swears to others more than self-love.
  4. Wait for your season to blossom.
  5. The reason to live today is the promise of tomorrow.
  1. If life is throwing a rock at you, don’t shield. Throw a brick back.
  2. Everyone seems to be in style with the new season of fake.
  3. Be your own kind of beautiful.
  4. You are magic, so never apologize for the fire in you.
  5. I am generally a cool person. Global warming made me hot.
  6. You are too naive to handle my glam.
  7. Do you think I hate you? Bless your delusional heart
  8. They say a woman is like a cat. She has nine lives. I say wrong. A woman has as many lives as her shoes. It keeps increasing both in quality and expense.
  9. If you are sad about being at the bottom for a long time, remember a building can’t stand tall unless it has a strong foundation.
  10. Face the world with a smile, and it will give up and smile back.
  11. I am who I am, and Your approval is invalid.
  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous girls lie in bed with messy hair.
  13. You can.
  14. I only need a smile to turn around a bad day.
  15. Love me or hate me, I’m gonna shine anyway.
  16. Hey girl, look down; you just dropped your crown.

Final Words

Now, a girl can do anything that a boy can do. So, these were some of the best captions for girls that can be used on Instagram for motivation.

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