50+ Funny Anniversary Questions for Parents

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One thing we always keep on doing to make our parent’s anniversary special is asking them questions in different ways so that they can be presented at the time of the occasion. Once they respond, we will club the questions to make a book together about the questions so that all the kids, grandkids, and descendants can know about them and the people who were responsible for their existence.

However, marriage changes over the years, and parents are very plentiful in making their relationship last forever till their last breath. However, at the time of anniversary parties, there must be some enjoyment and laughter for the guests as well as the family members. Below in this article are some questions that were asked to the parents or that you can ask your parents to make their anniversary more special.

Funny Anniversary Questions to ask

  1. Who is more gratifying during the morning time?
  2. Who is more of an epicurean between both of you?
  3. Who among you never forgets the anniversary date or birthdate?
  4. Who waits for their children to come home?
  5. Who among you looks the most like their parents?
  6. Who is the best cook among both of you?
  7. Who is responsible for replacing the toiletries most?
  8. Who has a better teeth checkup in the course of the marriage?
  9. Who likes to do garden work the most?
  10. Who amongst you is responsible for controlling the television remote the most?
  11. Who informed their parents before that you would hold hands with each other for your lifetime?
  12. Who is the first one to apologize in case of any fight?
  13. Who is a spendthrift or likes to do shopping the most?
  14. Who cracks jokes the most and laughs the most?
  15. Who feeds the dog by following their schedule?
  16. Who initiated the first kiss at the time of their marriage?
  17. Who among both of you was more studious during your school days?
  18. Who is responsible for more speeding tickets?
  19. Who is most romantic between the two of you?
  20. Who loves to talk on their mobile phones?
  21. Who is more likely to match lips and sing with the radio?
  22. Who is better at handling the computer?
  23. Who possesses a sweet tooth?
  24. Who likes to travel across the world the most?
  25. Who performs the dish cleaning properly?
  26. How and when did you come to know that both of you fell in love with each other?
  27. What is the biggest regret you couldn’t fulfill during your married life?
  28. Who is better at planning surprises for others?
  29. Who is more of a shopping lover?
  30. Who cooks better food at home?
  31. Who is always ready to spend money on shopping and going to restaurants?
  32. Who keeps the room messier, and who is responsible for cleaning them in the first instance?
  33. Who loves their kids more?
  34. Who drives the car better?
  35. Who lies the most?
  36. Who is poor with decision-making?
  37. Who dances well, and who is more romantic?
  38. Who is a better mood maker in ugly situations?
  39. Who snores louder while sleeping?
  40. Who is always late at doing things?
  41. Who is responsible for cracking the lamest joke that can ever exist?
  42. Who is better at saving money?
  43. Who is moodier among both of you, and who is responsible for creating more tantrums?
  44. Who flirts the most?
  45. Who speaks “I love you” more frequently?
  46. Who is a better lover and more emotional?
  47. Who is more responsible for taking care of the household chores?
  48. Who is more engaged in mobile phones?
  49. Who between both of you thinks that you are never wrong?
  50. Who is more dominating between you in a relationship?

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These are some of the basic yet funny questions you can list for your parent’s anniversary and make the event more memorable. However, there are some questions that your parents might find it difficult to remember those questions when asked. Here is a list of such questions you can ask your parents on their anniversary.

  1. What is your first memory of your better half?
  2. Describe the most memorable and funny pre-wedding event and date.
  3. How did your parents react when you first informed them that you two would get married?
  4. What were your impressions of your other half’s parents?
  5. Tell me about how you planned your wedding event. How did you pick the wedding date? Who did you want to be present with? What kind of songs do you want? What were the food preparations at the event?
  6. Were there any light scandalous moments at the time of their marriage? Did any elderly guest inform that the bridesmaids’ dress was small? Did someone possess a wardrobe malfunction? Did any of your guests drink too much and create a bad scene?
  7. During the first year of your marriage, what were the things that you liked or didn’t or wanted to happen but didn’t take place?
  8. What were the most memorable moments of valentine’s Day across the years?
  9. What were the events that you performed on your honeymoon trip?
  10. How did your time together shape your relationship? Did you acquire any good or bad habits that remained with you?
  11. What was your first impression about the place you moved in first after marriage?
  12. What were your favorite holiday traditions for both of you? Did you gather any new customs as a couple?
  13. How did having children change both of you and your relationship as a married couple?
  14. What are the things that you remember from your international outdoor vacation?
  15. What games have you enjoyed playing as a couple during your living days over the years?
  16. What are the pieces of suggestions that you have for your grandchildren when they get to their marriage stage?
  17. What areas in your marriage have you learnt you can’t comply with? What are the issues or problems that you have learned to accept or disagree with to build peace in your relationship?
  18. How did you develop your parenting style after having children?
  19. Speak about the most unexpected and funniest things that have happened between both of you during your marriage years.
  20. If you had not settled in your hometown, what were the destinations that you had dreamt of settling in?
  21. What were the things you had kept on your bucket list but couldn’t fulfill during your marriage days?
  22. How did your retirement affect your relationship?
  23. Are there any hobbies, trips, or events that you wanted to fulfill during the formative years of your relationship? Is there any list of events that you are glad you didn’t perform?
  24. What are you expecting or hoping for the next few years?
  25. What is your favorite verse from the list of religious books and why?
  26. What did you learn more about marriage that you had no idea about before marriage?

These are some of the memorable questions that you can list down for your parents at the time of their marriage anniversary. Besides making them happy, your family and the invited guests can also have a laughter time at the event.

Now we will have a glance at some of the questions related to their marriage life that can be asked separately yet funny. Below given are such questions.

  1. Are there any specific moments during the course of time when you could understand that you could end up marrying each other?
  2. Were you sure that you would stay together for such a long time?
  3. What are the aspects of your marriage that surprised you the most?
  4. What do you think is the toughest part of being married and living together?
  5. What is the greatest obstacle that you have faced during the course of your marriage?
  6. Apart from the days of having your children, what have been the most enjoyable and joyous occasions that you both have experienced as a couple?
  7. What is one thing that made both of you glad during the time you married each other?
  8. If you could receive a piece of essential advice at the time of marriage, what could it have been?

Final Words

These are some of the funniest as well as mixed emotions questions that can be presented to your parents during their anniversary event. While it might make them shyer if they are not suitable for speaking them in front of other invited guests, some of the parents who are bold enough to speak might feel free to answer them. However, all of the questions mentioned above can create a good laughter event at the parent’s anniversary parties.

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