20 Best Social Development Activities For 3-5 Years Old

Kids between 3-5 years old love playing with various toys or experimenting with various colors. But it can frustrate parents at some point in time. But remember that it is the time when your kid will learn how to interact with the World surrounding him.

A child’s social development is as equally important as his physical activities. Learning while playing is a good approach to teaching social skills.

The article discusses 20 social development activities for 3-5 years old. So, keep reading this article to learn more about the social activities in which you can help improve your child’s social activities.

What Social skills Are Important For Your Child?

The social skills important for your child are as follows.

1. Cooperation

Kids should make friends with friends in their neighborhood, school, or daycare. They should be able to play and communicate effectively and understand the value of teamwork.

2. Communication

Kids should communicate or express any specific thing clearly. For instance, if the teacher has praised your child in school, he should clearly express this to his parents. 

Another example is if he celebrates his birthday in school, he must tell his parents about various things that happened there. These small things are crucial for a child between 3-5 years old.

3. Carry Out Instructions

Your kid should carry out instructions given by either his teacher or parents. It develops his listening skills.

4. Good Behaviour

Good behavior needs to be learned right from a tender age. Your kid must behave appropriately with his parents, school teachers, and caretakers.

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What Are the 20 Social Development Activities For 3-5 Years Old?

Your child needs to develop social skills right from the preschool years as it will help them improve behavior and interaction with playmates, teachers, and others. It will even help your kid to develop his own identity.

Social development in 3-5 years will decide your child’s well-being. We have listed below some of the social development activities for 3-5 years old.

1. Ball Games

Ball games are a simple way to develop relationships between children 3-5. The ball is thrown forward and backward between groups of children. Each child will say their name while throwing the ball.

You can even play ball games at home if your child doesn’t attend school. Tell your child to say their name and instruct them to roll the ball toward you. You can then say your name and roll the ball toward the child. 

This simple game will help develop your child’s social and interactive skills.

2. Role Play

Role play is the next best way to develop social activities. This game may need some guidance right from starting, and later; they will create imaginative scenes and love acting like a cook, doctor, or teacher in front of you or with their playmates.

3. Stories

woman reading stories

You can read various exciting and emotional stories and say them to your child. It allows your child to develop empathy.

4. Sound Game

If your child has two to five friends, allow them to sit back to back. Instruct one child to make sounds of an animal and ask the next child to guess the name of the animal whose sound was made by the first child. You can repeat likewise to develop social skills.

5. Rhythm

You can create some sound patterns with a drum in your home. Well, if you don’t have a drum, you can hit pans with the help of spoons in a specific way and instruct your child to do it the same way. Once your child acquires skills, you can make the rhythm difficult.

6. Listening to Games

Listening to games like Simon says, broken telephone traffic lights are pretty interesting. You need to instruct a few things, and your child will listen carefully and act accordingly.

These games will help your child to follow any instruction given in his school. Simultaneously it will help your child to communicate appropriately with others.

For example, you can play broken telephone among three or more house members, especially sitting at the dining table or on the lawn. One family will whisper one phrase or sentence in your child’s ear, and then he will whisper to another family member. The last ember will say the phrase or sentence loudly.

This game usually ends in laughter as the original word, phrase, or sentence is changed when it passes to the last person. But this game will help your child develop listening skills, pay attention, and convey the right message.

Musical statues is another exciting game that you can play with your child. Play the music and dance with your child. You and your child should stop dancing or freeze immediately when the music stops.

It will take your child to realize that the music has stopped and he needs to freeze. But later, it will develop his listening skills. Musical statues can be played with school or neighborhood friends of your kid. Try to involve as many people as possible in the game to make it more encouraging.

7. Playing Sports

Playing sports is another excellent way to develop social skills. For example, football or cricket can be played by your kid with his neighborhood friends. It will develop team-building skills or help work with a team effectively. 

Sometimes conflict occurs when there is an opinion difference in a child. Your kid may create problems at first, but later, he will know how to control his emotions and behavior and play any game with his playmates.

8. Listening Activity With Blocks

Listening activity with blocks is an exciting game that you can play with your child. It can be more exciting if some of your kid’s friends are also there during playtime. Say your kid to add one green block and then instruct another child to add two more blue blocks.

If you observe your child listening to your instructions and putting the right block, increase the difficulty level slightly. For instance, you can tell your kid to add one blue block and another green block together.

9. Board games

Your child will love to play board games like snake and ladder. It’s an exciting game, and your child will be able to learn the concept of rules in the game. Your kid will also count, and it will enhance their mathematical skills.

10. Staring Content

Some kids have issues keeping eye contact. They feel shy about maintaining eye contact and talking with friends or relatives. But remember keeping eye contact is the most important way of communicating with a person. Starring content is a great way to enhance this skill. You need to talk to your child about the importance of eye contact.

Your kid may sometimes forget to maintain eye contact while talking with anyone. You can talk to your kid politely and remind him about the importance of eye contact.

You can even place one sticker on your forehead and tell your kid to look at the sticker, and you can start some conversations. It will increase his eye contact capability with his friends, teachers, or elders.

You can even do another exciting thing to teach your child about the importance of eye contact. Allow your child to say one story, and you try to play with any toy or do some work without looking at your kid. 

Now once the kid shares the story, you tell him to say another story. But this time, you keep eye contact with your child. Ask your child about the difference they feel in these instances.

11. Red Light And Green Light

Instruct your child that green light means go and a red light means stop. Say your child to run and suddenly say red light. He needs to stop instantly. If your kid follows your instructions, teach him some additional light colors. For instance, you can say orange light means your kid needs to jump in his place.

12. Please And Thank You, Game

Please and thank you is quite an exciting game. You can cut some food items from magazines or take out prints from the internet and paste it on paper plates.

Allow your kid and a few kids from your neighborhood to stand in a queue.

Ask one child to name one dish. If the other child next to him likes that dish, he will say Yes, please. But if he doesn’t like that dish, then he will say thank you.

13. Dance Party

The dance party is an exciting game; your child will like it. It is usually played among 4-5 kids or more than them. One leader will start dancing, and all the other kids will follow the dance. But after 3-4 minutes, another child will be a leader, and the remaining kids will follow the leader’s dance.

You need to change the leader until every kid becomes the dance leader once in the game. If a child doesn’t dance like the leader, he leaves the game and sits at a different place.

Kids love to dance, and dance party games are an exciting way to increase your child’s social skills.

14. Bean Sort Activity

Bean sort activity is quite a simple game for kids between 3-5 years old. You can give a large bowl containing various types of beans and tell kids to separate the same kind of beans in a different bowl.

This game requires teamwork; your kid can play with siblings or friends. 

15. Emotion Charades

Emotion charades are the next exciting thing your kid will love to play, which will help develop his social skills.

You must write various emotions on paper and put them in the bucket. You can tell your child to pick any paper and act according to the emotions written on the paper. It’s best to play in a team. This game will help your child in learning different emotional expressions.

16. Virtual Play

Today is the era of the internet, and allowing your child to have virtual play for some time is perfectly fine. He can communicate with his friends or family via video chats, which improvises their eye contact. It will help to understand that socialization can be done even on screens.

17. Matching Paths

Matching paths is a simple game that involves a lot of fun. You can take cardboard and place it vertically. Say your kid arranges the blocks in a straight line or the path covered by cardboard. 

18. Scavenger Hunt Games

A scavenger hunt is another exciting game that will excite kids to find out objects and win prizes. Your kid will learn organizational and social skills through this game.

Kids can split or work together like a team to find objects.

19. Build Games

Allow your child to make a tower with the help of blocks, or encourage him to make a sandcastle with his neighborhood or school friends. The main thing behind building blocks is to encourage kids to communicate or interact with each other, which significantly helps in building social skills.

20. Gardening

Gardening will be pretty interesting for kids. It will teach your child to take care of any living plant. Involve your child in growing either a small plant or putting manure. Gardening can be done alone or with two to three friends.


Social skill is one of the most essential skills that must be built during 3-5 years old. It will help your kid to communicate with friends, family embers, and teachers. Simultaneously it will improvise his listening skills and work with teammates.

We have discussed some of the best social development activities for 3-5 years old. You can follow some activities to enhance your child’s social skills.

Thank you for reading this article, and hope you like it. You can ask us any queries in the comment section, and we will happily answer all your questions.

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