13 Best Resorts In Krabi For Family

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On the southern side of the west coast of Thailand, a beautiful place awaits for visitors to mesmerize them. Krabi has to be on the bucket list of any nature lover to witness pure beauty on this planet. It has one of the world’s best beaches and many captivating views for awestruck visitors. Coral reef adorns the place and makes it a perfect spot for coral diving.

A week spent in Krabi will be etched in your memory, as it has sea caves, coral reefs, a wildlife sanctuary, and hot springs, and the list can go long. From a beachside restaurant or a bar, tourists can enjoy one of the best sunsets in Thailand. Even one of the best islands, Phi Phi Island, is also located in the province of Krabi. The place also offers tourists a great venue for shopping and filling their luggage with the antiques of the location.

Best activities to do in Krabi

Below are some of the best activities you can do in Krabi.

  • Wat Tham Sua 

Wat Tham Sua, or Tiger cave, is one of the holiest places in Thailand, a 3 km drive from the town. But to reach such an attraction, tourists need to have some energy, as they will have to ascend more than 1250 steps to reach the top of the location.

The best way to visit the temple is by taking a public bus. The public buses are cost-effective and give a sight of other captivating places too on the way. Dedicating half-day is enough for this location. Reaching the top of the location is a wholesome experience, and the tranquility of the place rejuvenates the energy of every visitor.

  • Klong Thom

Want to take a dip in hot spring water? Klong Thom is the place to visit. It has a natural hot tub jacuzzi near Khao Phra Khram, 70 km from the town. The hot spring is naturally hollowed out as bathtubs and gives a refreshing relief to the visitors.

The hot spring bath is among the major tourist attractions of Krabi. The water temperature is perfect for the human body, between 35-42 degrees Celsius, and contains vital minerals that are natural healers. All you need to do is take out your stress and fatigue by dipping in the hot spring. Visiting this place after Wat Tham Sua is the best choice, as it will rejuvenate you for the coming days of your tour.

  • The highest point in Thailand 

Are you looking to do some adventurous activity? Consider visiting the highest point in Thailand and do Bungee Jumping. Bungee jumping ranks 5th in Asia and 1st in Thailand. The height of the jump is 56 meters. New Zealand is considered the world’s top destination for bungee jumping, and Krabi bungee jumping is equivalent to New Zealand’s bungee jumping. 

Catapult is also available for visitors other than traditional bungee jumping. The trainers take all the safety measures to protect the visitors, and equipment is maintained regularly.

  • Khao Ngon Nak’s viewpoint

Khao Ngon Nak’s viewpoint should be on your list if you visit Thailand, especially in Krabi. The experience of the place will be cherished by the visitors forever, as it will stay in your mind for a long time. The name means Dragon Crest Mountain.

The location is stretched over 4 km and has two viewpoints. A waterfall is also there to adorn the beauty of the place. Plenty of captivating sights are also there to mesmerize the beholder. The place is out of the world to the visitors and compels them to spend more time with nature.

  • Jungles for trekking 

If you love trekking, Krabi has some amazing places to improve your experience. Various treks are available for half-hour to overnight trips. One can choose the best option as per their time constraint.

You can take small treks on your own with your friends and family without the guidance of a trekker, as small treks are safe. For longer treks, you need guidance to explore the beauty. Short treks are best if you are not a trekking enthusiast and want some experience.

  • Nightlife of Krabi 

Take advantage of going out on a walk after midnight to enjoy the happening nightlife of the place. If you are a morning person, consider altering your schedule for a night and take the experience of the nightlife.

Phi Phi Reggae bar is where you can enjoy some kickboxing fights with a drink in your hand. The fighters are apt in kickboxing and give an enriched experience to the visitors. The bar is one of the most fun places at night. The last café is located in Ao Nang. If you want to savor delicious sandwiches and beer, go to this café with your loved ones to spend quality time with them. 

The joy beach bar is the place if you want to feast on some delicious Italian cuisine alongside soothing music that makes the ethos more romantic. You can also party there all night and enjoy the sunrise from the bar. These were some of the best bars and café to enjoy your nightlife. You can also seek more information from natives about the other places to enjoy at night.

These were some of the best activities and places you should take advantage of when visiting Krabi. But before visiting Krabi, remember to book your accommodations earlier. Since many tourists visit the place, booking in the eleventh hour could make things haywire.

If you need to learn about the hotels in Krabi, do not worry. Further in this article, we will discuss some best and most cost-efficient accommodation options for tourists in Krabi.

Best Resorts in Krabi

It is now time to check out the best hotels in Krabi below.

  • Koh Jum Beach villas 
Koh Jum Beach Villas

The Koh Jum Beach villa gives luxurious accommodations to its visitors and is a very natural resort. The location of the resort is in the proximity of gardens and beaches to make their access easier. The rooms have no television or other modern stuff to give a retro feeling to the guests. 

The hotel is the last Thailand hotel with a retro experience for the guests. The rooms have natural ventilation, recycled wood furniture, water from their water plants, and many more amenities for the guests. Various room options are available, and if you want to cut off from the outside noise and enjoy nature, this resort is perfect for you.

  • Pimalai Resort and spa

The resort is spread across 100 acres of land and gives a sense of paradise to the visitors. Beachside villas are the best option for families looking to have some privacy. Staying in villas gives the best experience to the guests by providing direct access to the lounge, beach, plush bathrooms, minibars, and many more facilities.

The resort offers infinity pools for two- and three-bedroom villas to upscale the experience. Various food and beverage options are also available for guests to feast on exquisite delicacies. Onsite spa treatment is also offered to adults. The resort also offers complimentary spa classes to the guests to learn the art of Thai massage.

  • Rayavadee

Rayavadee is one of the finest resorts in Krabi, with 94 double-story pavilions for accommodating guests. It has other options other than pavilions for accommodation. The resorts’ rooms are stylish and capable enough to allure any visitor. A family pavilion is the best option for the guests visiting with the family.

The rooms are luxurious and have everything guests need for a comfy stay. The interactive activities like cooking, sports, and others are loved by the kids and are complementary.

  • Anda sea tale resort

Anda sea tale resort is a 4-star resort just 15 minutes from the beach. The resort has plenty of rooms, but the terrace rooms are the best choice for a family. Some rooms have private pools on the terrace. The rooftop gives a marvelous view of nature and mesmerizes the guests. The rooms have every facility like free WIFI, coffee-making facilities, rain-shower, and many more to make the experience more enriched. Children have a toy corner filled with

myriad games to delight them more. A spa facility is also available for adults to wrench their fatigue.

  • Ban sainai Resort

A resort with ancient Thai culture gives peace to the guests to enjoy their vacation. Ao Nang city center is just 5 minute drive from the resort and has a complimentary shuttle service to drive the guests to the vibrant city. The rooms have televisions, refrigerators, air-conditioners, and many more to please the guests. 

The family cottage is all one needs to stay in the resort with family. A restaurant near the resort ensures you get all Thai cuisine. In-room dining service is also available to the guests to have their meals easily.

  • Lux Family Villas

Ao Nang Beach is just 10 minutes away from the luxurious villa and located in a tranquil place surrounded by greenery to soothe the minds of the visitors. There are 15 spacious and luxurious villas for families to enjoy their time in the resort. You can enjoy the garden and inhale fresh air to enlighten your mood.

An outdoor swimming pool can also rejuvenate you, and also children can enjoy a pleasant special zone dedicated to them. You can feast on different cuisines in the restaurant by the villa and make your stay more pleasant.

  • The scene cliff villas

If you are a nature lover, there could be no better option than scene cliff villas. The hotel never disappoints and offers exquisite services to the guests. The hotel is situated amidst the hills and rainforest to give a picturesque view. This hotel might sound alienated, but it is just 10 minutes away from Ao Nang Beach.

Some rooms have a pool view and direct access to the pool. There are 24 rooms in the villa, and every room has a terrace, private bathrooms, coffee-making facilities, and many more. The hospitality of the hotel is quinquennial.

  • Lanta Casa Blanca

Sustainability is the main agenda of the hotel, and they stand up to their motto. The resort is situated on a long beach of Koh Lanta and has nature all the way through. It is recommended to stay in a deluxe villa if you are going with your family. The resort’s service is paramount, and they make sure to give all the comfort to their guests. 

The restaurant has different cuisines like Western, Thai, and many others to offer to the guests. The hotel gives access to the private beach where children and adults can enjoy their time. A massage service is also available for adults to take out all their fatigue and recharge them for the next day.

  • The Lai Thai

Lai Thai is a place that offers a homely experience to guests. The staff here works hard to make the place a second home for tourists. The resort is in proximity to Ao Nang Beach and has many tourist attractions in the vicinity. The onsite bistro and great escape bar are a perfect place to have your snacks and drinks.

There are two different pools for adults and toddlers. The rooms have smart TVs, kitchen space, ensuite bathrooms, etc. Free Wi-Fi connection is accessible throughout the resort. A fitness center, laundry service, mini-mart, and many more facilities are also available.

  • Rawi Warin resort and spa 
Rawi Warin resort

Rawi Warin resort is another idyllic resort situated on a beach. The view of the resort is very pleasant and can easily lure many guests to spend some days with their families. The resort has more than 185 rooms, suites, and private villas and is also one of the largest resorts in Thailand. 

Suites are the best option when family travel, as they give space and privacy. A suite has a dining room, living space, private pool, lounge area, and two bedrooms. You can jump onto a bicycle and ride to explore the island. You will not get charged for this bicycle ride.

  • Villa Thalanena by the beach

The two-bedroom pool villa of the resort is the best stay option in the resort. The two bedrooms are on different levels, with the primary bedroom being on the ground floor and another one on the upper floor. The private pools are the best experience for families, and like any other exquisite resort, it has all the facilities to offer. 

  • Phi Phi island village beach resort

The resort is far from the main town, but the beauty of it is worth traveling extra miles. The resort has an 800 m long beachfront to give a wholesome experience to the guests. The spacious Bungalows give extra peace and comfort, and the visitors can enjoy family time on vacation.

The rooms have outdoor terraces, attached roods, cable TV, and many more things to enrich the living experience. Two adults and one child can stay in this room. But the two-bedroom family bungalow can accommodate four guests. 

  • Panan Krabi Resort

Panan Krabi resort is near Ao Nang Beach, and you are just a walk away from the happening town. The resort has nearly 200 rooms and suites that are furnished stylishly and give the best stay to the visitors. A rooftop swimming pool is also available for guests to rejuvenate and enjoy themselves.

Final Takeaway

These were some top resorts for the tourists willing to stay in Krabi. Every hotel is unique in itself and offers a pleasant experience to the guests. You can book one as per your ease and comfort. One should be fine with the service and experience in these restaurants. But do not forget to book your stay beforehand to avoid any problems at the last minute.  

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