How to Stop Toddlers Kicking off Blankets?

Babies’ muscles become stronger with age. One of the weird habits that most toddlers do is kicking blankets on the bed. It may be great for toddlers, but sleeping without a blanket can make them sick.No parents want their toddlers to fall ill.

So they cover their kids with blankets soon after they kick. But if these things happen overnight, then it can be a problem for the parents.

The article discusses how to stop toddlers from kicking off blankets. So, keep reading this article to know more about different ways by which you can prevent babies from kicking blankets.

What Are The Possible Impacts Of Kicking Blankets By A Toddler?

1. Your Baby May Catch Cold

Whenever your baby kicks blankets in the middle of the night, he is exposed to a chill temperature for longer. Consequently, he suffers from a cold and cough.

2. Affects Sleep Quality

If your toddler keeps kicking blankets throughout the night, it affects their sleep quality, which can affect his growth.

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What Are The Possible Reason For Which Toddlers Kick Blankets?

1. The Blanket May Be Heavy

Parents cover their babies with blankets so they can sleep properly at night and not catch a cold. But some parents use thick blankets to cover babies. Toddlers with fast metabolic rates cannot tolerate heat for a long time and kick blankets.

2. Need Some Movement

Toddlers like to change their sleeping position at night. They don’t want to sleep constantly in one place for a long time. So they kick blankets and try to move into another position on the bed.

3. Sleeping Environment Is Uncomfortable

If there is a lot of noise or your baby is exposed to bright light for a long time, it disturbs his sleep. Consequently, he starts kicking blankets.

4. Illness

Some toddlers kick blankets because of illness. The babies who mainly suffer from anemia have higher chances of getting irritated at night and start kicking blankets.

5. Your Child Is Active While Sleep

If your toddler’s brain is too active during sleep, he will kick off blankets.

6. Pajamas Of Your Toddler Are Already Warm

If the pajamas of your toddler are already warm and you are covering blankets, then you are just putting extra pressure on your baby. So he will start kicking blankets.

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Top 12 Ways to Stop Toddlers from Kicking Off Blankets

1. You Should Cover Your Toddler With a Light Blanket

Whenever you cover your toddler with a heavy blanket, then it puts annoying pressure. Additionally, heavy blankets are not breathable. So moisture will retain side the blanket, and your baby will feel sweaty and hot. So, he will ultimately kick off the blankets.

It would help if you switched to light blankets to resolve this problem. Light blankets will not make your toddler feel hot and sweaty, and he can sleep comfortably for a long time.

Another thing you need to remember is that the light blanket you will purchase for your toddler should be stretchable. As a result, your toddler will have enough room to stretch and change position while sleeping at night.

2. Always Prefer Clean Blankets

If your toddler uses a blanket that is not cleaned properly, it will have an unpleasant odor. It can make even your baby’s skin itchy, so your toddler will kick off the blankets.

So, always cover lighter and clean blankets for your baby so he can have a comfortable sleep.

3. Use a Swaddle wrap

Sometimes blankets are small to cover toddlers in the swaddle position. So you can use premade swaddle wrap to cover your toddler at night.

4. Use Sleeping Bag

You can use a sleeping bag to cover your toddler at night. The best thing about the sleeping bag is that it will not give womb-like comfort and warmth to your baby but also have extra space so the toddler can move his limbs.

5. Don’t Cover Feet

Some blankets don’t like blankets to cover their feet. So, if you find such symptoms in your baby, keep the blanket off at the feet.

6. Don’t Make Your Baby too Much Excited

If your baby is excited while going to sleep, he will do weird things at night. The baby may be sleeping, but his brain will still be excited. He will start kicking blankets for this reason.

So, don’t allow your baby to become too excited just before going to bed.

7. Switch Off the Lights

When you switch on the light, it can disturb the sleep cycle of your baby. Consequently, it will hamper the growth of the baby.

So, you should switch off the lights, particularly in your baby’s room at night.

8. Do not Allow The Toddler Room To Get Too Dry Or Too Humid

If the room is too dry, the toddler will feel profuse sweat. Covering blankets at that time is very uncomfortable, and he will kick off the blankets.

Similarly, if the room is too humid, then it will allow the sweat to remain in the toddler for a long duration. It is also unpleasant for your baby and will kick off the blankets.

So make sure the humidity is moderate in the toddlers’ rooms.

9. Buy Wearable Blanket For Your Baby

If you have tried many methods and your toddler is still kicking blankets during sleep, you should buy wearable blankets for him. These wearable blankets come in various styles and colors at an affordable price.

Additionally, some wearable blankets come without sleeves and keep your toddler’s feet uncovered.

The best thing about these blankets is that your baby cannot keep them off during sleep until you want them.

10. Bedsheet Holder Straps

The bedsheet holder strap keeps the bedsheet in its proper position. The same thing will work for blankets. It will help keep the blanket in its right place and prevent your toddler from kicking.

11. Take A Large Sheet And Wrap It All Over The Blanket

You can take a large sheet, wrap it under the toddler blanket and tuck it under the mattress. It will give enough space for your toddler to wiggle at night.

12. Never Force To Use Blankets

You should not force your baby to use blankets. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies not be covered with blankets until they are 12 months old. Covering babies with blankets before one year can cause suffocation.

Well, we can recommend you a great idea—layer a few clothes on your toddler when it is too cold. Additionally, you can take off a few layers of clothing when it’s too hot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my toddler keep off the blanket?

Your toddler may keep off the blanket while sleeping because the blanket can be too heavy. Additionally, if the blanket is not properly clean, your toddler will try to keep off the blanket.

2. How can I keep my toddler warm at night without a blanket?

You can layer a few clothes so your toddler will feel warm at night without a blanket. There are other options, too, like making your kid wear either wearable blankets or sleep sacks. They will help in keeping your baby warm. Additionally, pajamas with feet will wander at night.

3. Will the toddler wake up if cold?

Toddlers lose heat four times higher compared to adults. So, once your toddler feels cold in the middle of the night, he will struggle to regain the temperature, disturbs his sleep cycle. So, he wakes up and cannot get back to sound sleep.

4. Is it safe for a two-year-old to have a blanket?

Yes, it is safe for a two-year-old to have a blanket. Research says that covering your toddler with a blanket before one year can cause either suffocation or sudden Infant death syndrome.

Wrap Up

Sleeping at night is quite essential for toddlers. But most toddlers kick off blankets in the middle of the night. It can be pretty frustrating if you cover your toddler with blankets, and he kicks it after some time. It disturbs your and your child’s sleep, which is not good.

Research recommends that you cover blankets if your child is under 12 years old. So, you can layer your toddler with several clothes to keep warm on chilly winter days.

We thank you for reading this article and hope you like it. You can share this article on social media platforms so that many parents can read this article.

If you have any queries, then ask in the comment section. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

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