How to Install Artificial Turf for Dogs

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If you have a dog, you must have heard about artificial turf for dogs. There are numerous reasons dog owners switch from their grass backyard to artificial turf. Artificial turf is safe for your coveted dogs. These are much more resilient than traditional lawns because they can resist wear and tear imposed by the dog’s claws, nails, and paws. As your dogs cannot dig through synthetic turf, you should use artificial turf over traditional grass.

As a pet owner, you will understand that keeping pets can be a massive factor. As they use the yard more, you need to maintain it constantly. It is so, especially when you are renting a property. But with the advent of artificial turf, you can avoid the hassle. It is so because by installing this turf, you will get multiple benefits. But now, you might be wondering how to install it, care for it, and what benefits you will get if you use artificial turf for your dogs. If all these things are hovering on your mind, you are in the exact place. Here we have penned down all this information elaborately to assist you with your queries. So, without more delay, let us delve into the below segments now.

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How to install artificial turf?

The installation method of artificial turf for dogs is an uncomplicated process. Usually, it takes around 2 to 3 days to install it. Though you can alone execute the task, a second person is beneficial to speed up the process. To know the steps to install artificial turf, read the below steps.

Step-1: Remove the grass

The first step you need to execute is to remove all the pre-existing grass to install artificial turf. You also need to remove weeds and flowers for better results.

Step-2: Dig out the area and prepare a base

After performing the first step, you need to dig out the entire area. For this, you need to go down 4 inches deep. After this, you should prepare a base to the bottom to assist with the artificial turf drainage and height.

Step-3: Lay and cut the turf

In the third step, you should select a pet-friendly turf and lay it over the dugout area. After that, as turf comes in long strips, you need to cut it based on the segment.

Step-4: Secure the perimeter

After laying down the turf strips, you should attach them to the ground. For this, you need to use your nails or staples and secure the ends of each turf strap. Remember that it is a crucial step, and you should place the straps 6 inches to 1 foot around the edges to make sure to support where the strip attaches.

Step-5: Spread and brush infill

In the final step, you need to check whether the perimeter is secured or not, and based on this, you need to get an infill for the turf. For this, you can use sand, crushed rubbers, or silica. You should spread the infill adequately and brush over to provide an even spread over the whole area. After completing all the above steps, now, your job is done.

Pros of artificial turf

By reading the above segments, you more or less understand the importance of artificial turf for dogs. But to determine whether it is beneficial for you or not, you need to go through the below benefits of artificial turf.

  • Ensure the safety of dogs

As a pet owner, nothing is more important than the safety of your beloved dogs. But unfortunately, so many undercover hazards lurk on lawns. Some are toxic weeds, grass burrs, plants, allergy-triggering grass pollen, fleas, and ticks. These create unnecessary complications for dogs. But if you install artificial turf, you can easily avoid those complications and ensure proper safety for your fur babies.

It is so because pests, ticks, and fleas cannot survive on artificial turf.

Besides, toxic weeds also cannot grow on this turf. As a result, it will never initiate grass allergies nor create burrs that can injure your dog’s skin and paws. Hence, it is one of the significant benefits of installing artificial turf for dogs.

  • Help in cleanliness

Apart from safety, artificial turf also assists you in keeping your dogs clean. It is so because this turf prevents dirt and mud storing and leads to the elimination of the digging habits of dogs. In the end, you can keep your pet clean and free of health issues.

  • Hassle-free maintenance

As mentioned before, maintaining an artificial turf is much easier than you can ever imagine. For example, you do not need to mow or weed it frequently. So, if you install artificial turf, your dogs can enjoy your backyard anytime, and you can save time, effort, and resources as well.

  • Offers durability

Artificial turf is durable and long-lasting. They can hold up pleasingly for an extended period compared to a grass backyard. Therefore, it is another prominent advantage of installing artificial turf for your dogs.

  • Avoid using fertilizer or pesticides.

Having a grass backyard means you need to use fertilizer and pesticides frequently. But by using artificial turf, you do need to bother about this. In fact, by avoiding using fertilizer and pesticides, you can also create a safe and healthy environment for your dogs to run and play.

  • Adequate drainage system

One of the advantages of artificial turf is that the manufacturer produces the products with a rinse-clean technology. The turf has a base underneath with tunnels that assist in enhancing water flow and separate the turf from the ground. Due to this unique feature, artificial turf is perfect for fast drying after rain or snow, and it also helps dogs stay clean.

Cons of artificial turf

Apart from the above benefits, artificial turf has certain drawbacks as well. To learn about the cons, read the upcoming points.

  • Toxicity

Though you can ensure the safety of your dogs by using artificial turns, certain products contain harmful chemicals. So, while purchasing, you need to ensure that the product is safe for animals and the environment and does not contain any toxic chemicals. 

  • Expensive

Since, there are different kinds of artificial turf for dogs, they come in various price ranges. So, depending on the product type, you might need to spend more. Besides, if you have a large yard, the installation cost can be much higher. Though it is a prominent drawback, in the long run, you can reduce it as you do not need to spend money on its maintenance and care.

  • Temperature issues

A significant drawback of artificial turf is that sometimes they can get hot to touch when sitting in the sun. As a result, it creates an uncomfortable situation for the dog to run and play over it.

  • Bad odor

Though the care is easy, you need to clean artificial turns once a week. If not taken care of, you might smell a weird odor. So, it is another disadvantage of installing artificial turf for dogs.

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artificial turf for dogs

How to clean artificial turf?

When it comes to cleaning the artificial turf, you can follow the below steps.


By using a leaf blower, you need to clean your artificial turf. For this, you should start from a corner of your yard and blow all debris towards it. After all, when you group the debris you can gather them for removal. 


Though you can use a leaf blower, it will not clear the grass of dust or spills. So, to remove them, you need to use a garden hose and rinse the turf. You should use water wisely as too much might damage the turf. For better results, you can begin from one end and sweep the hose in a circular motion.


To clean your artificial turf for dogs, you should use paper towels to clean up spills. But, never rub the liquid into the grass as it might damage the turf. Blot up fluid spills gently. So, as long as you perform the moment the spill occurs, it should be relatively hassle-free to clean up.


If there is any stain on the turf, you can use one teaspoon of water with a pint of detergent to prepare a mixture. After that, you need to use a sponge or a soft cloth and rub the solution into the stain. After some time, you can sprinkle water to eliminate the stain.


During winter, snow and ice can damage the artificial turf. If you and your dog walk on the turf, it will cause more damage. In that situation, you should wait until the ice and snow melt naturally. Besides, you should also avoid using salt to melt ice and snow.

Wrapping it up

You might have got the detailed knowledge of artificial turf for dogs by now. Thus by installing it, you will get the above benefits, and your precious dog will also love to play on the turf. But like everything else, using them also has the above drawbacks. But if you overlook those, artificial turf can be an ideal solution for your dogs. So, why wait? Purchase an artificial turf, install it, and reap the benefits.

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