18 Unique Baby Shower Cake Decorating Ideas

The baby shower is the most special occasion, which enhances the joy of welcoming your little one into this world. But this celebration still needs a beautiful and tasty cake. If you want to purchase or bake a cake for the baby shower of your loved one, you have landed on the correct page. The article will give you different ideas on cakes and cake decoration for inspiration. With numerous cake-designing and decorating ideas, you will never have any trouble selecting one. So do not wait anymore; delve deeper into the article below to learn more.

What should the baby shower cake be like?

Most people try to match the cake for their baby shower with the theme or gender of their little one. It can be over the top, decorated, or simple according to your theme. People also do a gender reveal at their baby showers. So you can also go with the traditional pink or blue cake. But the endpoint is that the cake should be delicious and taste good. You can also include a special message on the cake, like congratulations, followed by the parent’s name. 

Cake Ideas for Baby Shower

It is always best to give orders for cake baking to a local baker so that you can go and check it before final delivery. Let us now check out some adorable cake ideas for baby showers. 

  • Footprint cake

Baby’s toes are the cutest things you can recreate in a cake. You can decorate the baby shower cake with the imaginative fondant footprints of the little ones. You can feature two feet on a cake with smaller footprints, making it look like they are walking to the top. At the top, you can finish it with the message of whether it is a boy or a girl. 

  • Floral pink cake

One of the best ideas to celebrate a baby girl’s arrival is to offer a pink-themed cake with floral decorations. You can create a lovely floral ombre effect with icing on the statement cake. 

  • Blue and pink cake

Blue and pink cakes are perfect for those parents who will reveal their baby’s gender at the party that day. You can decorate the cake with blue and pink frosting or sprinkles and also add some cupcakes in blue and pink on top of the cake. You can guide the baker to put a frosting matching the color of the gender reveal. In this way, when the expecting parents cut the cake, they will come to know the gender with the frosting color. 

  • Animal Cake

You can surprise the mom-to-be with the cutest animal cake, like baby elephants, ducks, bunnies, etc. You can also match the animals with the theme of the baby shower. For example, if the theme is a forest, you can create a tiger, lion, or elephant. Conversely, if the theme is of the ocean, you can create a cake with dolphins, Nemo fish, or others. 

  • Teddy bear cake

Teddy bear themed cake can work for any themed party- it is a boy or a girl. A little fondant teddy can sit at the top of the cake with a diaper and pacifier in one hand. You can extend your party theme by creating teddy bear decorations and invitations. Putting a small teddy bear on top is a delightful idea if you are also considering a diaper cake for the expecting couple. 

  • Pram cake

You can adorn a baby shower cake with everything a new parent might need, like a pram or dresses. It will surely steal the couple’s hearts and the show. You can also bake a cake with a bassinet or carriage, synonymous with newborn babies. The best idea to decorate such a cake is with ribbons and bows for an additional warm touch. 

  • Bottle Cake

Create an unexpected cake that can be shaped like a baby bottle. You can use a fondant to create a smooth surface over the cake and include baby shoes, rattles, or pacifiers at the cake’s base for the finishing touches. 

  • Winnie the Pooh cake

Winnie the Pooh is the favorite fictional character of most children, and so are the adults. So it can also become the centre of attraction as a cake in any baby shower mentioned. It is a perfect and sweet combination to represent the most beloved character of A.A. Milne. 

  • Booties cake

A little pair of booties is another symbolic representation of a baby on the way. You can create fondant booties in pink or blue and place them on the top of the cake. You can also match the booties’ color with the party theme. The best way to gift a baby bootie cake at a gender-neutral event is by making it yellow. If the parents-to-be love sneakers, you can also use a sneaker fondant to honor them. The best-trending sneaker cake ideas are the latest street or retro designs. 

  • Clothes Cake

If you are thinking about cloth-themed baby shower cakes, petite dresses, tutus, pajamas, and overalls are the stars in this segment. You can ask the baker to use cutouts made of fondant of these mentioned clothing items and place them on the cake. Additionally, you can also showcase the clothes hanging from a clothesline. 

  • Heart cake

You can share love and blessings with a mom-to-be with a heart-shaped cake. You can paint the entire cake with pink or blue little hearts and top it with a rubber duck or a rattle. This cake will surely be a massive hit at the party. 

  • Cloud and blue sky cake

Some people take the baby shower term too seriously and design a cake with cloud decoration or blue skies. The cake can also include kites, airplanes, or an oversized pinwheel to make it more attractive. Another alternative for decorating the cloud and blue sky-themed cake is to tie it with a helium balloon which can be more fun. 

  • Hat cake

You can decorate the cake of your baby shower with little hats in various designs and colors and match them with your party theme. Some bakers can also create an entire cake shaped like a giant hat. If the baby shower is happening in the winter, you can also gift a cake with a little beanie on top and a pom pom to complete the look

  • Star and moon cake

We always love our children to the moon and back, so why not give them a moon and star cake even before birth? You can create a beautiful two or three-tier cake full of moon, clouds, and stars. 

  • Cake pop cakes

Cake pop cakes have now become a trend that will stay forever. The cake is decorated with cake pops dipped into various colored candy melts. The cake pops look like celebratory and colorful balloons. Everyone loves this colorful cake, and it is perfect for any gender-neutral baby shower party.

  • Nursery cake

Any newborn’s nursery is usually filled with swaddle blankets, diapers, sweet clothes, and books. It is also a room full of memories and love of your little ones’ first few years. Thus, you can celebrate your baby shower with a nursery cake donned with stuffed animals, blankets, cribs, toys, and many more made of fondant

  • Pastel colored cake

If the parents-to-be love pastel shades like mint green, lemon, or peach, pastel-shaded cakes should be your inspiration for a gift to them. 

  • Cake of baby’s bottom

Baby bottom cupcakes and cakes were in the trend for the highest time, and it is still favorites of many couples. This themed cake can work in blue or pink and color coordinate with your baby shower theme. 

Different Types of cake toppers for baby showers

Details like the toppers are always important to consider on a baby shower cake. Thus while planning the cake idea, always pay attention to the decorations and toppers for customizing the sweet memories. 

  • Stork topper

A stork topper is one of the most famous ideas for decorating a baby shower cake. The stork can hang a baby by its peak as the topper design. Remember to add an umbrella on top to protect the baby.

  • Bow topper

An enormous bow with a blue or pink tie will look outstanding on a cake of the same color. It will look like a present to the parents-to-be. 

  • Mom-to-be toppers

You can also consider the mom’s choices and what she likes. In this way, you can create a topper like a blue or a pink handbag, stiletto shoes, or colorful paints if she is into painting. 

Final Words

From above, it is now evident that selecting a baby shower cake can be fun. Whether you are planning to hire a trendy decorator or a local baker or want to create it yourself, you can take up any idea or decoration and shape it as a cake. The parents-to-be will be happy to see any of the cakes mentioned above and create a beautiful memory of the day. 



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