Good Age to Move Out of Parents House

There is an age when you should move out of your parent’s home. This also shows your maturity and ability to bear your own expenses. Living on a parent’s money is not good. Parents can not feed you after a certain age. If you rely more on parents you may become lazy. You will lose interest in finding a job just because you are getting free meals and shelter.

Many move out before reaching 18. It is okay to do so if they can afford it. Some remain with their parents for the whole life. I do not want to say that living with parents is bad. Your old, ill parents may need your help. But, here the point is living on parent’s money. Parents want you to become self-sufficient when parents grow old. In some countries living with parents is totally fine. It’s like a tradition in India, all the sons live together with parents. Though it is changing nowadays.

The good way to move out of parent’s homes is by making a plan. You can do so by creating a checklist that you can tick to check. Without a plan, you will not survive long.

Becoming financially independent is important before you make a decision to leave your parent’s home.

I want to move out of my parent’s house but I can’t afford it

When you are moving out from home, if you do not have any job you will suffer. It is not advisable to move out when you are not independent.

You should keep in mind that you have to bear all the expenses from food, rent, electricity, the internet to gas. To better analyzing your expenses, list all of them where you will spend money.

To show you an example, I have made a monthly budget worksheet for you. Your List may look like this:

budget worksheet for moving out teens
Monthly Budget Worksheet

This budget worksheet will help you find out how much money will need you per month to survive. Here, I have omitted few items to make expenses low.

The good age to move out is the time when you think you can thrive outside without your parent’s support. There is no age for this, the sooner you can is good for you.

Checklist for moving out of parents house

1.Discuss with your parents

Discussing with your parents is very important before taking a big step in your life. They will suggest to you what is best for you.

2.Plan your move out

This plan will be made sitting with your parents. The goal date, things you need to do before leaving, etc.

3.Start saving money for a down payment

You may want to buy a new house after moving out. Start saving money monthly whenever you can.

4.Maintain good credit score

Good credit score is important if you plan to rent. Nowadays, landlords do check credit history before lending a property.

5. Calculate your budget

Determine the budget how much you will be your monthly expenses. And make the list keeping in mind your income.

6. Schedule the movers or enlist friends

The day when you are going to move out, let the movers know. You can also take help of your friends which will be more fun.

7. Declutter items that you don’t need

Items that you do not need, you can donate to a needy one or sell them online.

8. Set up utilities and cable at new place

Make sure your new place has electricity, water, internet, cable TV access. You do not want to move to a place where do not have these.

9. Pack and move

Finally pack your things and move to the new place. Your parents may get emotional. You will need to be strong.

10. Pop the champagne with friends

After moving and settling everything you can have a party at your new place with friends this will help you if become homesick.

I moved out and I miss my mom

This is normal to be emotional for the first few days and occasionally. To overcome homesickness you can invite your friends for a few days to stay with you. Always keep in contact with your parents. This way your parents will be updated about your health and mental status.

Engaging yourself to your work can make you forget about your home. Make yourself busy with works, go for outdoor sports, trip, picnic with your friends.

QNA on moving out of Parent’s house:

Is 19 a good age to move out?

19 is not a bad age to move out. You already become an adult and get rights in society. Many famous persons have left parents house at this age. If you are financially independent and decided to move out of your parent’s house, you can do so.

Is 25 too late to move out?

25 is not late to move, as I already have mentioned the good age to move, you can refer that. You will save a lot of money at the same time you are mooching your parents which is bad.

why is moving out so expensive?

Moving out of a parent’s house is expensive. You will have to spend on your own on rent, food, electricity, internet, telephone, gas, credits, loans, and wherever you spend.

Bottom Line

There is no exact time for moving out of your parent’s house. When you become financially independent and you do not want to pressure them you should move out.

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