Best RV Room Addition Ideas

Are you struggling with RV room additions when you are thinking about updating or organizing your RV? Ready to upgrade with a hack? We found some fun ideas for modifying and upgrading your RV inside and out for storage, entertainment, appearance, and more. Let’s jump in!

  • RV Beds

RV beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sometimes it is hard to know what size your RV mattress should be. There can be a short queen-size mattress or a narrow mattress with two sets of bunk beds. RVs generally require less space to place the mattress and are thinner than typical home mattresses. Not only does this save space in a small camper, but it also helps reduce weight.

Using light-colored bedding is an easy RV bed idea to brighten up your camper bedroom. If you do not want to paint the walls of your RV, there is an easy way to decorate your RV with excellent bedding and pillows. It will make your room look more modern and brighter!

  • New Furniture

Old mobile homes come with old furniture. Depending on how long it has been in use by its previous owners, most of the time, the original furniture that comes with your RV will show stains, fading, and even cracks. No amount of cushions, blankets, or sofa covers will solve it.

Chairs and tables might not always be terrible, but sometimes too heavy. It is not tempting to pick up these big boys, lean them on the couch, and buckle them up every time you travel. Also, to take advantage of the weight limit, there was something better.

  • Get a new carpet

Whether you are buying a new or used RV, the first thing we suggest is ditching the carpet. Laminate floors are easier to clean and look much nicer. Think about where you are going to travel-Mountains or beaches. Wherever you go, you are likely to bring dirt (or sand) into your RV. These particles can get trapped under the carpet, and removing them can be a hassle.

  • RV Bunk Room and Crib

Another RV room addition is getting a bunk room or a crib. When your RV has a bunk room with an RV bunk bed, there are so many creative ways to organize and decorate it. Build your ladder or use colorful leaves to brighten up your space.

Customize each bunk with curtains, toys, and fairy lights. Find a spot in each bunk bed for your child to store their favorite toys and personal items. The foot of the bed is usually the most effective. Place the sleeping bag on the mattress to prevent the child from falling. Class C RV bunk beds are commonly found in more modern RV chutes.

You can use command hooks to place bags, purses, and even sweatshirts next to the bed. You can put on curtains to give your child privacy or a dark space for sleeping. You can also use drawers under the bunk beds can provide additional storage space.

  • Wireless RV Backup Camera

Getting back to your campsite can be a hassle and secure anywhere in the RV! The backup camera may be a little pricey, but for those who are a little less comfortable reversing in tight corners, it is a must-have RV product.

  • Under Bed Lights

Most RVs allow the main bed to fold for extra storage space. But there are no light bulbs under the bed. Installing a light or a string of LED lights can help you find your way when it is dark outside, especially if you have a toy truck and want to take it with you at night. You can also put some soothing colored lights under your shade for better night lighting.

  • RV Clothes Storage

Finding clothes storage in your camper is not as difficult as you think. When vacationing in the camper, you can use the available drawers without changes or additions. However, if you plan to live in your RV full-time, it is helpful to think of creative ways to store your clothes.

It is a good idea to bring less than you think you will need and learn how to roll your clothes to fit in your drawers. Depending on where you have the extra space, we recommend investing in a few plastic drawers in your RV closet or an empty bunk bed you are not using. You can even use the zipper bag to zip up your child’s clothes and store seasonal clothes until you need them. Adding a simple divider to a small RV shelf can help with a large amount of clothing clutter. Alternatively, you can buy drawer dividers or drawer bins to keep things organized. Do not forget to roll up your clothes.

  • Replace your shower

Most people love taking long showers in their RV. The hot water is great, but the water pressure is what makes them want to stay. So if your RV showerhead is awful and water pressure is sluggish, replace it with a new one.

  • Pull out the wheelie bin.

Getting a wheelie bin in the right place in your camper can be a real pain. However, this under-the-counter mod is easy to install and comes in handy on the move. It is a must-have RV room addition that everyone should think about. You do not want to drive down the highway and forget that your junk is in the kitchen. All you need is a pull-out can. If you do not have space for a pull-out trash can, attach a bungee cord to secure it.

  • Shoe Vault

Do you know how you can trip over someone else’s shoes? But now, it is super easy to attach to the shoe rack. You can buy a small coat rack and hang all your shoes there. We recommend this for an RV with a ton of shoes, especially if you have kids who leave their shoes lying around.

  • Unlimited WiFi

Unlimited WiFi is an RV room addition for anyone who works on a laptop, and accessing the internet on the go is very difficult without its built-in. While buying a router, you can access unlimited data and a stable connection. That means you do not have to worry about someone stealing information from your WiFi in public! Installation is easy, but if you are unfamiliar, most RV dealers will install it for a small fee.

  • RV Bedroom Closet

Are you looking for storage ideas for your RV closet? RVs will have clothes, towels, extra sheets, and other items without space. Most RVs do not have linen closets. For this reason, it is significant to keep an RV closet in the bedroom organized. You can find the perfect organizer for your RV closet. Baskets and additional plastic drawers help.

Purchase lightweight storage bins or drawers to fit within the weight capacity of your RV. If you use plastic drawers in your RV closet, remove the wheels. There is no need to roll around in the closet. You can use plastic bins to store our kids’ homeschooling supplies and craft supplies. Also, use the hangers to hang the sweatshirts and jackets. So they do not take up too much drawer space.

Spice it up by adding helpful elements like hooks, mirrors, and wall art. It is time to start a DIY project to spruce up your small space. Curtains with simple and light curtain rods can add numerous colors and a nice look to your bedroom. Get creative and include simple ways to make your bedroom feel like home. Adding a few mirrors to the cabinet can help decorate your RV while making the space appear larger.

  • Drain hose

Caravans may or may not have toilets. If your trailer does not have a toilet, ignore it. If you have a restroom, a drain hose is a must. When you flush the toilet, it does not drain right away and collects in the trailer, so you need to drain the sewage frequently. It is why you need a drain hose. You will need a sewage hose so that the waste will flow through it and into the campsite drainage area.

The feature of this sewer hose is easy to compress and store, rotatable, and easy to put on and take off. Relatively inexpensive, includes swivel, translucent angle, storage cap, and disposal station bracket.

  • Soap and Shampoo Dispenser

You may not be lucky in the bathroom department as there may not be enough space for your belongings! You can use one of these dispensers. They are easy to fill and clean and save a lot of space. These usually come with four dispensers and are reasonably priced.

  •  Create the perfect workplace

A perfect RV room addition is a workplace. If you RV with bunk beds but do not have kids, you can turn that space into a personal office.

  • Towel rail

Besides kitchen counters, RV manufacturers do not have enough towel rails in their bathrooms. Towel racks are very easy to install and very inexpensive. Some towel rails can also hang over the door.

  • Solar Power

We recommend installing solar panels on the roof of your RV. These solar panels will charge your RV’s batteries while you ride and draw clean energy from the sun. It will ultimately help to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels.

  •  Fridge Fan

One of the concerns of some travelers is that refrigerators in trailers do not keep things cold and fresh like regular refrigerators. The solution to this problem is installing an RV refrigerator fan. What exactly does a refrigerator fan do? It resides in the refrigerator and blows air to move it, keeping food cold. The air circulation is excellent because it keeps food longer and saves energy. Keeping your fridge cold while traveling in warmer climates can be difficult. So this is a great way to keep all your groceries as cold as your regular fridge.

  • Propane Portable Fire Pit

Sometimes you might have to travel to areas with no campfire sites. Thus, the best option is to bring your portable propane furnace. It is simply the best for gathering with family and friends at night, especially if you travel to areas where fire pits are not accessible. It is also a great option because sometimes you might worry about missing or placing firewood correctly.

A propane fire pit does not smell smoke afterward. You might love the smell of a good fire, but having a campfire smell on your clothes every night can be a pain to clean every day. The Portable Propane Fire Pit is perfect, easy to move and set up, great for gatherings, and odor free for the week.

  •  Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are a great RV room addition as they can provide more energy than regular ones. It is a great power source, eco-friendly, and charges quickly. The Lithium Jump Starter also helps charge your devices and jump-start your vehicle when needed. These batteries are great because they last longer and still produce high energy. A safe and lightweight battery can charge in 1-3 hours. This great addition gives you longer battery life to ride longer! Be sure to also buy a charger, as you will need to charge the battery.

It is also great because, with these batteries, you do not have to do a lot of maintenance. So if you buy it, it should last at least five years. When purchasing batteries, there are many different products and sizes. Whatever battery you buy, make sure it fits your trailer first.

  • Collapsible Kitchen Utensils

While on the move, especially when it is well-lit in your caravan, you do not want things taking up valuable space. Here comes the role of folding kitchen utensils. The folding cutlery is flatware that you can push and fold together to take up very little space when stored. They are great for storing and compressing everything together. There are various folding kitchen utensils, like collapsible storage bowls and mixing bowls.

  • Gutter Drip Extension

When it rains, the Gutter Drip Extension is best for draining rain from the trailer and eliminating streaks in the trailer. Even if your trailer does not have a spout, there is a gutter extension that you can use to attach a spout. It is a brilliant product as it is easy to install in minutes and relatively inexpensive. It also helps to avoid dirt and streaks on the sides of your trailer.

  • Camper Headphones for TV

If you have always wanted to use headphones to watch TV in your camper, headphones are the best upgrade. You can install a custom headphone jack that runs down the wall from your TV to the back of the unit. All you need is an extension cord, simple tools, and patience.

End Words

These RV upgrades help with everything from extra storage to creating a wilderness-ready solar-powered rig. Some are quick and easy, while others require some patience. You can apply the above RV room additions in your new and old RV. These can transform an old RV into a brand-new one and add a personalized touch to your travel car.

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