10 Beautiful baby shower decoration ideas at home

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Baby showers are some of the most fun раrties that are full of excitement and cheer. People throw such parties in their abode to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their newborn baby. Usually thrown by mom-to-be and close friends, baby showers can be intimate happenings of massive family events. But to organize a baby shower event adequately, decoration is a must, and for that purpose, you have to select the best material that will perfectly suit your program.  

In the initial stage, people are excited about the upcoming joy. But later on, they feel overwhelmed or get carried away when they plan the decoration. It is so because there are multiple baby shower themes or decoration ideas to pick from, and it is a confusing task. Which material to select? How to decorate the place? Such questions hover around their minds. Not only this, but the party concepts will alter depending on the event you want to throw. 

So, are you throwing a baby shower but cannot determine where to begin with? Are you simply looking for some tips to help you organize such parties adequately? Whatever the situation is, do not worry, as you are in the right place. Here we have bundled up ten creative and adorable baby shower decoration ideas. If you consider these ideas, you will not only offer happiness to the would-be mom but will also keep your guests entertained with fun and excitement. Hence, start reading the ideas and use them while planning a baby shower decoration.

1. Showering Umbrella.

As you throw the baby shower party for your yet-to-be-born child, you should use a decorative umbrella. So, when decorating, you need to make the mom-to-be sit under a beautiful-looking umbrella. You can use ornamental strings and chart papers to create lines of raindrops. You can stick them onto the umbrella to make it more pretty. Make a backdrop using fake or real flowers where the mom and the guests can get beautiful pictures. 

2. Decorated Balloons

jungle theme baby shower

As you know, balloons are one of the indispensable materials when it comes to parties. It is more evident when you throw a party related to babies. Therefore, make proper use of these versatile things. For this, you must find out ways to decorate the baby shower place with balloons. You can paint the balloons with shades of watercolors to give them a more elegant look. On top of all, you can also utilize strings of lights, origami leaves, and flowers to decorate those. These will make the place aesthetically beautiful, and the mom-to-be also feels special.  

You can use several decorative items with balloons to enhance the venue’s beauty. For example, you can use foil curtains, party props with a boy or girl theme, paper cut-outs of flowers, leaves, and more. Shop online to find many such outstanding combos. You can use these baby shower decoration combos for gender reveal parties, maternity shoots, ready-to-pop, welcome baby girl or boy, jungle theme baby shower, and many more events. All the guests will love this decor and make the event a super hit. If you are organizing a baby shower for someone special, this is an outstanding gift as the mommy-to-be will get lovely pictures at the event. 

3. Paper Lanterns

Adding a little softness to the ambience is an integral part of a baby shower. Decorative paper lanterns will serve this purpose. You can order customized colored paper lanterns as per the party theme. It will add an unusual light shade, making the pictures more beautiful. Such parties can consume large electricity units. Using these lanterns will allow you to install fewer electric lights. Along with adding glow and amplifying the lights, these lanterns are a great way to save some electric energy while partying. 

Search online for a decoration kit that goes well with your home or the party venue. The combo will contain enough decorative pieces to convert the party venue into a perfect picture spot. The family will forever cherish and enjoy the baby shower photos for many years to come. Set up a neutral picture place that looks natural and timeless even after the baby matures. After the party, you can reuse these items for decorating the baby’s nursery room

4. A board for wishes and advice

Pregnant women keep getting enough bits of advice. Install a wish and advisory board at the party where the invitees can leave messages for the mom-to-be and the baby. It will make the day more meaningful and make the party less stress-inducing for the mom. Apart from the pictures and other gifts, the advice will also be warm memories of the occasion. When needed, these fuzzy memories will be super helpful. In addition to the wish board, you can also create a personalized welcome banner. You can later hang the banner at the entrance of the baby’s nursery. 

5. Baby bottles for drinks

Using baby bottles to serve drinks at the party will add an exceptional touch to the baby shower decorations that you are throwing. Replace the standard or plastic glasses to serve beverages to the guests. Take a baby bottle, snip off a bit of the part of its top, insert a straw in it, and you are good to go. A pretty way to display these drinks is using a bar cart

You can serve easy homemade cupcakes and cookies with beverages to the guests. Use cutters to give them shapes and coloring agents to color them pink or blue according to the event theme. Another snack idea is creating ready-to-pop bars where everyone can add butter, cheddar, caramel, and other fun toppings and relish the dish. Never worry about serving full meals at the celebration. A buffet of bite-sized sweet treats is sufficient. Fresh-flavored mint and lime juice is a refreshing iced tea that can accompany almost any type of food. 

6. A decoration station for baby clothes

Every guest will bring gifts to add meaningful contributions to the mother’s and the baby’s journey. To value their gifts, you can set up a baby clothes & gifts decoration station at the venue. After the party, you can place this stand in the baby nursery. Several DIY kits are available in the market, using which guests can unleash their creativity by designing tiny clothes for the baby. Purchase a handful of stencils online. Let the guests pick up and create adorably personalized onesies for the baby. 

Along with a decoration station, you can also set up a photo booth for the event. Get mom-to-be and dad-to-be sashes and badges for all the invitees. You can decorate an exclusive photo booth with a light combo in multiple ways. This set is a beautiful addition to the event and a perfect gift for the mommy and daddy. To make the booth enjoyable for everyone, you can purchase selfie tools and make the party super hit. 

7. Tassel garland

Tassel garland

One of the many ideas for baby shower decor is a tassel garland. It will add a tropical and ethereal touch to the entire atmosphere. The most stunning part of this decorative item is that you can make it at home by yourself. Decorating someone special’s baby shower with handmade stuff is super fun. Isn’t it? To make a tassel garland, take a long vertical cellophane wrap strip. Make horizontal cuts through this wrap and roll the strip from the uncut end. Stick the uncut end to make sure it does not unfurl. It is the procedure of creating one tassel. To prepare a garland, string multiple such garlands together and adorn the mother-to-be with it. 

To make the process easy, you can purchase a garland combo online. The set will contain balloons, garlands, artificial flowers, fake leaves, hangers, and adhesives to make it a complete decoration set for any occasion. Purchase a set where balloons are composed of natural latex and other accessories made of PP material that is non-toxic and safe for the mom-to-be. Ensure that no decoration stuff has any fragrance because the pregnant woman may not be comfortable with the scent. 

8. Balloon butterflies

Wondering what balloon butterflies are? It is another decoration item that helps you to create paper and card butterflies and paste them into balloons. This decoration piece is tricky to handle because not all adhesives can paste paper on balloons. You can burst many balloons in the process, and the use of cello tape will make it look clumsy. But when successful, they will add charm to the party. You can use balloons and butterflies of contrasting colors following the event theme. 

Seal air in balloons with a knotting device instead of fingers. This way, you can blow many balloons in no time. You will be able to make the complete set within no time. Also, you can quickly blow extra balloons just in case you burst some of them while pasting paper on them. You can use this decor with candles, curtain lights, and just any theme. Baby shower decorative combos are made of high quality, and you can reuse them to decorate your baby’s nursery or use them at their first birthday bash. The best part is you can get these combos customized according to the party theme. 

9. Roses made of baby socks

To add to the feel of the baby shower party, you can make bouquets with baby socks. It is probably the cutest piece of decoration that you can make at home. Are you wondering how to make a flower bouquet out of baby socks? It is pretty simple. Just fold and tie a bundle of colored baby socks in the shape of roses. Attach stems and crepe them with paper. That is it! Your baby socks roses are ready. 

10. Game time

No party is complete without games. You can plan various games for the guests and the mom-to-be to add fun to the occasion. One of our favorite games of all time is presuming the guest. Although it will require ample pre-preparation, all the efforts are worth it. Collect baby pictures of all the guests expected to be present at the party. The game is that guests will have to identify which image is whose. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? 

Another fun game would be Who knows Mommy the best. Here, all the family members and friends will prove they know most things about the would-be mother. All you need is paper and a pen for everybody, and you can play this fun game with a large crowd without much preparation. To play the game, one person will read out the questions out loud, and everyone will write their answers on the paper. Whoever gets the maximum number of answers correct will be the winner. To flip the party focus on the guests, you can organize another game, known as My Water Broke. Get plastic bottles, insert tiny baby dolls in each, fill the bottle with water, and freeze. The players’ role will be to melt the ice and get the baby doll out of the bottle. 

End Takeaways

To wrap up, we can say that when you are researching excellent ways to deсоrаte and purchase ready-made decorating items, you should take a glance at the above baby shower decoration items. All these will help you to make the event more organized. After all, as a party organizer, you want to make the moment outstanding for your guests. Thus, for this, the above decoration tips will surely help you provide a satisfactory experience to your lovable guests. One tip from our side is that do not select a sophisticated party theme, be simple, creative, and unique.

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