21 Best Plant Care Apps that are Free to Use

Do you have a garden at your house? Do you love to spend your time in the garden with your houseplants and do you want to keep track of the growth and health of your houseplants? So here I am with a perfect solution to your problem. I am going to present to you the 21 amazing free plant care apps which will not only help you in tracking the progress of your plants but also give you some expert tips on gardening, to make you a pro-gardener.

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Best free plant care apps for Android and iPhone in 2022

1. Planter: Garden Planner

Planter will help you in gaining some expert knowledge and also help you with planning for a vegetable, herb, or fruit garden. This simple app helps you in designing the layout, and the arrangement of plants and also helps you in tracking the progress of the garden. This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms for free.

2. Plantifier

Plantifier uses the masses to help you in the recognition of plants. One only needs to upload a photo of the unknown plant, and other active users on the app will help you in recognizing it. The app also assists you with caring for your garden and also helps you in tracking the growth of your flowers and houseplants. This app is also available for both platforms for free.

3. Sun Seeker or Sun Surveyor

Sun, water, and soil are some crucial ingredients for the life of your plants. Most plants you keep in your house will suggest one of three different amounts of sunlight. first is full sun i.e 6+ hours of sunlight every day, partial sun means 4-5 hours of sunlight daily, and full shade in which No direct sunlight. This app will help you by answering these confusing questions.

Both applications use your location to track the sun’s movement. You just need a simple compass feature to put your phone, right where the plant will sit and get a view of the sun’s movement throughout the day. These apps are available for both Android and iOS.

4. Blossom

Blossom is one of the best apps for those who are looking for an app that can guide them on how to care for plants. This app is a lifesaver for new gardeners. You will have access to about 12000 plants’ information on growing them successfully. This app is available for Android and iOS.

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5. GardenTags

GardenTags Offers you unconventional plant advice, inspiration, and gardening tasks, this app allows gardeners to share some helpful information and tips with each other. Your houseplant care will be made easier with the help of this app, it also suggests ways to deal with wild weeds and pests. This application is also available on both Android and iOS platforms.

6. Planty

You just need to enter your plant’s name, average sunlight exposure, and your own location. With all that information, the app will send you daily reminders on when your plants need water. The more you use Planty, the better it becomes at predicting your houseplants’ watering needs. Although you will still need to depend on your own insight and notice the conditions of the soil, this app will help you by reminding you of watering plants. This application is available for iOS only.

7. My Soil

This app will tell you all about the soil and its types. It was developed by the British Geological Survey and it helps you to check the soil in your local area and provides you with useful information in terms of soil type, depth, pH, soil temperature, and organic matter content. This app can help you by suggesting which plants will flourish in your locality. Great no? Available for free on both platforms.

8. Leafsnap

This application is used by the Natural History Museum, I don’t think this needs any explanation further of whether it is good or not. So I will just inform you about its works. As the app’s name suggests, the apps identify plants by their leaves. The app was first developed by the University of Maryland. It contains lovely high-resolution images of leaves, flowers, fruits, and bark.

9. Garden Answers

This is one of the most useful applications for any gardener out there. This is also a plant identifier and helps you in becoming a walking encyclopedia of all the British garden plant species discovered. Garden Answers is a user-friendly application and is an incredibly popular identification app that can instantly identify over 20,000 plants, served with some very useful information. You just need to take a snap of the plant you want to identify, and press ‘submit’. The answer will be ready.

10. My Garden

With the help of this app, you can keep track of your houseplants and their progress by easily sharing them with your friends online, to show how things are going. One can exchange photos with other gardeners to showcase, plus you can track your ongoing tasks. This app is also known as social media for gardeners. Believe me, this app will really help you in improving your gardening skills.

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Plant Care App
Indoor plants

11. Plant Care Reminder – Plant Watering

A simple app to monitor the plant’s watering time. You can create a widget for each plant in your garden individually or create a single widget for all plants.  A widget is an image of a plant that, depending on the settings, dynamically changes its appearance, and a small calendar icon showing the number of days since the last watering. In the settings, you can choose the appearance of your plant, give it a name, add a comment, and much more!

12. Smartplant

As the name suggests, it is a smart app that will help you become a professional Gardner, by providing you with a lot of information and plant care tips. This app can easily help you in identifying your plant and also provide you with a Digital Care Calendar, to keep records. You can add all your plants in this app and it will tell you about their requirements and how to take care of them. This app is available for both Android and IOS users.

13. Gardening Companion

You can take this app as your junior Gardener; it provides you with all the information required for taking care of your plants and succulents. This also helps you in tracking the progress of your garden. You can easily identify rare plants with this app. This application is available for currently IOS only but will be soon available for Android platforms too. If you are looking for a Gardening Companion, you should download it.

14. Flower Checker

I know many apps on our list offer the plant identification service, but Flower Checker is one of the most accurate and easy-to-use apps. This app uses the expertise of real-life botanists, and they help you in identifying more than 90% of plants and succulents. This app has a great feature that makes it much easy to use, i.e there are no advertisements. Isn’t it great? This application is available for both android and IOS platforms.

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15. Moon and Garden

This app is named like this because it relies on the phases of the moon to advise you on “gardening tips” for the following day. It provides you with a lunatic approach for planting, sowing seeds of plants, vegetables, etc in your garden. It gives you tips based on the current phase of the moon and zodiac signs going on. This may sound a bit weird but believe me, it makes gardening much more interesting. It also provides the weather forecast and lets you know the best conditions to plant your succulents. You can schedule your gardening tasks here and also set reminders for your gardening activities. Another amazing feature is it’s Moon and Garden community feature, you can share your gardening images with other gardeners available on the platform and can learn from them too. This app is free to download but you can remove ads by providing $1. This is available for both platforms i.e Android and IOS.

16. GrowIt!

This app is like an Instagram for Gardeners, as you can join a great community of enthusiast Gardeners and share your work with them. It will help you in gathering the correct knowledge also other people’s work may inspire you to work harder. You can contact these people and learn new things too, also you can share your own experience. You can also take the help of others to identify the plants and also rate your garden. You can upload videos too. This app is available for both platforms, i.e Android and IOS.

17. Gardenize

This app helps you keep track of the plants in your garden, and also provides you with information on how you can take care of your plants and succulents. It helps you in keeping notes and photos of your plants in a single place, and also gives you the option of crop rotation, location, etc. In the app, you get news updates on how you can beautify your gardens. You can keep track of your plant starting from the seeds sown till they grow. You can create your account and you have the option of keeping it public or private. You can watch garden pictures of different people around the globe. This app is free to download and use. This is available for both platforms, i.e Android and iOS.

18. Gardenate

This app costs you only a single dollar $1 that’s all, but help you in saving much more. This app comes with a simple calendar, which will help you in keeping track of your plants. You can set a schedule, and also access detailed information on plants and vegetables. You can click on planting now, to know which is the best plant to grow this month. You can plant more than 100 garden products along with their detailed information using Gardenate. Another great feature of this app is that you don’t require an internet connection for using this app. This app is available for both platforms i.e Android and IOS. So download now.

19. PlantSnap

No matter whether you are a gardener or a general plant owner, this app is designed for both types of people. This app has a huge library of plants, with a collection of more than 500 plants, with their detailed information. The best feature is that you can click a snap of your plant and it will be identified by a professional botanist. Also, after adding your plants to the app you can create a calendar for them. It will send you reminders and notifications and will tell you what to do this month to keep your plants healthy and rich. You get limited access to the free package. For premium features, you can buy monthly, quarterly, or annual packages. This app is available for both platforms i.e Android and IOS. So download now.

20. Planta: Plant Health App

This is a premium app, but still, there are plenty of features to enjoy in the free version too. You can study the different versions of pants you have at home. Another feature is that it helps you keep track of the intensity of light in your room. You get push notifications as a reminder to water your plants based on the sunlight and weather conditions around you.
In the premium version, you get loads of features like fertilizing, repotting, misting, etc. You can directly identify plant species using your phone camera. You can read guides and articles on plant caring and gardening. The price for premium is around $8 per month. This is currently available for the IOS platform only.

21. Florish

This is a completely free app with great features. When you enter the name of your species you will get a detailed description of it. You get watering reminders, also gardening details. This app also helps you estimate your room light, whether it’s medium, high, etc. This app is available for the iOS platform only. So download now.

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Bottom lines for Best plant care apps of 2022

Plant Care Apps are helpful if you do not have a gardener to look after your indoor house plants.

In your busy schedule, it is impossible to check the bugs and the growth of the houseplants daily. In such circumstances, these free plant care apps come in handy.

I am a plant lover and love spending time watering plants and love checking plant buds, flowers. Apps like Koubachi are a gem for me to literally update me about the time for watering my indoor plants.

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