11 Best Dwarf Trees for Pots

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Trees grow well in open land with enough space to spread roots. Big trees grow their roots deep into the earth to absorb water and minerals. You can not plant these big trees in pots. But, you can easily grow dwarf citrus trees, peach trees, fig-trees, and conifer trees indoors in pots.

How to choose the best dwarf free for pots

To choose the best dwarf tree to grow in posts you can visit your local nursery. Your local nursery will have a variety of dwarf trees grown in containers.

Here, in this post, I have shared with you a few best dwarf trees to grow in pots. I have written this post with my personal experiences and long research.

Dwarf trees in containers also can be found in online stores. These stores sell some best quality trees. Buy trees online from the certified online store.

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How to Plant and Grow Dwarf Trees in Pots

To plant dwarf trees in pots you will need a good-quality pot. Pots that do not allow water to retain are good. And if it should be light and easy to move from one place to another.

Potting soil can be prepared at home from leaf mold and compost. You can add perlite or vermiculite and peat. This combination is going to be best for your potted trees.

Keep the potted tree adjacent to a window or outdoors for sunlight to fall which is quite essential. Some of your potted trees may require regular watering.

List of Best dwarf trees for pots

1. Brown Turkey Fig

Scientifically known as Ficus carica, it bears purplish to brown color skinned fruit. It has pinkish flesh inside and is sweet to taste. Grows well in the Mediterranean climate.

2. Calamondin Orange

Also known as Calamansi or Philippine lime. It grows predominantly in the Philippines. It bears thin-skinned yellow-colored citrus fruit. People also grow this citrus in southern China, Taiwan, Borneo, and Sulawesi for economic importance.

3. Italian Cypress

They are coniferous evergreen trees with small scale-like leaves. They grow thin straight very tall up to 50 feet when mature. You can grow this tree in a pot with a diameter of two inches. When you get the desired size tree, root-pruning every two to three years is important.

Image Source: Flickr

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4. Weeping Canadian Hemlock

The name weeping came from its weeping branches. It is an attractive evergreen tree that grows 4 to 5 feet tall. With regular pruning, the height of the tree can be maintained.

Image Source: Flickr

5. White Spruce

This tree is native to the northern temperate and boreal forests in North America. Grows well in acidic, loamy, moist, sandy, well-drained, and clay soils and up to 60 feet in height. The crown is narrow in young trees and the leaves are needle-like long, rhombic in cross-section, and glaucous blue-green above. This gives a beautiful look to the potted white spruce.

Image Source: Flickr

6. Juniper

Junipers are coniferous trees found throughout the Northern Hemisphere, from the Arctic, south to tropical Africa, Eastern Tibet, and in the mountains of Central America. Grows about 40 m tall in wild and they have needle-like or scale-like leaves.

Image Source: Flickr

7. Wollemi Pine

These are one of the oldest trees found on earth. It is classified as critically endangered and is legally protected in Australia. The bark of the tree is dark brown in color and knobbly resembling cereals. Leaves of the Wollemi pine are flat, long, broad, and spirally arranged on shoots. This evergreen tree grows up to 40 m tall.

Image Source: Flickr

8. Olive

Olive is a small tree found in the Mediterranean Basin. Olive oil is extracted from its fruit “olive” which is green to purple in color. The olive tree likes rocky soil, put your olive tree in a well-drained pot so that water does not retain. And keep the pot in a place where at least 6 to 7 hours of sunlight falls.

Image Source: Flickr

9. Japanese Maple

Also known as red emperor maple, or palmate maple. Japanese maple is grown indoors in pots for its colorful, beautifully shaped leaves. This plant can grow up to 35 feet tall. Choose a pot that is twice the size of the roots and a deep half of the root size.

Image Source: Flickr

10. Meyer Lemon Tree

Meyer Lemon Tree can be grown in California, Arizona, South Texas, Louisiana, and Florida where maximum sunlight falls. It can also be grown in other regions too with proper care. This tree is dwarf in size and grows about 7 feet tall. It bears yellow to orange color fruits year around.

Image Source: Flickr

11. Crape Myrtles

Scientifically known as Lagerstroemia indica, native to the Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia, northern Australia, and parts of Oceania. This tree bears beautiful colored flowers which attract gardeners to grow in pots. To grow this tree in posts, choose a bigger size pot as you may need to repot soon due to the growth of its big roots.

Crape Myrtles
Image Source: Flickr

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FAQs related to dwarf trees for pots.

What small trees grow well in pots?

Trees that are dwarf and whose growth rate is slow, grow well in pots.

How do you stop a tree from growing taller?

Every tree grows at different rates. To stop the tree’s faster growth, you will need to do pruning once in three to four years. Pruning of both branches and roots can be done.

How often should you water potted trees?

Watering once or twice daily is needed for outdoor potted trees. For indoor potted trees, watering every day is not needed if sunlight falls only for a few hours.

How long can trees live in pots?

They can live very long unless the tree dies early due to small pot size, inadequate water, and nutrients.

dwarf trees in containers

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