Best Christmas gift ideas for an 18 month old boy

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As we all know Christmas is knocking at the door, so it`s the time for full celebration with family, friends, and with the near and dear ones. It is at the end of the year that we all get along with our loved ones to celebrate this joyous festival with great pomp and splendor.  Christmas is celebrated with full of enthusiasm and especially the children are mostly happy and excited for this time of the year as they receive gifts from Santa Claus.

So it can be well understood that the celebration of Christmas is incomplete without Santa Claus.

On this festival day people go to church, offer prayers, sing Christmas carols, and prepare different types of delicacies at home and mostly the buns are being made and also the cake is an important part of the celebration too. Children always love to have the Christmas cake.

People also decorate their homes with fairy lights and Christmas trees.

On the eve of Christmas, the churches perform evening services and people express their happiness by singing carols and children love the gifts they receive from their parents and friends. Thus it`s an exciting time at the end of the year involving a lot of celebrations, good food, and gifts.

Gifts and Christmas

Christmas gift
Christmas tree

Christmas presents plays an important role in the celebration of Christmas. Exchanging of gifts among the mass has been practiced since time immemorial. There is a belief associated with the Christmas presents and that is Jesus Christ was given gifts by the wise men of the community and there is also a belief that the birth of Jesus Christ was itself a big gift to the world by God and there is also an evidence showcasing Red Cross volunteers sending Christmas gifts to the fighters of the world war ii. Thus, in modern days the exchange of gifts on Christmas is being practiced in a great and unique way.

The children all over the world believe that the gifts are being given to them by Santa Claus who comes with a big bag at night and leave gifts for them at their doorsteps. But some parts of the world belief that it is brought by Christ kind, wise Men or an old lady called Befana.

Although the presents are not directly given to the children, it is either hidden in shoes, stockings and is left hanging near a fire place. Sometimes the gifts are left under the Christmas tree by the family and friends and the children get amused on seeing the gifts. In many parts of the world, Christmas parties are being organized and there a disguised Santa Claus comes singing Christmas carols and distributes chocolates or small gifts to the audience.

The Christmas gifts are opened in different ways in the different parts of the world. There is often a ceremonial feast observed while opening the gifts.

In the countries like United Kingdom, the Christmas presents are opened on the Christmas day morning. But some countries they open the gifts on 6th January.

It can be well understood that gifts are an important part of the Christmas celebration.

Not only children but adults are also fond of Christmas presents and the celebration is incomplete without the gifts

It is certainly a special occasion when families and friends come together and celebrate it in winter with full pomp and show. But finding the elusive gifts for the joyous occasion to gift it to a sweetheart, parents, friends or relatives can be a difficult task and it is more difficult to choose it for children and hence, here are some beautiful and creative ideas to gift them and make the celebration merrier.

Best Christmas gift ideas for an 18 month old boy

As we all know the Christmas celebration also involves giving gifts to the near and dear ones, and especially while giving gifts to the toddlers, we should give utmost importance to it.

Here are some creative ideas to gift an 18 month old boy.

  • Santa Claus Costume Christmas Dress

Santa Claus Costume Christmas Dress is readily available in online stores. This is the perfect gift to present to a toddler boy. Children love to wear Santa Claus dress on Christmas and imagine Santa. They can also wear the dress for Christmas parties

  • Christmas star

Children love Christmas decorations and therefore decorating their rooms with Christmas stars with fairy lights will give them immense pleasure.

  • Scrapbook with a family photograph

As a toddler starts recognizing familiar faces, it is very helpful to gift them a scrapbook with family photos. Sometimes, the grandparents may not be available to them, so fixing their photographs in a scrapbook and gifting them will help them keep them in their memory.

  • Winter wears in a box

As Christmas falls in winter, giving winter clothes will be a great idea. Children love clothes like sweatshirts, woolen socks; woolen caps, and therefore giving them collectively in a box will be a great idea and this will make them happy.

  • Christmas storybooks

As the toddlers start listening to stories, it is a great idea to give them storybooks and tell them stories about the birth of Jesus So that they can enjoy the Christmas stories.

  • Collection of videos of Christmas stories

The toddlers will enjoy seeing the videos of the Christmas stories and it will be a nice idea to give them a set of videos

  • CD of Christmas carols

Toddlers love to listen to music and it is a great idea to give them a collection of Christmas carols that they will enjoy.

  • Santa Claus themed soft toys

As the children love toys, it is great ideas to give them santa soft toys.These soft toys are widely available in the online stores

  • Christmas Snowman soft plush stuffed toys

It will be a great idea to give them Christmas snowman soft toys. This snowman soft toy made from plush will be good for the kids to cuddle at night and they can relate to it while reading the snowman story or watching any snowman film

  • Set of Animal toy set

Toddlers can have their own play forest area and can learn to distinguish between wild animals and tame animals and therefore giving them the set of animal toys will be both enjoyable and informative too.

  • Educational small a to z Toy puzzle

Educational learning toys for toddlers have soft and bright colors and it is available in various shapes to improve children recognition ability and develop intelligence of the brain and that is why giving them the alphabet toy puzzle is a perfect gift. It can be easily bought from the online stores.

  • Christmas Tree Gift soft toy

This Christmas tree soft toy will enhance the festivity spirit of the children and therefore giving them the Christmas tree decorated with fairy lights and candles with apples hanging on the tree will bring joy to them.

  • Animal finger puppets

The finger puppets are the must have for your kids. These finger puppets are too adorable and kids loved them a lot. So giving them such puppets will make them happy. They are also known to increase social and sensory skills of the toddlers and this is the ideal gifting option.

  • Toy slide

Toddlers newly develop the habit of playing. So to keep them busy and help in keeping their balance, toy slides are the best option. So it is always recommended to give them things that help in their physical growth. Hence gifting them a toy slide is a good idea.

  • Sippers

As toddlers do not use feeding bottles anymore, they shift to sippers to enjoy their drinks. There are end numbers of designs available in the online stores that you can choose from and gift your toddler boy.

  • Baby blanket

Especially Christmas themed designed baby blankets are widely available in the online stores. As Christmas is a winter festival, it can be a good gift for 18 months old.

  • Christmas balloons

Children love balloons a lot and to make them happy, it is always a great idea to give them balloons. There are multi colored balloons and balls with the Christmas themed design available in the online stores.

  • Soft plush baby sofa seat

There are wide variety of plush rides and chairs available for the young ones. They love to sit and play in these plush toys. It is a good idea to give them such rides or chairs in any occasion as it will make them happier and contended.

  • Multicolor stacking blocks

There are different kinds of stacking blocks available in the online stores with different designs, shape and size. It is seen many a times that toddlers love to stack things and to keep them busy, it is quite an effective idea to make them sit and play with the stacking blocks. This gift is helpful for toddlers as it also enhances their color-coordination ability.

  • Homemade sweets, fruit cake

Toddlers starts to eat solid food and thus they like to eat sweets, brownies and small cookies  to sooth their sweet tooth, and thus it is always a good idea to give them homemade sweets and hence you can give them a packet of homemade sweet or a fruitcake and they will just love it.

Christmas is incomplete without feast, gifts and the tradition of exchanging of gifts among the closed ones has been in practice since time immemorial. This joyous festival is celebrated by people all over the world irrespective of caste, creed and religion and the festival keep us all united.

Christmas celebration and My thoughts

Christmas is celebrated one day before the day of Christmas which is on the 24th of December. According to an ancient belief, on 24th Santa Claus knocks at the door of the houses and drops gifts on the doorstep for the small children. So in order to keep the belief of the children, the parents of the children disguised in costumes of Santa Claus sing Christmas songs and give gifts to the children.

On receiving the gifts, the children seem to be very happy and contented.

Christmas marks the annual festival of the year and it is celebrated in unique ways in different countries. In India, Christmas is celebrated full of pomp and show and it is also a national holiday.

In Bethlehem, which is the birthplace of Jesus Christ, people mark their doors with crosses. They take out the annual procession on the day of Christmas Eve. The Italian people have their own way of celebration.

According to the legend Befana, the Italian witch delivers presents to good children.

Henceforth, there are a lot of beliefs associated with the Christmas celebration.

Together with Santa Claus, the Christmas tree even plays a pivotal role.

On the eve of Christmas, the evergreen fir tree which is widely known as the Christmas tree is decorated with fairy lights, apples, bells, chocolates, and colorful candles and this increases the festive mood too. Sometimes Christmas cards are also hung on the tree. The candles used in the Christmas tree lay down a great significance.

The candles were first used by a Silesian duchess in 1611.

In earlier days in North America, the Christmas tree was decorated with four candles each denoting to the four Sundays of the Advent Season but according to the new tradition it is decorated with 24 candles, signifying the 24 days before Christmas.

Across the globe the Christmas is celebrated with full enthusiasm and merrily and the celebration remains incomplete without the delicious food. Christmas dinner or a feast is organized in every family both on the eve and Christmas day. Sumptuous meal is been prepared on every household. There is no fixed meal to be served on the Christmas day. The meal is based on the traditional cuisine of a particular region. Hence, the food takes the center place in this celebration. In Ukraine, people enjoy a 12 course meal.  People in all the regions prepare their own traditional meal. Eggnog, Fruit Cake, Candy Cane are some of the important and mostly prepared Christmas desserts  


Best Christmas gift ideas for an 18 month old boy

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