Best Succulent Identification Apps

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There are different groups into which house plants can be divided, such as Foliage Plants, Indoor Palm Plants, Hanging Basket Plants, Trailing and climbing Plants, Tree Type Plants, Fern Type Plants, Succulent Plants, and more.

Succulents are superior to many other houseplants due to their thick stem and long roots, which allow them to store water and require minimal watering compared to other plants.

You can categorize succulent houseplants based on their color, floral components, and preferred light exposure. This is a basic level of classification. Additionally, you can classify them based on other aspects such as their genus and species.

It is essential to understand the two main types of succulents: hard succulents and soft succulents. Soft succulents typically thrive in warmer environments, whereas hard succulents can tolerate freezing temperatures and are suitable for regions 4, 5, 6, and 7 in the USA.

Aloe, a widely recognized succulent plant, is highly sought after around the globe. It is particularly famous due to its therapeutic benefits, prompting people to desire to have it in their households. The thick, petal-shaped leaves of aloe are a major reason for its appeal as well.

If you were to inquire about my preferred type of succulent, I would answer with the jade plant. The jade plant is a small succulent that can thrive in various locations, such as an office or a household.

This video will help you to learn about succulents better.

Best Succulent Identification Apps of 2023


This application was created by someone passionate about plants. It functions effectively even without an internet connection. Succulents can be recognized by comparing them with the app’s plant database.

The application offers details such as the kind of stem (strong or flexible), the amount of sunlight required, whether the plant is toxic, and if it can thrive as an indoor plant.


Download for iOS (This app is no longer available on the App Store)


iNaturalist is a useful tool for recognizing and classifying plants and animals. With a diverse community of approximately 400,000 individuals with varying levels of knowledge in plant expertise, this app was created as a collaborative effort between the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society.


  • Discover new species of plants.
  • Record your findings and share them with online communities.
  • Discuss with other community members.
  • Supports multiple languages.

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PictureThis – Plant Identifier

This application contains many plants in its database, including flowers, trees, succulents, cacti, mushrooms, herbs, shrubs, grasses, and many others. Each plant is accompanied by its respective description, and users can also find useful tips on watering and caring for these plants.

The application is quick and user-friendly, utilizing Artificial Intelligence to recognize plant images. It links individuals to plant experts via its platform.


  • Identify flowers, plants, and trees.
  • Notifications and reminders from garden and horticulture specialists.
  • Plant care and watering tips.
  • Beautiful plant photos that you can keep as wallpaper.

Download for iOS

Websites for Succulent Identification

Websites are also useful for plant identification, although they may not be as effective as an app. Websites present information in a more convenient and user-friendly format compared to a mobile application.

Cacti and succulents identification

Succulent Plant Identification by Drought Smart

Final Thoughts on Succulent Identification Apps

Applications are excellent aids for quickly recognizing plants. Thanks to the progress in artificial intelligence, it is now possible to identify unfamiliar plants using just a regular mobile camera.

Succulents have gained popularity as indoor plants due to their small size and low maintenance requirements, making them desirable for people to have at home.

To select the most suitable succulent for your living conditions, it is crucial to consider the climate you reside in, whether it is hot or cold. To aid in this decision, utilizing a mobile application can be beneficial in determining the ideal succulent for your home.

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