10 Best Plant Watering Tracker Apps

Watering my garden plants is one of my favorite things that I love to do. It is essential to water plants at the right time and in the correct quantity. Otherwise, this may retard the growth of the plants or even kill them.

Technology has made our lives more effortless than ever. I can seldom think of any work that does not have the helping hand of technology. If you work 9 to 5 jobs like me it is important to schedule the plant watering time so that you can have time for other activities. Having knowledge about plants and answers to questions like when to water them? what soil is best for them? what is the best season to grow them? how to take care of them? can help you grow home plants better. Improved technology becomes the messiah here as well.

An app on your mobile phone helps all these. This becomes very easy to take care of your indoor plants. I have been using a few plant watering schedule apps to make things easy.

When to water your indoor plants?

Plants require water, and that is the lesson we have been learning since our childhood. But, it is important to know that there are specifications regarding the time of watering your indoor plants. Watering time varies with seasons and plants. But, 99% of your plants, indoors and outdoors should only be watered during the daytime.

Should you water your indoor plants at night?

Watering plants at night is not a good practice. As evaporation is less during the night, water may clog at the roots, leaving room for fungus to grow. It is advisable to water your plants during day time. During the daytime, extra water gets evaporated and leaves no room for fungus to grow.

If you are a busy working mom like me who has a 9 to 5 job, try to free 5 to 10 minutes of time in the morning for watering plants.

Best Plant Watering Tracker Apps to Install in 2022

1. WaterMe- Gardening Reminders

This is one of my favorite watering tracker apps for plants. The drag-and-drop feature of the app allows adding new plants easily. You can customize the notification from the app with your time schedule so that you never miss taking care of your plants. With the voice command of Siri, you can set reminders for watering, fertilizing, and trimming each plant.

  • Add your plant’s information to the app.
  • Add reminders for watering, fertilizing, trimming, etc.
  • Get a notification every day reminding you which plants need care.
  • Drag and drop the reminder to mark it as complete.


2. Planta: Keep your plants alive

Planta app has added support for outdoor and potted plants. This app covers many plants like herbs and vegetables. Planta app includes an Improved water algorithm for extreme summer temperatures which can come in handy for growing plants in hot regions. This app provides information about plants that may be toxic to pets. The premium plan for one-month costs about $7.99 and for a year about $35.

  • Care Reminders for each plant.
  • Step-by-step guides for taking care.
  • Plant identification guides.
  • Plant Journal to help you water plants better.


3. House Plant Watering Reminder

Getting started with this app is super easy, simply add your plants, give them a name and a photo, and set their regular watering schedule. The app will send you reminders when it’s time to water the houseplants again. Miss a day? No problem, the next time you water your plants The app will reschedule their next watering accordingly. With the House Plant Watering Reminder app you’ll never miss another watering again.

  • Set individual watering schedules for each plant.
  • Add Beautiful large plant photos to the app.
  • Track the number of times you’ve watered your plants.
  • Track the ages of your plants, days, months, and even years.
  • Name your plants whatever you’d like and add a description like species, or where your plant is in your home.


4. Garden Compass

Garden Compass’ intuitive app gives your plants a voice. The app includes a personalized care calendar seamlessly ties together plants and the app experts through a simple and understandable platform. You can also become a premium member and unlock the full-unlimited power of the app, digitizing your entire garden and giving you unique care information for each of your plants. Your plants will remind you when they need water. A monthly subscription is about $5.99 and a yearly subscription is about $34.99.

  • More than 50 Leading Horticulture experts working with the app plant library.
  • Localization of requests, you will only ever be dealing with an expert who knows your area.
  • Fast and accurate plant and pest identification features in the app.
  • Our digital care calendar feature lets you build your garden in the app to receive tailored monthly advice, relevant recommendations, and seasonal reminders.


5. Koubachi

Koubachi helps you care for your precious plants so that they to grow faster, live longer and bloom more often. Koubachi notifies you when it’s time to take action, and even tells you exactly what to do. The Koubachi plant system incorporates the plants’ species, current season, specific geographic location, and most importantly the water cycle duration from your calibration and they send the notification for the care of your plants.

  • Individual care plan for each plant by species with the Koubachi Plant Care Engine.
  • Plant library offers a wealth of information and insights.
  • Plant wizard to help you determine your plant species.
  • Receive an adjustable notification like watering your plant when the task is due.
  • Personalizable Plants.
  • Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Support.

6. Florish- Plant Care Companion

Florish is the complete indoor plant companion app, designed for those new to indoor gardening who may need help picking new plants for space or caring for the ones they already own. We are a new company and are looking for beta testers who want to stop killing their plants but don’t know where to start.

  • Use your phone’s camera to scan the light in your room.
  • Don’t see your plant in the app database? Submit a photo and they will add it to the queue of upcoming plants!
  • If you find a plant you like, buy it on our web store and have it delivered to your home or office.



Using the PeppyPlant app is simple, select the type of plant. And then select whether it is inside or outside. Select how much sunlight your plant gets. PeppyPlant will then set a recurring reminder to water your plants. This app will help you out by reminding you to water your plants, making sure they receive the right amount of sunlight, are in an ideal position, and give you insider tips to help your plants flourish.

  • The app reminds you to water your plants.
  • The app makes sure your plants receive the right amount of sunlight and are in an ideal position.
  • Gives you insider tips to help your plants flourish.


8. Plant Monitor

Plant Monitor app gives information about current moisture, sunlight, fertilizer level, and temperature that are suitable for your plant. Track when to water plants and how much to water plants. Plant Monitor has more than 5000 kinds of common plant information.

  • Water Tracking feature tracks when the plant needs water and how much it requires.
  • Light Tracking feature Monitor the amount of light your plant receives.
  • The temperature Tracking feature makes sure your plant is in the perfect environment.
  • Fertilizer Tracking feature Accurately detects soil nutrients with the EC sensor.
  • The long-term Tracking feature Tracks the daily, weekly, and monthly care stats of your plant. Store data in the cloud to monitor your plant’s health.


9. Plantar

Using the Plantar app is super simple. Add a new plant and Give it a name. You can also add a picture of the plant. Set a date and time reminder for the week. Get notified when to Water your plants either by interacting with the notifications or by opening the app.

  • Customizable schedule to remind watering time and day of the week.
  • The app Supports multiple plants.
  • Feature to check when it was watered last.
  • See how your plant grows over time.


10. Happy Plant – No Water Thirst

Happy Plant app will not let you forget when to water your plant. This app lets you take pictures and videos of your plants so that you can review their progress. This app has notifications like when the plant is in the green zone, your plant is hydrated and happy and when the plant is in the red zone, the plant is thirsty and in the danger zone.

  • Manage your plants with unique water schedules and receive reminders.
  • Take a plant selfie each time you water your plant to create a time-lapse video of your plant growth over time.
  • Track your plant with water streaks to make sure no plant is left to dry.
  • Customize your plants by giving each plant a name and a picture.
  • Edit water schedules to adjust with seasonal or temperature changes.
  • The app supports free up to three plants.
  • The app has a Clean interface to get simple tasks done with fun.


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Best Plant Watering Reminder and Scheduling Apps for Apple Watch

If you own iOS devices, I can list you some of the best plant watering tracker apps that will help track water schedules for your plants.

1. Blossom 

As sweet as it sounds, this app is one of the best for iOS users. It is beautifully organized and is free to use. You may have heard about ‘The Spruce’ and its valuable advice regarding your plants. Guess the best part about it? This application is by ‘The Spruce,’ solely dedicated to your tiny green babies!


  • The ‘search’ features are the doorway to gaining all the necessary information in detail and advice tips for your plants.
  • The ‘explore’ option helps you discover various new plants.
  • The app has a ‘reminders’ option. It helps you avail of the push notifications, and you get reminded about watering, fertilization, or repotting your plants at the appropriate time. 
  • Its ‘my garden’ tab helps you quickly access information about your plants.
  • The application is free. However, it offers in-app purchases, which helps you upgrade to the premium version.
  • The premium features are available for free for up to a limited number of uses.


2. Gardenia

The Gardenia app caters to you all about plants and plant care in the most succinct manner. If you are a busy mama, then Gardenia is the best app for you. It will give you precise and perfect information without explaining too much to you—no beating around the bush and only to-the-point work. 


  • The app has a plant database, and you will have to opt for your plant from that database.
  • As soon as you do so, there will be six different options popping up.
  • The options include the aspects of watering, fertilization, the season of bloom, minimum temperature, the most suitable soil type, and exposure to sunlight. 
  • It helps you set the essential reminders for aspects beyond just watering and fertilization schedules. It includes repotting, harvesting, pruning, sowing, and the reminder to apply pesticides to your plants. 
  • You can readily customize the notifications.
  • Among all the fascinating facts about this app, the best one is that it is entirely free. There are no in-app purchases or limits to users. 100% Free to use!


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3. Vera

Vera is indeed a journal for keeping records about your plants. Being a plant parent, you need to keep track of all the different aspects and schedules for your plants. And Vera is the best plant watering app for it. You perfectly understand the requirements of your plants that grow and need different environments. And consequently, your gardening manner becomes more mindful and organized through this app.


  • You have to begin by clicking a picture of your plant and naming it on the app.
  • You can mention the date when it was adopted and other required information along with it.
  • After the journal entry, you can readily include any desirable activity. It can include watering, fertilization, applying pest control, and the like. 
  • You can attach additional notes that are necessary for your plants.
  • It offers you push notifications that remind you of watering and fertilization schedules. 
  • It is a free application for ios devices. 


4. LeafSnap

LeafSnap is a know-it-all app for your plant buddies. It has recognized around 90 percent of the plants and trees and utilizes AI to identify them. Therefore, impeccability is unquestionable in this app. Other than iPhones, you can use this app on Android as well.


  • You need to upload your plants’ pictures on the app. And, it will automatically give you information about the appropriate way to grow it, the ideal amount of light that it needs, how much water to provide it with, and the like.
  • It takes into account the user data and enhances the user experience accordingly. 
  • It uses artificial intelligence to recognize the different varieties of plants and trees. 
  • It acts more like a journal that helps you keep a record of every little detail about your garden babies.


5. PictureThis

PictureThis helps you identify any newbie plant in your garden. If you love to experiment and bring new greens to your garden, then this app is perfect for you. It will recognize the plant for you and give you the necessary tips and advice for taking care of it. 


  • You receive notifications that remind you to water your plants, offer them pesticides, fertilize, and many important schedules.  
  • You have to click a picture of your plant and upload it to the app. And, you will receive an ID and the required tips for that plant.
  • The app helps in diagnosing any problems in your plants. And, to your relief, it offers methods of treating it as well.
  • It offers help and advice from a team of botanists. You can consult them with any questions and seek their help to take the best care of your little green ones blooming in your garden.
  • You can search and look through different plant guides.


6. Gardenate

If you are searching for a cheap but effective app for the green kids in your garden, then Gardenate is the best app for you. You need to make only a one-time investment of a dollar on this app, and you will be enjoying all its impeccable and effective features of it. 


  • You can ideally track every activity of your plants with the calendar that comes with this app.
  • It allows you to create schedules for your plants.
  • You receive information about plants and vegetables can that, too, in detail.
  • The option of ‘planting now’ help you know which plant is best to garden in which month
  • And the best part is, no internet connectivity is necessary for using this wonderful application.


FAQs on Plant Watering Reminder and Scheduling Apps

  1. How do I keep track of my plant watering schedule?

The apps I have mentioned above can readily and effectively help you track the watering schedules for your plants. Also, if you want to be more mindful of your plant watering schedules, the apps that act as plant journals will be perfect for you!

  1. Can plant watering apps keep track of all my garden plants?

Yes, the apps that I have listed above can indeed keep track of all the plants ornamenting your lush green garden. However, few apps might require their premium versions for it. So, for them, you are required to purchase the upgraded or premium version for keeping track of all the green babies in your garden.

  1. Do the plant watering apps work only for watering schedules?

No, the plant watering apps can keep track of the schedules for numerous aspects of your plants. It includes the schedule for watering, fertilization, putting pesticides, exposure to sunlight, and the list goes on. The difference is that some apps support fewer aspects while some support all the required aspects. 

  1. How will I know when to water my plants from the apps?

I have seldom found any plant watering applications devoid of push notifications. Therefore, you can readily avail of the push notification feature of the apps, which will notify you from time to time as to when to water your plants. And, the notifications include every required task- watering, fertilization, exposing the plant to the ideal amount of sunlight, and the like.

  1. What if I am unaware of the plants I have in my garden?

Do not worry at all! Several plant watering apps come with the feature of providing you with information about the plants. In addition to information, you can also receive tips and advice from the apps. And, that will ideally help you become the best and the most responsible plant parent for all your plant babies!

  1. Do I track only the water schedules with the apps?

No. you can track many other important schedules for your plants with the plant water tracking apps. You can readily keep track of when to fertilize your plants, when to keep them in sunlight, or how long they can be exposed to the sun. All the important schedules connected to the healthy growth of your green family can be tracked and maintained with the help of the applications.

Final Words

Watering your plants regularly and at the right time is very important. An app on your mobile phone or watch saves time and makes it easy. Though you have to water your plants by yourself.

Before growing a plant always research a little bit. Look for the best places to grow a plant, if you are planning to grow plants in pots look for indoor plants which grow in shades.

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10 Best Watering Tracker Apps
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