How to make purslane/portulaca more bushy

make purslane bushy

Portulaca and Purslane look similar, they both have tiny leaves. the leaves of purslane are round in shape whereas the leaves of portulaca are narrow needle-like. The flowers of Portulaca somewhat bigger in size and showier.

The growing season for purslane is summer and takes about 8 weeks to mature. Purslane is also sun loving plant like Portulaca and it is edible.

The growing season for Portulaca is early summer and blooms whole summer to the end. This sun loving plant also known as moss rose bears orange, pink, purple, yellow, red and white flowers.

The reason why these plants do not become bushy due to apical dominance(auxin hormone in the main shoot tip allows the shoot to take all nutrients and water of the plant). This auxin does not allow auxiliary side branches to grow. When we prune the long branches the auxin influence reduces. And one more advantage is now the water, nutrients get distributed to lateral branches too.

Steps to get more branches on Portulaca/Purslane plant

To make Portulaca/Purslane bushy, you will need to trim off the growing branches. Trim off three to four inches of the stems using a sharp gardening knife. Using a gardening glove is always recommended while dealing with thorns, sharp tools. The best time for pruning Portulaca/Purslane is the end of May. In June new branches will come with lots of buds. During this time also rains a lot which speeds up the process of growing.

Give a look at your plant. If you see your plant is healthy with normal size leaves and normal stem, you can go for pruning it. If your plant is infected, having nutrient deficiency; just pruning will not work. Numerous new auxiliary buds will grow when we disturb the apical dominance(influence of auxin hormone). These auxiliary buds will ultimately give lateral branches. This is how you make portulaca/purslane bushy.

How to get more flowers on new branches?

Naturally, new buds will come which will turn into flowers. If your Portulaca/Purslane has fewer buds, you may consider using bone meal or bloom booster to get more buds. They are fertilizers with NPK that can help flowers to come. Pruning also triggers new buds to come on branches.

Which tool is best for pruning Portulaca?

For pruning portulaca/purslane you need a sharp tool that can trim off branches with one jab. Gardening pruning shear and knife will be fine.


1.Do Portulaca bloom all year?

Portulaca blooms all summer. They are annual plants, their life lasts from spring to winter. During winter the plant dies leaving behind seeds on the ground. These seeds then germinate to give new plants. And flowers come to the plants in June which lasts to autumn.

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