How To Care For A Ornamental Pineapple Plant

Most people think that all pineapples are edible. But some pineapples are only grown for their look, otherwise called ornamental pineapple plants.

These plants can grow both indoors as well as outdoors. The plant grows up to a height of approximately 2 feet and requires less maintenance. 

The ornamental pine apple plant belongs to the bromeliad family and is native to tropical America and the Caribbean. Later these plants are transferred to different tropical regions of the World by the explorers.

Ornamental pineapple plant grows in warm, humid climates. They produce colorful flower heads and small fruits, which are pretty attractive. The leaves of these plants are sword-shaped and sharp-pointed to protect them from animals.

There are various varieties of ornamental pineapple plants. For instance, Champaca is the most popular mini pineapple in most garden centers. Another is variegatus, famous for its white and cream strip leaves and pink fruit. The next one is Ananas bracteatus, famous for its red ornamental fruit.

The article discusses how to take care for an ornamental pineapple plant. So, you can keep scrolling through this article to learn about the maintenance tips for growing an ornamental pine apple plant in your house or garden.

Ornamental Pineapple Plant Care

Most people love to eat pineapple. But unfortunately, the fruit grown from the ornamental pineapple plant is not for edible purposes. 

But these plants can be a perfect centerpiece in your kitchen, living hall, or dining. Providing the proper amount of light, temperature, humidity, and other things will help to grow the plant properly.

We have listed a few things you must remember for ornamental pineapple plant care.   

1. Light Requirement

Ornamental pineapple plants grow well in bright light as they help develop flowers and fruits. But you need to keep this plant away from too direct sunlight as it can damage the leaves badly. We recommend you rotate the pot every two days so that all the plant parts will get adequate sunlight for proper growth. If the natural light is insufficient for proper growth, you can use glow light to grow the ornamental pineapple plant.

2. Watering

The ornamental pine apple plant loves water during the summer season. So ensure to water the plant within two days in summer. 

Additionally, remember that the soil should be dry enough while watering. If you give the plant too much water, its roots may rot. Once the root starts to rot, you have to completely remove the plant, dry its roots thoroughly and then replant again. 

So to avoid all these things, we recommend you give water to the plant only when the soil is dry. During the cold season, it takes a longer time for the soil to dry. So, you can water the plant once a week to avoid rooting.

Never use chlorinated water while watering your plant, as it can harm the plant. Also, never allow the soil to become soggy, as it can kill your plant.

3. Temperature

The temperature for growing ornamental pineapple plants is between 18-27 degree Celsius. Keeping the plant above 27 degrees Celsius will adversely affect plant growth.

4. Humidity

Ornamental pineapple plants require a humid environment for proper growth. If the humidity is low, the plant foliage can have brown tips. So if you stay in a low-humidity environment, use a cold mist humidifier to properly grow the plant and its foliage.

5. Fertilizer

Provide liquid fertilizer to the plant in the summer season within a gap of two weeks. Dont apply fertilizer in the cold season because of the minimal growth of the plant. If you feed fertilizers in the winter season, then it can lead to the death of the plant.

6. Repotting

We recommend you do repot only in the growing season. Try to repot on one size larger than the old one because the ornamental pine apple plant grows slowly.

 Ensure the pot has drainage holes to drain excess water and prevent the roots from rotting. Water the plant after repotting. Your ornamental pine apple plant will take some time to adjust to new surroundings.

7. Soil

The soil should be loose, draining, and enriched in organic matter for proper growth of the ornamental pineapple plant. The plant can tolerate drought for a short period.

8. Pruning

You need to prune the plants at regular intervals. Pruning helps to remove the damaged or wilted leaf and provides enough space for offsets to grow. You can remove the dead foliage with the help of scissors or garden shears.

How Can I Propagate Ornamental Pine Apple Plant From Offset?

Following the steps below, you must propagate an ornamental pineapple plant from the offset.

  • Propagation of ornamental pineapple plants is possible through offset. Ensure the offset has a height of at least half compared to the mother plant.
  • Remove the offset gently from the soil.
  • Plant offset in loose, well-drained soil.
  • You need to plant the pot in a shallow heavy pot to prevent toppling in the future.
  • Place the pot where the ornamental pineapple plant will get at least 6-7 hours of indirect sunlight.

Signs And Symptoms Of Unhealthy Ornamental Pineapple Plant

1. Yellow Leaves

If you overwater the ornamental pineapple plant, you will observe yellow leaves. Well, you can avoid it by watering less to the plant,

2. Brown Leaf Tips

Ornamental pineapple plant grows well in humid climates. So, if the air is dry or less humid, you will observe brown color on the tips of the foliage. You can solve the issue by using a humidifier or keeping the plant in moist areas of your house, like the bathroom or kitchen. But remember, the plant must also get 6-7 hours of indirect sunlight.

3. Pale Brown Leaf Patches

If you keep your ornamental pineapple plant in a place where it is getting direct sunlight for long hours, you will observe pale brown leaf patches. You can avoid this problem by shifting the plant to a shady spot in your home.

4. Dark, Soft, And Drooping Leaves

If the ornamental pineapple plant lacks enough sunlight, you will observe dark, soft, and drooping leaves. Keep the plant in a place where it will receive indirect sunlight for at least 6-8 hours.

5. Pests

Certain pests, like mealy bugs, can attack the ornamental pineapple plant. If you find pests, isolate the plant and tree in the affected area with neem oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does an ornamental pineapple last?

The ornamental pineapple plant produces flowers and fruits within two years, then its growth declines. They are short-lived plants compared to all other house plants, like Christmas cactus, which live for approximately ten years when grown properly.

The mother plant dies off, and you can use the offsets to grow into another ornamental pineapple plant.

2. Is ornamental pineapple edible?

No ornamental plant is not edible.If you keep an Ornamental pineapple tree in any corner of your house, then it can create a magical transformation. But you cannot eat that pineapple. The fruit is meant only for decorative purposes.

3. Why is my ornamental pineapple plant turning yellow?

If you dont provide much water to the ornamental pineapple plant, its foliage will turn yellow or grey. The growth will even stunt and may cause the death of the plant.


Ornamental pineapple plants are tabletop plants and are mainly used for decorative purposes. You can gift these plants even to your near and dear ones. 

The plant will start bearing flowers and fruit after 24 months. But unfortunately, you can eat the fruit. However, you can use the fruit for various decorative purposes and flower arrangements.

We have discussed above how to take care for an ornamental pineapple plant and hope the information is helpful.

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