Sprout Pregnancy: App Review

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When I was pregnant I was searching for an app to keep track of my health. After testing many apps I found this app called Sprout Pregnancy which lets you keep track of your progress. Though at first, I didn’t like the app. But, I gave it a shot for 3 days it surprised me.

Trusted and recommended by expecting families all over the world, Sprout Pregnancy guides you through every day of your pregnancy. It helps keep you organized and educated about the many exciting changes and developments happening in your body and for your growing baby.

Sprout Pregnancy features:

  • DAILY and weekly information about you and your developing baby
  • Personalized Pregnancy Timeline
  • Tools (Weight Tracker, Kick Counter, and Contraction Timer)
  • Checklists

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Bottom Line

The goal of the app is to provide you with the best pregnancy tool available. Sprout Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the best apps for a pregnant mother.


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