How to Convince Your Asian Parents to Let You Go Out

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Typical Asian parents will never let you go out. I am not talking about all Asian parents. There may be few who do not come under my this tagging. Actually, this is not a tag on Asian parents. It is a truth, as they grew up in the same environment and too many restrictions it does not overwhelm me.

Being born to an Asian family, I too faced the same situations. I am now free as a working woman having kids. Here also comes my responsibility to how to not to do the same with my kids. I want my child to achieve bigger fleets but not with tiger parenting.

Asian parents generally do not want to leave their kids which I do support to a certain point. It doesn’t mean that I will not allow my Kids breathe their own. I do love them and will be supporting them till they able to take their own decision.

Asian parents always want their child to have a degree and then a secured job. That may be one of the reasons for a large number of University graduates in the US are Asian. But this success doesn’t reflect the success in other activities.

Convincing Your Asian Parents to Let You Go Out

I still remember my those days. Convincing my parents to leave home staying alone in a city was not easy. But I did it. They later cherished my decision. I don’t blame them for this protectiveness. Overprotective is ill which mostly seen in Asian Parents. My parents, first they denied and I explained to them what good and bad may happen if I leave and go out alone.

The best way to solve this problem is by understanding the matter from both perspectives. You can do it. You put yourself in your parent place and see what they want and bring your thoughts what you want.

Society in Asian Family matters a lot. I suggest not to overthink what your neighbour says. They all are tied with the same stigma.

Challenges ahead of me being an Asian Mother

As my kids growing, one they will finish their high school. They may prefer to move to a city or outside of the country. I know what should I do. Still, the heart of a mother cries when your child leaves. I am determined to be bold and make decisions which build their future.

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