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Cartagena, a city in Columbia, includes fascinating attractions to exhilarate visitors. These attractions are enough for someone to visit the place and spend quality time there. If you have recently been there, getting a picture is a no-brainer. We are pretty sure that you must be keen to post those overwhelming photos on your social media handle, and you must also be aware that a picture is incomplete without a caption. Hence, captions are imperative for posting.

In this post, we will look at some attractive captions that will be a cherry on top of your uploads. We will also look at some best places to visit in the city, uplifting your mood and making you forget all your worries.

About Cartagena

In the past, Cartagena was a colony of Spain, and it was the first Spanish colony in America. The city had significant importance as a port city because it is present on the Caribbean Sea. The city remained under the Spanish colony for around 275 years and got independence in the early 1800s, before the rest of the country.

Cartagena is a city which you will never regret visiting. It is the most popular city in Colombia for tourists. The sandy beaches with colonial buildings, animated nightlife, and delicious cuisine are enticing enough for any visitor. 

Places to visit in Cartagena 


Cartagena includes several places to visit, and we have listed the most popular ones.

Bocagrande area 

Access to sand and sun is the major tourist attraction of the city. You can go to the Bocagrande area to have a good time at the beach. Though the region is not as beautiful as expected, you can have a great time there. You can find beautiful beaches if you travel further to eat seafood, have a cheap beer, and enjoy your gala time with the tides.

Floating hostel

One of the most enthralling experiences in Cartagena is staying in the floating hostel. You can check out a video of it and we are sure you cannot abstain from visiting there. You can even begin your trip to Cartagena with this. Have a nap in a hammock over the water; enjoy cocktails and fresh seafood with your new friends. You can also snorkel in the sea for an unforgettable experience. Book the hostel in advance and have a fun time.

The walled city

Do not miss the walled city of Cartagena, as its charm will elate you. Most marvelous architecture is stored and spread across the city’s historical center. The atmosphere of the place is exhilarating, especially at night.

You can feast on delicious cuisines while enjoying your trip to the walled city. Music starts to fill in the air as the sun sets. You can enjoy the sunset from the top of the walls, giving you a different experience altogether. Wander around the streets to watch the performers and enjoy your evening.

The best part of the location is that it is one of the safest places in the city, as you will hardly face any issues. Law enforcement maintains law and order quite effectively.

Street of Getsemani 

There is a pleasant city named Getsemani near the walled city. It is a city with wooden balconies and impressive architecture. Unlike walled streets, Getsemani is more residential than touristy.

You can enjoy the nightlife in some streets, while some will offer tranquility for your inner peace. The place becomes livelier after 6 pm, and if you are a party person, you will enjoy your time there. You can also dine in the open air, as various restaurants with delicious cuisines offer indoor and outdoor dining to the customers. 

All these places will give you an enthralling and exhilarating experience. You can seek the advice of natives about more tourist places. The indigenous locals will help you to know the history, which will let you know more about the city’s culture.

Best Cartagena Instagram Captions

As we have discussed, captions are imperative for posting an image on social media. So, the following are some generic and specific captions for Cartagena. If you are having a fun time on the beach and have some overwhelming photos to upload on your handle, the following are the specific captions for the beach pictures.

  • In relationship with the sun and tide
  • Its tan time
  • Having fun under the sun
  • It feels surreal
  • Sands have become my best friend
  • Beers at the beach this is all I need
  • Hanging up with tides
  • Contact me on my shell phone
  • Beach, you are my love
  • Waves and me
  • Rejuvenating on the sand
  • Resting in front of waves
  • I do not mind holidaying at the beach
  • Tides are solace for me 
  • Beach is therapeutic
  • Going to the beach is the best way to have a beach body
  • Rest time under the sun
  • Beaches are my best partner
  • The tides are rejuvenating 
  • Meet you at the beach
  • I am not ignoring you; I am just busy at the beach.
  • I can see the sea
  • Good vibes come from sea tides
  • Sunkissed
  • Did not believe in love at first sight, but the sea changed it
  • Paradise on the earth
  • You said heaven, I heard beaches
  • Leave your worries and come to the beach
  • Could not have asked for more
  • Beaches make me feel invigorated
  • In front of the sea with beers in my hand feel surreal
  • Beaches take me over the moon
  • The tides make me calm and composed
  • Holidaying at the beach is good for your mental well being
  • Beaches are the best healers
  • It is good to have the sea in front of you
  • Dear beach, thanks for this outstanding experience
  • No need to worry when you have the sea alongside you
  • I belong to the beach
  • Wish could stay here for some more time
  • Life is easy if you go to the beach.
  • It is hard to emulate the beach experiences
  • Sit relaxed and gaze at the ocean
  • Do not disturb me, I am in a meeting with the sea
  • I might not have a beach body, but my body wants to spend time at the beach
  • My body loves these tan lines
  • Life is incomplete without the beach
  • The ocean breeze eases my mind
  • Feeling low, go to a beach
  • The aura of beaches is the best therapy.
  • I need vitamin sea
  • I can never get deficient in vitamin sea
  • I could not turn down the invitation to the beach
  • You will cherish your memories of the beach
  • You will regret not holidaying at the beach
  • Mentally, I am at the beach
  • I am in awe of the beaches
  • I admire beaches
  • My heart beats for the beaches
  • No vibes can emulate the beach vibes
  • Listen to your heart and go to the beach
  • Your bucket list is incomplete without beaches
  • I want to get disappeared on the beach
  • It is not a good idea to keep beaches waiting.
  • Experience of the beaches is exhilarating
  • Seeing my dreams in front of the sea.
  • Living my dream on the beach
  • Life at the beach is exciting
  • Leaving the beach with a heavy heart
  • The view of the beaches has been etched in my mind
  • Living my life to the fullest at the beach
  • There is no other thing like beaches
  • I cannot express the experience of the beaches
  • Good things will come to you if you travel to the beaches
  • Could not get my mind off the beach
  • Is not its paradise
  • Having a great time in front of the sea
  • Having my gala time
  • Come to the beach to escape the worries
  • Not willing to leave the place
  • Can spend life chilling on the beach
  • Have found the solution to all my problems at the beach.

So, these were some of the captions for beaches which you can add to your post to make it complete.  

Captions for food

As we mentioned above, Cartagena has a lot to offer to its tourists in terms of food too. The delicious cuisines are worth capturing in your camera roll and getting uploaded on your social media channels. So the following are some captions for cuisines.

  • Going overboard on our calories
  • Our taste buds will love this.
  • We got our love on the plate
  • We have been served with love
  • Seafood in Cartagena is the best
  • Sausage and love are similar. I am incomplete without them
  • Wish could take this cuisine to my place, like this photo
  • We live to eat
  • Hashtags look like waffles, and therefore, I like it
  • No counting today
  • Food with music could not get better
  • Life is boring when you are dieting, add palatable meals to make it exciting
  • Cheat meals are always special
  • It is time to get some fat
  • Pleasant food always lightens up the mood
  • Food and I are a never-ending love story
  • Foods are my medicine to cure all the worries 

These captions, when embodied in a post with a palatable meal, will make your handle more interactive. Food captions are the cherry on top to entice your followers and friends.

Captions for traveling

Following are captions for your wandering photos in the streets or Cartagena’s tourist attractions.

  • Cannot live without traveling
  • Love the streets of Cartagena 
  • Having my good time under the sky of Cartagena
  • Wish I could make this city my abode
  • Making some memories that I will cherish forever
  • Exploring a city that has a bit of everything 
  • Never say no to traveling
  • Travelling makes me happier
  • Having some me time in this tranquility
  • It is not easy to leave Cartagena

End Words

Cartagena is a beautiful place, and uploading photos with these captions will make your stay worthwhile. So, do not wait long and choose the best caption to upload your picture.

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