8 Best Free Plant Care Apps for iPhone

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Do you love gardening? Do you love tracking the Plant’s progress and ensuring it grows healthy? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

The Plant you grow in your garden may sometimes show signs of yellowing leaves, brown tips, or falling leaves. You think that you have either overwatered or underwatered the Plant. The Plant may also require shade or repotting or show signs of disease.

You finally get confused about where to start and bring the Plant back to normal. Well, in such cases, you can take the help of various plant care apps, which are available for free on iPhone.

These plant care apps will help to identify the Plant and determine how much water, sunlight, soil conditions, and fertilizer it requires for growing. So by using these apps’ help, you can know everything your Plant needs to survive and flourish.

The article discusses the best free plant care app for iPhone. So you can keep scrolling through this article to learn some plant care apps that will help you know the conditions required for growing a plant properly.

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Best Free Plant Care App For iPhone

1. Planta

Sometimes you pick plants from the nursery but don’t know the proper conditions to grow the Plant and keep it healthy. You may not even be sure about the type of Plant you brought from the nursery. In such cases, you can use the plant app’s help. 

It will provide a lot of information to help identify and care for your Plant.

You need to download the Planta app from the app store. It will ask whether you want plant information regarding indoor plant care, outdoor plant care, or both indoor and outdoor plant care. You need to choose according to the plants you have. For example, If you have a lot of houseplants and want a proper guide, choose indoor plant care. 

The app will further ask you about your skill level in gardening(beginner, experienced, skilled, or master). 

Try to choose according to the experience you have in gardening. You can add your locations and approve notifications in the Planta app. You have to then sign in with your Apple ID.

Now add the site where you will be placing the indoor Plant. There will be various options like bedroom, office and many more and you must choose accordingly.

You can use the planta light matter if you have taken the premium version. But if you don’t have taken the premium version, you must select according to the plant type. For example, choose the shade if you have brought an indoor plant.

You can use the identify Plant by picture option if you have a premium version. But if you don’t have the premium version, type the plant name in the search box. The Plant’s name will appear, and you must click on it. 

The best thing about the Planta app is that it will provide the best conditions for the Plant to grow, like water, fertilizer, humidity, and ideal temperature.

Click on Add Plant and then take a picture of the Plant and upload it on the Planta app. The app will advise you according to the conditions of the Plant.

You can download this app from the Apple store. It has certain free features which you can utilize for caring for the Plant.

2. Plant Snap

You may see a flower or vegetable for the first time and don’t know about the Plant. You may see a plant in the park and cannot identify it. Well, you can take the help of the Plant Snap app. 

You need to download this app from the app store and upload a picture of the Plant that you cannot identify. It will give all the basic details of the Plant within a few seconds by running through its database. 

The details include the scientific and common name of the Plant and various other vital information. It teaches you how to grow and care for the uploaded Plant.

Plant Snap also lists places where you can purchase the Plant online.

The Plant Snap app has almost 600,000 plants in its database. Thus it can identify nearly 90 percent of the Plant.

The algorithm is updated from time to time to provide various details regarding the growth and care of the Plant. Again, using the Plant Snap community, you can connect with more than 50 million nature lovers in almost 200 countries worldwide.

3. Blossom 

Your Plant’s foliage may be drooping, yellowing, or have a particular disease, and you cannot find the reasons for it. You will google your questions about the condition of the Plant but cannot find the accurate reasons. Well, in such a case, you can take the help of the Blossom plant app.

You have to upload a photo of the sick Plant, and it will diagnose the Plant’s disease within a few seconds. You can take photos of diseased foliage parts to get accurate information. 

Simultaneously you need to answer specific questions asked by the bot. The Blossom app will provide detailed information about the diseases and how to treat them within a few seconds.

The Blossom app uses AI(Artificial Intelligence)to identify the disease of the green Plant.

Apart from identifying plant diseases, you can have access to various things. For instance, the Blossom app helps to identify any plant. You have to take a snap of any plant, and the app can quickly identify the Plant and provide you with all the essential details.

Another good thing about this app is that you can set personalized reminders, which will remind you regarding watering, repotting, or fertilizing the Plant. This app lets you learn about caring for the Plant in various weather conditions.

You will get watering tips for the Plant through this quite impressive app. Again if your Plant has a particular disease and you don’t want to depend on AI, you can consult experienced Botanists 24 /7 through this app.

4. Gardenia

Are you a gardener? If yes, then you must use the Gardenia app. It provides brief, accurate, and to-the-point details regarding water, fertilization, and potting requirements for the Plant you wish to grow in the garden. 

So if you want too many plant details, use other plant care apps. This app will only provide information necessary for growing a plant.

You can even use this app to learn essential details about growing and caring for indoor plants.

You need to first add a plant from the database of the Gardenia app, and six icons will appear immediately on the page. The six icons include water required for the Plant, ideal soil, fertilization, exposure to the sun, and blossom conditions.

 So you can get primary and required information regarding all such parameters highly needed for growing.

Most plant care apps will provide reminders regarding fertilization and water. However, the Gardenia plant care app will provide notifications regarding various things besides fertilization and water. It includes harvesting, pruning, pesticides, and repotting.

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5. Plant Parent

Do you want to be a better plant parent? If yes, you must download the plant parent from the app store.

This app’s smart care reminder will help you remember when to water your indoor and outdoor plants. Simultaneously it reminds us of other things like fertilizer, pruning, propagation, and many more, essential for green babies’ growth.

Another exciting feature of this app is a light meter. You can know the amount of light your Plant is getting with the help of a light meter. It will help you make changes in the plant positions if necessary.

Sometimes you forget the Plant’s name after purchasing it from the nursery. Well, you don’t need to worry. You can take a picture of the Plant, and the plant parent app will identify the Plant within a few seconds, which is great.

If you are unsure about the conditions required for growing a plant, like fertilization, water requirements, or soil conditions, then take the help of the plant parent app to solve the problem. It will give the details related to the Plant which you need to follow for growing the Plant healthily.

Sometimes your Plant can have the disease, and you cannot identify or treat it. Well, you can take the help of this app. You have to take a photo of the sick Plant, and this app will identify the disease and set a treatment plan that you have to follow to prevent your Plant from killing.

6. Vera

The Gardening experts at Bloomscape have made the Vera app completely free.

This app is good for experienced gardens because you must schedule the green babies here. 

You do not need to follow the pre-care tips as suggested in other plant care apps.

Create an account after downloading the Vera app from the Apple store.

 You have to enter all the details of the Plant, including name, adoption date, last time you watered or provided fertilizer, and many more things. The app will send reminders when it’s time to water, provide fertilizer, or do repot again.

You will also find helpful articles in this app that can help you to care for your green babies.

7. PlantIn

Everyone who grows plants in their garden or house knows little about care and growth. But thanks to modern technology. So many apps are available in the Apple store to download and utilize for growing and caring for a plant. Let’s talk about the PlantIn app.

It is a plant care app that you can download free of cost from the Apple app store. The app has various features that most of the gardens will like. You can scan your Plant and receive a proper guide regarding the care and growth of the Plant. The app allows you to set reminders regarding washing, fertilizing, repotting, and many more things, which is quite beneficial.

Sometimes your Plant has a particular disease, like black marks on the peperomia plant. You search for such conditions in Goggle but cannot determine the disease accurately and how to treat it.

But the PlantIn app can help you in such conditions. It will diagnose the disease and provide you with a treatment plan that you can follow to prevent the Plant from dying.

If you have any queries regarding indoor and outdoor plants, then you can consult the Botanists. You will get a step-by-step guide and detailed plant growth instructions.

You should try this app if you struggle to grow plants at home or outside.

8. Planty

Does your Plant die after giving your best efforts? If yes, you must use the Planty app to save your plant life. This app has fantastic features that will help to take care of your Plant easily. You can download the app from the Apple store.

The Planty has an advanced artificial Intelligence system that will help identify thousands of plants and trees in a single snap.

The app can help diagnose the Plant’s disease and provide a step-by-step guide on how to cure it and prevent such disease in the future.

This app’s light scan feature helps find the best location for a plant, which is quite helpful for properly growing.

The Planty app will even remind you regarding watering, fertilizing, and misting at the appropriate time to better care for your Plant.


Plants can increase the quality of life. Most people love to grow indoor plants as they enhance any corner of their house. These plants even purify the air and are quite beneficial for health. 

But if you don’t provide proper conditions, then the Plant will develop brown tips and yellow leaves or die quickly. 

Advanced technology has developed certain plant care apps. You can use such apps to remind you about watering, fertilizing, repotting, and many more. You can know the proper conditions and the place best for growing a specific plant.

We have listed some of the best free plant care apps for iPhones.You can download any of these apps from the Apple store and properly take care of your Plant.

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Plant Care Apps For iPhone
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