Reasons Why Parents are the Best Teachers

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Parents are the first teachers a child grows with. When a child comes into a couple’s life a family completes. Then the small baby grows into a kid. The kid copies what the parents say like a parrot copies what his master speaks. Parents always try to teach their children all the good things which make them the best teachers.

Besides parents’ influence on the kid, the social environment around the kid also matters. Other people surrounding him can also influence a child.

You may be teaching your child all the nice things in the world, but your neighbor yells all day after getting drunk and beats his wife. This can also affect a child’s brain.

Teachers have no control when the kid is at home. Your child probably spends more time with you at home than with teachers. So, do not leave everything to the teachers.

Teachers at the schools also have a big part in making a good child, to be straight “a great human”.

The answer to the question “why parents are the best teachers”, can not be framed in a sentence. Rather, we have to understand it with time.

All parents do not work from home to spend a considerable amount of time with their kids. They probably leave home early and meet their kids during nighttime when everyone comes back from work and school.

I still remember we were always called to have dinner at the dining table together with all the family members. That was the time when all of us sat together. It was hard for me to understand as a kid why it was like a ritual to gather all at the dinner table every night.

Now, Looking back I can see the importance of it! During the day most of us are busy with our own work. We hardly exchange our thoughts with each other during the daytime with our family members. Your child’s brain is a bank of thoughts and questions circulating all the time. This is good for a growing brain.

But, those questions and thoughts should be spat out. If the kid does not get the answers and finds no dear one to share, it is not good!

Being a parent does not always need to be authoritative. Rather, becoming a friend and exchanging all thoughts with kids is best.

If you show authoritativeness all the time, your kid will revolt when the kid will understand something is not going well with him.

The best parent always listens to their children. And these parents are better than the teachers at the schools. Here are my answers to “why parents are better than teachers” with the following reasons.

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21 Reasons Why Parents are the Best Teachers

Why parents are the best teachers

1. Kids follow their Parents

Kids grow up following their parents. For them, parents are their heroes and can solve any of their problems. This way Parents have a greater influence on kids than teachers.

When questions like “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” asked the first-grade kid. Higher chances that he/she would reply. “I want to be like my Mama or I want to be like my Daddy”

So, it is important for a parent to show them the best version of themselves.

2. Parents are the first teachers

Kid learns to speak by hearing words from their parents. It is the parents who first teach the alphabet and words to their kids.

School is for formal education. But, informal education starts at home. Parents do their best to make their kids learn new things as they grow up. To help kids with more motor activity, parents buy learning activities/ games for their children.

Parents too participate in such activities with the child for more interactions and build a friendship with the child.

3. Parents are the best friends

The relationship between kids and teachers may not be the same as a friend. Parents always want their children to become good citizens. So, parents become friends, parents love kids, and parents admonish kids if they do wrong. Parents are best friends.

4. Parents teach how to overcome bad days

When the kid goes to school or college, bad days will come in his/her life. The problem may be related to academics or relationships. Parents are the ones who teach us to tackle ups and downs in life.

5. Parents teach what is right and what is wrong

Parents do not leave their kids befuddled. They show their kids the right path. And gives the best knowledge they can offer.

6. Parents help kids to take decisions

Taking decisions in life needs experience. Parents have the experiences, kids don’t have. They help kids to make the right decision.

7. Parents do not complain

Have your parents ever complained to you about what’s going on in their personal life? Parents do not want kids to know if any financial/relationship problems going on in the home.

8. Parents teach kids to forgive

Parents teach kids to forgive others by setting examples. To build moral values, parents sometimes show kids how to forgive someone.

9. Parents listen to kids

Parents listen to kids to what they say even though are busy. They support kids when kids are in problems.

10. Parents are generous

Parents are generous, they only give everything to their children. But, do not ask anything in return.

11. Parents go through many sacrifices to raise a kid

Parents generally hide their sacrifices from their kids. But, they do many sacrifices for their kids.

12. Parents do not lie to their children

Parents do not lie. They too want their kids to speak the truth.

13. Parents do not make fun of their kids

Even if their kids do silly mistakes, parents will not make fun of them. Rather, they will try to boost confidence.

14. Best Parents do not scold as best teachers do

Scolding a child affects the child’s natural behavior. Long term it can make the child mentally depressed and exasperated. So, the best parents never scold their kids.

15. Kids learn punctuality from parents

Parents are punctual in their work and at home. This punctuality gives the impression of the best teachers to their kids.

16. Parents adorn good habits like the best teachers do

No teacher likes students to have bad habits. Teachers teach them good habits at schools/colleges and Parents do teach good habits at home. Both Teachers and Parents applaud other’s good habits.

17. Parents help to mold the child’s character

A child’s character can not be molded only at school or college. He/She may act nicely when at school/college and at home may act differently. It is the parents who mold the child’s character at home.

18. Parents understand their kids more than teachers

A kid changes many schools and colleges till finally graduates from college. Teachers also change as he/she moves to a new school/college. As the teacher spent less time with the kid, the teachers know less about the kid than the parents.

19. Parents keep kids happy

Parents keep their children happy by fulfilling their desires. They will buy toys, and gadgets and take them to parks, movie theaters, and sports.

20. Parents are smart

Parents can smell without asking what’s going on in their kid’s minds.

21. Parenting is a selfless endeavor

Parenting does not pay anything to parents. It’s a rather satisfying and selfless endeavor.

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What we Learn from Family as First Teachers

We learn a lot from family as our first teachers. A family is not complete without children. Parents are the sailors of the family boat.

Parents sail the boat on the right path. And kids are the one who follows them.

All the values and morals start at the home. Kids learn to work in groups, support family members, and learn to help others at home.

A family where a few people live together happily represents society to kids when the kid will go outside the home. He/she will learn to live happily in a different place.

We learn bonding from family.

We learn how to support/help others from family.

We learn peace, happiness, and joy from family.

We learn responsiveness from family.

Parents vs Teachers

I have already shown you why parents are the best teachers. Now, let me compare both of them side by side. This can be represented more interestingly with an infographic that you can share anywhere.

parents vs teachers

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10 Quotes on “Parents are the best teachers”

1.Parents are like husk of a coconut protects kids from enemies.

2.Parents only know how to give and not how to take from kids.

3.Parents are the best friends that kids can trust blindly.

4.Parents are the biggest fan of their kid’s success.

5.Parents love kids without expecting anything back.

6.Your first step was made by your parents.

7.Never say you are alone, your parents are always with you.

8.Parents are the molders of kids character.

9.Sons and daughters are the greatest blessings parents could have.

10. A child is the father to a man.

Why parents are the best teachers
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