Boho Dresses to Wear with Cowboy Boots

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Cowboy boots are a great statement often overlooked. In this post, we will demonstrate the most effective outfits for achieving a contemporary Western appearance when you wear cowboy boots. When it is a question of rural style dressing, cowboy boots are essential accessories you should have in your wardrobe. It does not matter whether you are planning on dressing up for a night at the rodeo or if you want some new boots to go with your favorite jeans, they are undoubtedly an item that any lady interested in Western design should have in her wardrobe.

Cowboy boots have a significant meaning

Even though cowboy boots are an essential component of the attire of every country lady, it may be challenging to dress them up. We have suggestions on the kind of clothes most appropriate for each situation. Therefore, instead of wearing your typical skinny jeans, denim shorts, and crop top, you should choose the ideal outfit with your preferred pair of cowboy boots.

Cowboy boots are a statement accessory that will give your outfit a sweet touch of the South. Wearing a pair of cowboy boots with your favorite sundress is a cute, fashion-forward look that will turn heads wherever you go. It is especially true if you live in a state not located in the South or the Midwest, as this type of footwear is not appropriate for everyday wear in these regions. You can be the one to set the new trend in your neighborhood, city, or town. 

Over the last few years, several high-profile celebrities and models, like Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus, and Dua Lipa have worn cowboy boots as part of their ensembles. As a result, this trending footwear is now recognized in numerous locations. Therefore, there is no reason for you not to experiment with cowboy boots if you have not done so before! This article will discuss which dresses are suitable for wearing with cowboy boots and which are not, so you may look your very best no matter where you go!

  • Putting on the Bohemian Glitz with Your Cowboy Boots

A bohemian or 1970s-style dress is perfect for spicing up your cowboy boots. To pull off a true bohemian style, it is essential to channel the spirit of the hippy era. But which kind of bohemian dress looks best with cowboy boots? Keep an eye out for gowns with special features like cross-stitching, embroidery, or crocheting. The cut and fit of one’s clothing can contribute to the overall impression. Mini dresses with high collar sleeves, boxy dresses, and dresses with bell sleeves are all in this category. You can also see boho style in long, floaty, and comfortable dresses.

  • Pairing a Maxi Dress with Cowboy Boots

Wearing long skirts with cowboy boots is a fantastic look, especially if you want to wear cowboy boots with an old, flowing, or embroidered western outfit. Choose a pair of traditional cowboy or short western-style boots to wear with a maxi dress that does not leave much space for the legs. Large hoop earrings and a leather shoulder bag or tote will round off the winning ensemble.

  • Cowboy boots with a glitzy dress

When one imagines traditional country attire, gingham immediately comes to mind. Cowboy boots and a gingham dress are a natural pairing for carefree summer days in the country. Pair the dress with a pair of traditional cowboy boots in a complementary shade. Cowboy boots in earth tones like brown, tan, or beige enhance the rustic vibe. Boost your ensemble with a woven straw clutch. A structured handbag and jet black cowboy boots will give your modern gingham dress an edge.

  • Dresses with Large Eyelets or Lace

It is decadent to wear a dress made of thick lace and pair it with cowboy boots. The flared sleeves will give the dress a brilliant western vibe. However, no other dress style, regardless of length or color, can compare to the boho-meets-country sentiments of an eyelet dress. Put on classic cowboy boots, a leather cross-body bag, and a lovely straw hat, and you will be set for the summer in this eyelet summer dress.

  • Outfits Featuring Tunics

The absence of a tunic dress from a list of boho dresses to wear with cowboy boots is glaring. The relaxed attitude of this 1970s favorite goes well with western boots, particularly with the more traditional and taller varieties. Furthermore, a short western-style ankle boot may also do the trick. Adding feminine details like frills, lace, and embroidery to your tunic dress can give it a more pronounced boho vibe. You may choose a rough leather bag or a refined leather clutch to go with it. 

  • Crochet Dresses

The crochet dress is the most common cowboy cocktail attire for females at every trendy summer concert. These scream summer, have a boho vibe, and go well with cowboy boots. The more open the crochet dress is weaved, the more informal and relaxed it will be. Search for crochet skirts with a side slit or over the knee, to go well with traditional cowboy boots. Pair a longer, tighter dress with western-style ankle boots, rather than higher ones. Wrap up your ensemble with a leather or denim jacket and a clutch in a contrasting color.

  • Outfits with White Dresses and Cowboy Boots

A white dress combined with cowboy boots, whether black, white, or brown, would look outstanding. However, it does not matter much what dress you choose, since everyone will look fantastic in it. The length of the dress is irrelevant if it is comfortable and flowy. If the dress is long or midi, go for a roomier dress such as a flared bottom or a gathered dress for a taller cowboy boot. Is your white dress lengthy and tighter fitting? 

Choose a lower-height western boot, so they do not get bunched up beneath the dress. For the ultimate bohemian look, belt a white dress with a thin, double, or a thick leather belt and accessorize with beautiful gold jewelry and loose waves. You can select any color of cowgirl boots.

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  • The black short attire with Cowboy Boots

There are numerous shoes for a black dress, and cowboy boots are an outstanding choice for any casual LBD ensemble. Anyone can enjoy a short and sexy little black summer dress with cowboy boots. From short bodycon dresses and side-slit midi dresses to flouncy maxi dresses, you will never find a black dress that will not mix nicely with a pair of black or white western boots. But one style to avoid is any tight dress that goes below the knees and does not allow space for higher cowboy boots. Complete the style with a beaded or straw handbag in the summer and a thicker leather crossbody in the fall/winter for a more casual appearance. A pair of bold earrings or a necklace can liven up your look.

  • Putting on Your Cowboy Boots: Country Western Attire

So, you want to know: what is a western dress? Any garment with a rustic or rural air, its flowery prints, smoked or eagle buttons, or utilitarian cut, is known as a western dress. Imagine a denim top or skirt with buttons in the front. 

  • A Dress With Tiered Sleeves

These gowns have an understated yet undeniable western vibe. The flounced hem, contrast buttons, and the western yoke called top seam give it a yee-haw vibe. Wear strong leather or a western buckled belt with this sort of outfit. Add a structured leather shoulder bag to match or contrast the cowboy boots with some large statement diamonds. Go full-on cowgirl with a western hat.

  • To Wear a Denim Dress with Cowboy Boots

Choose a dress cut from denim, whether it is a floaty, contemporary, or vintage design. Dresses that are shorter in length are best paired with ankle or knee-high cowboy boots, whereas you can wear longer, button-down versions with any heel height. Add a western belt if you want to go all out, or keep things simple with minimum gold jewelry and a little leather purse. An ideal denim dress to pair with cowboy boots is a short or long tiered shirt dress with gathered sleeves. Wear this White, flowery, or embroidered work design with plenty of heavy gold jewelry and belt it to give it more flare.

  • Fringe Dresses

From leather, satin, or crochet fringe skirts, combine your choice with tall or low cowboy boots to give your fringe dress suit some Western or bohemian style. Add a leather shoulder purse with some small jewelry and bold earrings if you are in the mood. Adding a satin purse and western-style high heels to your crochet dress will give you an instant upgrade.

  • Floral Dresses

Floral frocks are lovely outfits to combine with cowboy boots. There is something about flowery outfits that work with these boots. No flowery dress, short or long, will be complete without a pair of western boots. Pick out a flowery flounced dress appropriate for a country dance or a floral frock perfect for a night out on the town with your cowboy boots. You can amp up your western flair with hoop earrings and a fringed handbag.

  • Plaid Dresses with Cowboy Boots

Despite the common belief that combat boots are the footwear to pair with plaid skirts, particularly buffalo check shirt dresses, we find that cowboy boots are even more wearable. Wearing a plaid dress with cowboy boots is an outstanding option for autumn or spring ensembles!

  • Tulle Dress

Make your tulle dress even more country with a pair of cowboy boots. We adore how cowboy boots give a softer, pastel tulle garment an edge, making it an excellent option to wear to a western wedding as a guest or even as the bride. Wear it with a little pocketbook or clutch and huge yet delicate gold earrings and bangles. The louder and fluffy your tulle dress, the more subdued your accessories should be. 

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  • Contemporary Dresses with Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots with modern outfits are all the rage at the moment. Style it with a western or metropolitan feel, the appearance is up to you. Here is a nice trick when you doubt wearing your present-day dress with cowboy boots. If the dress looks excellent with an ankle or knee boot, replace it with a western boot. Oversized jackets over any dress with cowboy boots are the fashionable style of the season. Choose a roomier denim or utility jacket for a beautiful flare. But you cannot go wrong with a traditional trench, either!

  • Slip Dresses

Slick and sexy, make your slip dress style unusual with cowboy boots. The fine straps and delicate fabric contrast the robust boots, enabling you to wear them casually daily. Ensure your long dress includes a side slit. So your boots have space to move, and you can flaunt them to the world. Add a knit sweater or oversized jacket to the dress for a polished look. If you are planning a western wedding, a white slip dress with or without lace details is a brilliant option for the bride to wear with cowboy boots.

  • Combining a Short attire with Cowboy Boots

The best way to show off your tall cowboy boots is with a mini skirt or dress. You can wear mini dresses with a wide variety of boots, from short to knee-high styles. Dress in whatever fashion you select, from modern and sleek to feminine and flowery.

  • A shirt and cowboy boots pair

A shirt dress will look fantastic when paired with cowboy boots. Shirt dresses made of denim fabric with a conventional belt and wide loose-fitting styles are all viable options. Choose a long shirt dress with a shorts pair and expose your figure by unbuttoning it from the middle. You may get a laid-back look by pairing your favorite western ankle boots with a denim jacket and a long or midi shirt dress. Fun outfits using moto jackets are possible, but the moto-meets-cowboy style requires more skill. 

  • Shirt Dresses

It depends on the dress length and the heel height of the boots, but midi dresses with cowboy boots make a stunning pair. Midi dresses with a broader hem are perfect for wearing boots of varying heights. However, if you are wearing one of those tighter midi dresses that does not have a slit in the front or the side, you should probably go for a shorter pair of western boots. 

It is a fashion statement for some women to tuck their longer cowboy boots inside their dresses, while others like to show a little skin. A sleeveless summer dress is an ideal foundation for a look that nods to the west. Putting a belt around a dress over a white top and pairing it with cowboy boots in a complementary hue creates a stylish but comfortable everyday ensemble.

  • Clothes Made From Knitted Materials

Throw on a pair of cowboy boots, and even the softest sweater dress will look completely different. For a warm and rustic look in autumn and winter, try a sweater dress with a side slit in a shorter, longer, or even maxi length. Choose a pair of short or knee-high cowgirl boots with a short sweater or a side-slit midi dress to wear with tights. 

When wearing a long dress, knee-high boots look ideal. Choose a contrasting color or use it repeatedly for a tone-on-tone effect. Putting together a sweater dress and cowboy boots is the most favorite outfit combination. You can wear a turtleneck dress with cowboy boots in spring. Pick a light jacket over a nice knit dress and western boots to stay cool.

  • Wrap dresses and cowboy boots

You can wear different styles of wrap dresses with a chic pair of cowboy boots. Get a modern appearance by using a monochromatic dress with simple lines and no embellishments from the West. Are you searching for a more free-spirited atmosphere? Select a wrap dress or a dress reminiscent of the 1970s in flowery prints and floaty fabrics to wear with boots. A leather crossbody works year-round, while a straw purse is perfect for summer.

  • Women’s Blazer Dresses in Cowboy Boots

Modern women’s cowboy boots are best paired with a blazer dress. And a jacket over any dress paired with cowboy boots is another great option! Blazers and trench coats are the epitome of chic practicality. It gives your cowboy boot ensembles a more modern edge. Pick a linen or trench coat blazer that is uncomplicated. Wearing a tweed satin jacket with cowboy boots is a lot of fun, too. An unusual combination. We will recommend a clutch, tote, or handbag with structure. The only thing missing from this stylish ensemble is a pair of gold statement earrings.

  • Outfit with Cowboy Boots and Sequins

It all depends on the occasion, but western boots are the best complement to a sequin dress, particularly one with fringe. You may dress up your daily clothes with an oversized denim jacket or go for a contemporary western appearance by adding a massive tuxedo jacket.

  • Dresses Made From Sweatshirts

Even though sweatsuits are now trending, the best outfit to wear with cowboy boots is a dress made out of a sweatshirt. It is particularly true for a hoodie or an oversized dress. A leather handbag with clean lines is always a good option, but a fringed purse may add a touch of rural flair. The combination of a dress made from a sweatshirt and cowboy boots is a perfect attire for the transition between spring and fall.

  • T-Shirt Outfits

Wearing it as a base layer or dressing it up with cowboy boots, a statement necklace, or a t-shirt is a wardrobe staple. T-shirt dresses come in edgy and bohemian styles, so choose one that suits your taste. A side slit in a long t-shirt dress is the best way to show off a pair of traditional cowboy boots. T-shirt dresses, no matter how they are cut, whether tight, giant, or asymmetrical, are always a good idea to wear. Overlay a huge jacket, blazer, or trench coat over your t-shirt dress, and finish off your ensemble with a tote bag or studded cross-body.

End Takeaway

Maybe cowboy boots are not your everyday footwear, but if you discover a pair you adore, they will quickly make it to the top of your list. It is not difficult finding lovely gowns that go well with cowboy boots. Dresses of all kinds, from the most basic to those with bold floral patterns or bright accents, complement a sturdy pair of boots. This ensemble will become a go-to this summer as you experiment with fresh looks and trends.

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