How to Propagate Bear Paw Succulent from a Leaf

Propagate Bear Paw Succulent

Cotyledon Tomentosa, popularly known as Bear’s paw, is one of the most attractive and lovable members of the succulents family. It has thick and fuzzy green leaves with noticeable dark red-toothed edges. The leaves look like bear claws that also have a velvety coating. Bear’s paw blooms large orange bell-shaped flowers during the spring season. … Read more

11 DIY Succulent Party Favor Ideas

succulent party favor

I have been growing succulents for many years and want to grow more species in near future. The fleshy leaves of a succulent give beauty to the plant. You can use these beautiful-looking succulents as a party favor for weddings, baby showers, and anniversaries. Succulents can be considered for DIY party favors as they look … Read more

Best Succulent Identification Apps

Best Succulent Identification Apps

House plants can be categories to many groups like Foliage Plants, Indoor Palm Plants, Hanging Basket Plants, Trailing & Climbing Plants, Tree Type Plants, Fern Type Plants, Succulent Plants, etc. Succulents are better than most houseplants because of its thick stem and long roots enable to retain water, they hardly need to water compared to … Read more