How to make planters from old jeans?

Wondering as to what can be done with your old denim jeans, which you cannot wear anymore? Well, in our childhood, many of us have recycled various wastes into useful materials, the same you can do with your waste jeans. You can recycle your old jeans into a new planter for your garden or home.

A planter is an adorning container where plants are grown. You can make planters of various designs with your old jeans and some supplementary stuff. Creativity is the key to bringing out something new from a waste, which is captivating. Do not fret if you consider yourself a less creative guy, as today we will guide you to make three types of planters with your denim jeans. One will be time-consuming but more fascinating, and the other will be simple and cute.

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Denim Jeans Planter Ideas

First, we will go through the process of creating a simple and cute planter from your jeans. To make a planter, you need the following things.

  • Waistbands, seams, and hems from your pairs of old jeans.
  • Tin cans of any size
  • Mod podge
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Succulent for planting

A hem is a finished edge, and a seam is stitched on the legs of the jeans. A mod podge is a glue or sealer.


  1. First, you have to trim the seams and hems you got from your jeans to the circumference of the can.
  2. Apply the glue or mod podge outside of the can and inside of the trimmed denim strips. Wrap the tin can with the jeans with glued strips and hold it in place with a pin.
  3. Keep repeating the process until the strips cover the whole tin. As you attach strips, make sure they all join at the same place on the can, and there should not be any gap between the two strips.
  4. After covering the whole tin can, wait for the glue to dry.
  5. Once the glue dries up, remove all the pins from the strips you hooked earlier.
  6. Tidy up the jean planter where you hook the pin, and attach another denim strip with glue and pins.

Now, your planter is ready to be planted. You can plant succulents that do not need much water to grow. So put the plant straight into the planter. We recommend never putting a plant that requires more watering in this planter.

This cute planter will be an add-on to your small nursery. It is a simple and less demanding process of making a planter with your old jeans.

The second planter is more time-consuming and demanding, but the results are astounding.

  • A blue jeans
  • A pair of shoes (short boots or high-top sneakers are best)
  • A container of oval shape could be of any material.
  • Cotton batting and a recycled plastic container.
  • Two plastic veggies bags and a pantyhose.
  • Wood countersink head screws
  • 2X3 Wood scrap pieces and plywood

Do not agonize over the material as they are available in the market, and using them will make your indoor garden more captivating.


  1. Measure the length of the jeans from the crotch to the hem and add more length for the shoe. Cut the 2X3 wood to the length you measured. Drill through the midpoint of one end. It should be big enough to accommodate the wood screw.
  2. Draw an oval shape on a board and cut it out with a cutter. If your project is heavier and loaded with plants, you will need a strong piece rather than plywood.
  3. Put the wood into each shoe and place the oval on top to determine the spacing of the legs. Make two holes in the oval platform and fasten it with the wood studs. Now put the screw slightly in the platform. So they do not interfere with your planter once it is on top.
  4. Cut the soft foam into half and attach one-half of the foam to the flat end of each stuff. We will advise you to staple the foam and cover it with nylon stockings to keep it intact.
  5. Now we are all set to put it all together, but before we do, unlace the shoes and insert two plastic bags. It will prevent the water present in the cement from soaking through. You can skip this process if the shoes are composed of heavy leather. The cement will help the planter to stay stabilized.
  6. Put the cement in a plastic container, pour water, and mix it thoroughly. Pour the cement into each shoe. Once you have filled the shoes, before the cement dries, lace up the shoes and tie them so the cement can finish setting. You can also cut the extended plastic bags on the top of the shoes.
  7. Once the cement is in place, temporarily remove the oval piece and add the pants on the legs. Again place the oval platform.
  8. The back end of your planter might look saggy, so fill cotton batting to make it more adorable.

Your beautiful standing planter is ready to be a part of your nursery. The process might seem bewildering, but the result will be more amusing and pleasing. If you have time on your hand and you are a bit serious about your indoor garden, then this is the best planter you can get out of your old jeans.

This lower human body planter will stand out from others in your nursery and grab the spectators’ attention. Putting your time and effort into this planter will not be a decision to regret further. With your sheer dedication and time, you can build this planter hassle-free.

If the second planter seemed tricky to you, do not worry. There is a smaller version, which will take less time and is not as demanding as the above one. But the beauty of it will be the same. The only difference between these two planters is size and stand.

The above planter is massive and needs a pair of shoes to stand, but the following planter can stand without the shoes. You have two options with this planter, either you can hang it, or you can keep it on the floor.

There is not much difference in the making process of hanging or floor planter. Now we will discuss the hanging planter for your garden. The following are the things you need.

  • Old blue jeans (a short length will work best)
  • Rope and pair of scissors
  • Craft wire and wire cutters
  • Two flexible plastic flowerpots and an 80-grit sandpaper
  • Coffee filters, assorted transplants, and potting mix
  • Tiny craft ring of metal and a bandanna.


  1. If you have not got a short pair of jeans, then the first step is to cut the length of your jeans to a short one.
  2. If you want to give a worn look to the jeans, take the sandpaper and wrap it around a PVC pipe or a piece of your broom handle. It will offer a sandpaper tube, which will help you distress the edges and pockets of your jeans.
  3. It is time to make a planter with your unraveled jeans; take a flowerpot that fits tightly in the jeans and gives a look of actual hips in the jeans. You can use a single flowerpot, but it does not provide the same look as two flowerpots.
  4. Make small holes around the edges of the jeans and poke a few holes in the pot adjacent to the jeans. Fasten the pots to jeans with wire to make them stable. Attach the two pots with a wire where they join in the center. Be vigilant of sharp points of wire. Keep in mind to tuck them in to not scratch yourself.
  5. Now we will make hanging straps. The strap should be twice the length you want to hang your planter. Cut three straps of a similar measurement.
  6. Put a metal craft ring in the rope and bring it to the center of the rope. Tuck the two rope ends in the front belt loop and the one remaining rope end in the back belt loop. Your hanging planter is ready to be hung in your garden or nursery.

End Thoughts

A hanging planter is a unique idea for an adorning garden, and it is simple to make. These were some creative ideas to make a planter with your old jeans. This list has something for everyone, and you can choose any alternative according to your comfort.

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