How to Convince Your Asian Parents to Let You Go Out

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Most Asian parents do not allow their children to go out freely, although not all parents fit this description. I want to clarify that this is not a stereotype of all Asian parents, but rather an observation based on their upbringing in a strict environment with numerous limitations. This situation does not surprise or bother me.

As someone born into an Asian family, I have also encountered similar circumstances. Now, as a working woman with children, it is my duty to ensure that I do not repeat the same mistakes with my own kids. I desire for my child to achieve great accomplishments but without employing strict and demanding parenting methods, often referred to as “tiger parenting.”

I partially agree that Asian parents usually prefer not to separate from their children. However, it does not mean that I will not encourage my kids to become independent. I deeply care for them and will continue to provide assistance until they are capable of making their own choices.

The desire of Asian parents is often for their children to obtain a university degree and then find a stable job. This could explain the significant representation of Asian university graduates in the United States. Nonetheless, this achievement does not necessarily translate into success in other endeavors.

Convincing Your Asian Parents to Let You Go Out

I have vivid memories of that period in my life. It was a challenge to persuade my parents to let me live on my own in the city, but I managed to convince them. Eventually, they appreciated and supported my decision. I do not hold them responsible for their overprotectiveness as it is a common trait among Asian parents. Initially, they were hesitant, but I took the time to explain the potential risks and benefits of me leaving and living independently.

One effective approach to resolving this issue involves gaining insight from both sides. You have the capability to do so by empathizing with your parents and considering their desires, while also expressing your own thoughts and desires.

The importance of society is significant in Asian households. My recommendation is to not dwell too much on what your neighbors say, as they are all bound by the same stereotype.

Challenges ahead of me being an Asian Mother

As my children continue to grow, eventually they will complete their high school education. They might choose to relocate to a city or even another country. I am well aware of what actions I should take in this situation. However, the departure of a child still brings immense sadness to a mother’s heart. Nonetheless, I am resolved to be courageous and make choices that will contribute to their future success.


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