Best baby items to buy on Black Friday

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As the Black Friday is approaching, we all are excited as it is the sales event that can either leave you glowing from all of the money you just saved or flat broke. Also, it becomes more important if you are looking to buy some baby items as they come costly if bought on normal days. 

So in this post, we are going to share what are some of the best baby items to buy on Black Friday. Also, we will share some important tips and hacks which will save you from spending those extra bucks.

First of all, let’s begin with,

What exactly is Black Friday?

It is the day after Thanksgiving and has been coined Black Friday since the ’60s. It was a term used to describe the mayhem and massive amounts of shoppers who come out on that Friday.

Are Black Friday Deals Actually Worth It?

Before you get out and brave the long queues, you should probably wondering if shopping on Black Friday is actually worth it or not. With such a wide variety of baby products out there in the market and new ones popping up all the time, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth buying on these holiday bargain days.

There is one clear known fact though, and that’s that babies are expensive! Let it be Diapers, clothes, a crib, bottles, formula, breastfeeding accessories, These basics alone can cost you a fortune.

Luckily, Black Friday is actually a great time to stock up your baby wardrobe if you are currently expecting or have a new baby, or even just looking for gifts. We recommend that with some preparation and research, you can find some insane deals on big ticket items this year not only this you can even get some great deals on smaller accessories as well.

Why Shop Black Friday Deals for Baby Stuff?

No matter whether you are an expecting mom, a new mom, or just a mom in general, no worries you all have it on this day.

Babies are expensive… believe us they just are. Ranging from gear, clothes, toys, diapers and everything else, we spend some huge amount. 


Things You Need to Know Before Shopping Black Friday

  1. Make a list and stick to it.

If you go for Black Friday shopping unprepared it will be like going to the grocery store without a grocery list. You will end up meandering around the store and purchasing whatever looks good, without even considering whether you really need it or not. If you don’t make a list and budget for your purchases, you will spend more money than you want to. So, first of all, make a list of all the things you want to buy.

  1. Prepare a Budget and Don’t Cross the Limit.

Believe us, there is no limit on deals you will get on Black Friday sale, so if you don’t wanna get cash out or spend too much. Just prepare a budget and don’t spend until you really need to.

Top Stores recommended for the Best Baby Items to Buy on Black Friday:

  • Amazon (if you are comfortable shopping Online)
  • Baby Earth (A baby gear website that features premier brands like Stokke and Hauck at a great price)
  • Buy Buy Baby *
  • Carter’s *
  • Kohl’s 
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Shutterfly (if you’re planning on making baby announcements, holiday greeting cards, or baby shower invitations)
  • Old Navy * (a must if you’re pregnant!)

Best Baby Items to Buy on Black Friday

1. Car Seats

During Black Friday sales, usually one can save between 20-40% off on car seats. This is one of the best baby items to buy on Black Friday as it is a costly item, so definitely make sure you do your research on your favorite models and brands beforehand.

My favorite places for shopping car seats include Buy Buy Baby (only during sales), Walmart, Amazon, and sometimes Target also provide great deals. If during your research you find a specific model you’re interested in, it will be a good habit to check the manufacturer’s website as well. Chicco, Britax, Graco, platforms like these typically have the best discounts during Black Friday. Maxi Cosi will most likely have sales too, but we have only seen their car seats discounted at 15% Max.

2. Strollers

Since we’re dealing with the same manufacturers as above, this concept really applies to strollers as well.

You can find jaw-dropping deals at Amazon if you are one of those people who doesn’t care much about brand-logo strollers. In fact, as I’m writing this, I’ve already seen $99 strollers thanks to Amazon’s Holi-Deals campaign. Believe me, you can’t get any cheaper than this. 

The best Amazon deals usually come in the form of Lightning Deals and they are usually gone within minutes or even seconds. So be quick.

3. Baby Carriers

Once again, Amazon usually offers the best deals on off-brand products. It isn’t like that they will be giving you some shitty material in the name of sale at this cheap price. The quality will be good.

One should read the ratings and feedbacks when buying online, believe me, they are the real life-saver. You can even check out some real time images uploaded by consumers. 

However, brands like Lillebaby and Ergobaby carriers offer great deals on their own website and sometimes one can find great deals at brick and mortar locations like Target or Buy Buy Baby. On Amazon though, I’ve seen them as much as 75% off sometimes.

4. Clothes

On Black Friday, you will find great offers on clothes in almost every store, whether online or offline.

Carter’s usually offers storewide 50% off and incredible deals on booties, socks, small items like these. Generally, you can expect the same from Buy Buy Baby too. 

If you think of these prices as cheap, you really need to check out at your local resale shops. Gently-used baby clothes are normally discounted 25-55% off retail prices. During Black Friday sales, retail shops usually offer an additional discount or called BOGO deals. 

5. Diapers

Black Friday is the perfect day if you want to stockpile diapers. Pampers has already announced 30% off on Pampers Swaddlers Diapers. We have seen a few diaper deals in-store, but so far Amazon holds the best deals for you, especially when you’re an Amazon Family member and you have subscribed with their monthly subscription services.

It’s much of advice that one should take amazon subscription, even for one month during these Black Friday sales. It will really help you more as many times there are some lightning deals, in which prime members are given benefits. Also, you get free delivery and same day shipping.

6. Baby Accessories

If you’ve been thinking for a long time about changing diaper bags or snagging a stroller organizer, believe us Black Friday is definitely the day to do it. My favorite places to shop include platforms like Buy Buy Baby and Amazon. Although, Amazon offers accessories ranging from smaller to upstart brands that offer the steepest discounts during the sale. 

For example, Baby Charm, the only stroller bag we have used (which has effectively replaced our need for a bulky diaper bag), is planning on having a 50% off sale on their diaper bag. We have never seen the prices of this bag marked down so low and we can’t recommend it enough. 

7. Baby Video and Movement Monitors

Baby video monitors are also one of the best baby items to buy on Black Friday, but you could also spend a lot of money here if you’re not careful as these deals seem to be amazing but sometimes they aren’t.

Every year, the Amazon platform offers very, very inexpensive baby monitors. So, if your goal is to buy the cheapest baby monitor in the market, that’s the perfect place to visit. However, not all baby monitors are created the same. So one should be Beware of off-brands that may or may not be much reliable. Typically, the bigger brands also offer discounts on their own websites. So again, I would recommend that you read the feedback and check on ratings.

8. Cribs

One can expect the best prices on cribs, aside from clearance events. Wayfair, Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby, and Walmart are some favorite platforms to shop for cribs on Black Friday. 

Again beware of fake or just not so good cribs brands. Do your research well.

9. Resale Toys 

According to the data In 2017, Amazon sold over $650 million in infant toys alone. It’s not a secret that parents love to buy toys for their babies. Many parents think they need to purchase toys to encourage developmental learning and develop motor skills. Or some parents even feel bad that they don’t know what the heck to buy for their baby, so they buy anything that looks cool.

But the thing is unless you have a specific item in your mind that you’re looking for, you really need to be careful about buying infant toys on Black Friday sale as your budget can disappear in a heartbeat and you wouldn’t even notice. 

To save money (and avoid shiny object syndrome), check out your nearby resale shops. One of the most reliable resale shops offer discounts on their toys ranging between 20-30%, which can rival even Amazon’s Lightning Deals. 

So it’s not every time that you need to shop online for getting the best deals. You just need to put some effort and roam around in your city.

10. Swings

Fisher Price and Graco are some recommended notorious stores for having incredible deals during Black Friday events. Although, last year, Amazon and Buy Buy Baby were the clear winners even in this field.

So these were some of the best baby items to buy on Black Friday. At last some important tips which one should keep in mind while shopping during Black Friday are:

  1. Check the ratings and feedbacks of the consumers if shopping online.
  2. If shopping offline, thoroughly check the quality of the product and make sure it will last long.
  3. Don’t forget to make a proper list.
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