What are diaper bag essentials for Mom |Dad |Newborn | Toddler |Hospital

Diaper bag is a good way to carry essential things when you go outside with your little one. In the market many colorful, durable, cheap diaper bags available.

There are lot of things that you can put in a diaper bag. You can put your mobile phone, charger, water bottle, wallet, keys beside all the essential things for the baby.

Even after the newborn grown to toddler, you will need a diaper bag. I will try to sum up some reasons for keeping a diaper bag with you.

Diaper bag essentials


Diapers are the first article that you would need essentially to keep in a diaper bag. Diapers come in different sizes. Find the correct diaper size for your baby to prevent any diaper blowout which you will never want. Diapers hold the baby poop and pee without spreading everywhere. Some diapers leak and smell a lot when baby poops. The diaper should be soft that can hold pee without leaking out. Pampers and Huggies diapers are quality products.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are used for cleaning the baby’s butt, nose. Water wipes contain 99.9% water and a few drops of natural fruit extract. They can dramatically reduce the chances of getting dermatitis and skin rash when used. Most important they are devoid of alcohol, perfume, chlorine, formaldehyde, phenols, phthalates, SLS and SLES, lanolin, and other additives. Keep them always in a cool, dry place.

Diaper Changing Pad

Diaper changing pads do come with the diaper bag itself most of the time. If your diaper bag does not come with a diaper changing pad you can always buy one at a cheap price. Literally they got their name from their uses. They are usually made of waterproof material and machine washable.

Baby Blanket

Baby blankets come into work for many purposes. They can be used for sleeping, changing diapers, protection from cold, sunlight, and insects. Comfortable, soft good for baby skin and they made of polyester.


Bibs are used to catch food items, drinks drooling from the baby’s mouth. They keep the baby cloth clean and makes it easy for moms to clean. Bibs come in different designs, made of different materials. Polyester bibs are good as they can be washed easily. They also do not get torn easily.

Baby Pacifiers

Baby pacifiers helps to calm down babies. They are mostly made of silicon, free of latex. Another benefit of pacifier is it help in teething in babies. Make sure you are buying pacifier approved by hospitals and which can be sterilized as needed.


They are made of baby soft cotton, and gives comfort to little babies. These can be machine washed. Onesies are exceptionally handy when pants and tees are hard put on baby.

Alcohol free Hand-sanitizer

Alcohol free hand sanitizers to use when you are handling your baby. Baby skin is very sensitive, avoid using products with alcohols. Herbal sanitizers are best for babies. Hand sanitizers can kill almost 99% of germs.

Diaper Rash Cream

Keeping a diaper rash cream/lotion/powder is one of the essential of a diaper bag. Your baby can get rash anytime you do not know when. The skin become red and itchy. Keeping a diaper rash cream soothe the itching.

Baby milk bottle

You do not know when your baby becomes hungry. Always keep a baby milk bottle with you to feed baby formula. Beside breast feeding baby formula is also required to keep the babies body needs. Specially designed baby bottle in breast shaped with silicon nipple is preferable. The bottle should be easily washable as hygiene is very important for a infant.


Snacks in the diaper bag are exceedingly important to keep. May it be snacks for you or for a toddler. When leaving home for a few hours feeling hungry is normal. You can put some snacks into your stomach to kill the hunger. Protein bars are good snacks for parents who do cardio.

10 Reasons why do you need a diaper bag

1.When you go out for a part with your little one, you do not one to your little one with saliva all on his/her body. Carrying an extra pair a cloth with you is preferable. You can keep that extra pair in that diaper bag so that you find it easily when needed.

2. Kids love to eat sweets and the cover on the sweet, you can put it in your car here and there. Just put in the waste compartment of the diaper bag. Many times it has been seen that moms forget the banana peel, eggshell she has kept in her bag has not to been thrown out after weeks. And moms find the banana peel in her bag rotten or dried.

3.After a diaper blowout in the middle of journey with your hubby, you will probably want wipes and diapers ready with you. You can carry those with you in your shoulder bag. But, shoulder bag no compartment to hold such wet wastes. And diaper bag provides complete shield water proof compartment to keep wet diapers.

4.Carrying a shoulder bag with diapers, wipers, mobiles, keys, sanitizers, blankets for the baby, water bottles is not easy. Diaper bag can help you to organize all the belongings. You can carry easily all the items organized way.

5.Most Diaper bags are built of tough linen materials, they do not do harm to baby health. They are light which makes them easy to carry.

6.While keeping your baby’s pacifier you do not want it to touch with other items in the bag. Diaper bag gives you separate compartments to keep pacifier, milk bottles.

7.Diaper bags also has many side pockets which are very handy if you want to keep things that you require too often without touching other compartments. Hand sanitizer and mobile phone can kept in these side pockets which you require too often.

8.Some diaper bags do comes with a free diaper changing mat. Who do not loves free stuffs!

9.Diaper bags comes in different designs which gives you opportunities to choose from the best. Some diaper bags can be carried on back and as well as on hand.

10. Diaper bags can hold a lot of weight than you think. And most diaper bags are waterproof which means you do not have to worry if your kid splashes liquids on it.

Buy Diaper bag from Amazon

RUVALINO Multi-functional Diaper Bag

One of the highest rated diaper bag in amazon comes in grey, dark grey, black, army green, denim blue, navy blue.

1.This diaper comes with a padded laptop pocket, insulated pocket to keep milk bottles warm, mommy pocket to keep keys, mess pocket to keep diapers.

2.RUVALINO Multi-functional Diaper Bag is convertible to backpack, handbag, traveling and shopping bag. It is made extra wide to get easy access to items kept inside.

3.It is made with strong fabrics and zippers to last long. Made light so that easy to carry. Total waterproof! Stitches will not fray.


  • DIMENSION: 11.8l x 7.8w x 16.5h inches
  • Weight: 1.78lb
  • Mat Size: 23l x 15w inches
  • Two big zipper closure compartments and 16 pockets

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HaloVa Diaper Bag

This stylish, waterproof diaper bag comes in black, pink, brown, camo, dark blue, orange, gray, purple, red and sky blue colors.

1.It is two in one bag, backpack and tote.

2.This bag has large capacity to carry items about 24 L. Lightweight and the style of the bag makes it perfect for new moms.

3.Made from odorless oxford fabric, can be machine washed & hand washed.


  • Dimensions: 18 x 12.6 x 3.2 inches
  • Weight: 1.39 pounds
  • Anti-theft pocket to keep cell phones, wallets close to the back

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JuJuBe Encore Travel Diaper Tote Bag

JuJuBe Encore Travel Diaper Tote Bag is made of polyester, machine washable fabric. You can also carry it as shoulder bag. It can be easily attached to stroller with provided hooks.

1.6 interior pockets to keep cell phones, wallets, diapers, wipes, diaper pad in an organized way.

2.Stylish looking and spacious diaper bag.


  • Dimensions: 6 x 18 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 1.26 pounds
  • Material Type: Polyester

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How to pack a diaper bag

Makes sure you have all the items ready beside your diaper bag.

Let’s check the diaper bag essentials once again. 4 to 5 Diapers if you are going for two to three hours with your newborn baby, 10 to 12 wipes, extra cloth, pants, tees for the baby, onesies, one blanket, bibs, feeding bottle, diaper cream, hand sanitizer, snacks, your wallet, keys, and cell phone.

After you have all the items in front of you, now just separate the items into different categories to put in different compartments. If your diaper bag does not have compartments you can buy diaper bag organizer pouches available on amazon.

1.Diapers, wipes in one compartment or if you are using diaper bag organizer pouches, keep it on one side.

2. On the other side of the diaper and wipes keep the blanket and diaper changing pad.

3.Put the creams, lotions in different pouch/right side

4.Keep all the food items, snacks, feed bottle in different pouch/left side

5.All other things that you will need frequently keep in the side pockets. Keys, wallets, cell phone and sanitizer.

what is a diaper bag organizer?

Diaper bag organizers are Small pouches that can be kept in a diaper bag in an organized way. A diaper bag generally has lots of compartments to keep clothes, diapers, baby wipes, feeding bib, baby toys, baby utensils, baby lotions, Diaper cream, snakes, Hand sanitizer, Sippy cup, Burp cloth and phone, wallet, keys of the parents. But, finding the right compartment when needed is difficult. So, for that diaper bag organizer comes handy.

Best diaper bag organizer to buy

I have a found a very useful product on Amazon to organize your diaper bag. It has see through performance mess and made of durable fabric which can be washable.

Diaper Bag Organizer Pouches by MOTHER LOAD

A pack of five pouches, one for diapers, wipes, cream, powder, lotions.

one for bibs, spoons, straws or any favorite treat.

one for clean cloths, onesies, tees, pants.

one for toys, building blocks, books.

And one highly water resistant wet bag to keep wet diapers, cloths.


1.Robust quality zippers and Sturdy thick fabric cloth design.

2.Durable, Stretchy Mess and Washable.

3.All the five pouches have see trough mess, colored, beautifully embroidered for an easy view of its contents.

4.Easy to carry, lightweight.

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Diaper bag essentials for newborn

1.Diapers: A lot of diapers needed for a newborn. If you are going out keep at least one diaper for one hour(number of diapers to keep is the number of hours you will stay outside). You can also keep Extra one or two pieces.

2.Baby wipes: You would probably need 10 to 12 wipes.

3.Wet bag: to keep used diapers and wet cloths.

4.Baby diaper cream, powder to disinfect.

5.Extra clothes for change: onesies, pants, tees.

6.Burp cloth.

7.Baby bibs

8.Hand sanitizers.

9.Bottles and breastmilk or formula.

10.A blanket for protection to sun, cold, insects.

11.Diaper changing pad: most of the diaper bag companies provide a diaper changing pad along with the diaper bag.

Diaper bag essentials for toddler

A toddler needs a lot attention as he/she can move. So, keep their favorite toy in the diaper bag you will need to keep them busy.

1.Diapers: Pack more if you are going out for a longer period.

2.Wipes: disposable wipes to clean.

3.Diaper cream, lotions.

4.Extra onesies, tees, pants and other cloths.

5.Hand sanitizer

6.Toys, books, playing cards.

7. A Swaddle Blanket to protect your toddler from cold, sun, insects, and also can be used as a play mat.

8.Sunscreen and Bug repellent spray.

9.Toddler snacks, cookies.

10. Diaper changing pad.

Diaper bag essentials for Mom

Moms need to carry many things with her. A diaper bag can hold a lot of things in different compartments. Moms no longer need to carry a shoulder bag or tote bag. These make diaper bags favorite for moms to carry with.

1.Mobile phone.

2.Wallet to keep money.

3.Keys of home, cars.


5.Bottled water.

6.Extra shirt for mom.

7.Hair ties/bobby pins.

8.Hand sanitizer.

9.First aid kit


11.Cream/lotions to protect from sun.

Diaper bag essentials for Dad

Being a dad does not mean you would not diaper bag once in a while. Dads can have their essential things in the bag with worrying to carry extra backpack.

1.Mobile phone and a charger.



4.Water bottle.

5.Hand sanitizer.

6.Extra shirt for dad.


8.Protein bars

9.Sunscreen lotion.

Diaper bag essentials for hospital

If you are preparing to visit hospital with your little one, you need to pack these essentials. Diapers and wipes are provided by most hospitals. But, you never know. It is always better to be prepared.


2.Water Wipes




6.Extra cloths



9.Burp cloth

10.Face Mask: Wearing a face mask is tremendously important for the parents after the corona virus pandemic.

Bottom Lines

Diapers are essential for a baby, toddler. Similarly, a diaper bag is also essential. Put all the essentials of the baby in a diaper bag and you can travel anywhere with that.

The advantage of a diaper bag is that you can keep your things too as diaper bags are big in size. Keep your wallet, keys, cell phone in the diaper bag and carry it as backpack.

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