Weather in Shillong in March

weather in shillong in march

Are you planning a trip to Shillong this summer? Shillong is best to visit during the summer that is from March to june. After the June monsoon stars and it rains heavily in this area. Also, winter season is not the ideal season to visit as the temperature goes way very low. During March the … Read more

15 Cheapest Places to Travel in March

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

Are you looking for some adventure or want to travel around, as the month of March is knocking on your doorstep, we thought of providing you with the list of cheapest places to travel in the month of March around the world. So let’s begin our list. 1. Cancun, Mexico Photo by David Emrich Mexico’s Cancun … Read more

Sprout Pregnancy: App Review


When I was pregnant I was searching for an app to keep tracks of my health. After testing many apps I found this app called Sprout Pregnancy which lets you keep track of your progress. Though at first, I didn’t like the app. But I give it a shot for 3 days it surprised me. Trusted … Read more