Best Pruning Shears for Indoor Plants

Now a days we all are stuck in our homes, fighting coronavirus. For many of us, it’s the time when we give time on self improvement and things we love. If you are a Gardner then, believe me, it’s a great time for you to take your gardening skills to next level.
In today’s post, we are gonna provide you with some of the Best Pruning Shears you can use for Indoor plants.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie, amateur or a professional horticulturist, everyone needs a pair of good shears. Especially when you are growing plants like flowers, herbs, bushes and other greenery in your backyard or house, it’s best to have a nice set of shears. The main characteristics of a good shear are it should be sharp, durable and comfortable to use, that can complete the task without any difficulties and also hold up well for a long time.

It’s not only beneficial for Indoor plants, even if you have a greenhouse, backyard garden, carport, porch etc it will be quite handy in shaping them. This tool helps you in getting a perfect cut off dead leaves and stems off the plants. It makes your plants look more green and healthy. These shears are easy to use and save you from getting cramps or aches on your hands after cutting for a long duration. You may have experienced this pain if you grow delicate orchids or indoor roses, the level of patience and concentration it takes can be devastating. People with health issues like arthritis, prefer this tool as it makes it easier for them to take care of houseplants.

After long research and talking to various experts in this field, we have come up with a list of the best pruning shears for indoor plants which will make your cutting and shaping a hassle-free process. We have considered features like durability, sharpness, cost, etc while making this list. The links to all the products are provided along with them, you can easily get yours from there. So let’s begin.

List of Best Pruning Shears for Indoor Plants

Best Pruning Shears for Indoor Plants

Here is the list of some of the Best Pruning Shears for Indoor plants.

Tabor Tools Cutters – Best for Pruning Flowers

If you want to keep your flowers beautiful so that when you wake up it gives you a fresh scent then you definitely need these an excellent pair of trimmers. It is necessary to keep your fresh cut flowers or potted plants free of dead leaves and stems.
The Tabor Tools trimmers have a slim, straight edge to cut through the thick foliage of plants. A special thing about these cutters is that they come with a straight down design on the stem instead of a bypass design which goes around the branch. The tight spring in the pruners help you by reducing the efforts, you need to clamp down.


  1. Closer is made of leather.
  2. Heavy durable spring minimizes the gripping efforts.
  3. To keep your hands comfortable and anti allergic, the outer material is made of plastic.
  4. Lightweight design makes it easy for long use.
  5. You can use it perfectly for collecting fruit.
  6. The blade is made of non corrosive stainless steel.
  7. Thin, tapered blade design of the pruner makes it easy to cut rose without cutting the stem.


  1. Screws may rust with time and cause sticking.
  2. Not forged.

Many people have rated highly for the long blades which help them collect flowers and fruits easily. Also according to reviews handles are quite comfortable to use even for long use. Also, the price is quite affordable.

Mockins Indoor Pruning Shears

These pruners are famous for their comfortable grip. It is made by keeping in mind the person who is suffering from arthritis. So if you or someone close to you have gripping strength issues and they want to use pruners then Mockins shears is the best pick for you.
The mockings cutting tools have a great design and a professional build quality for extensive use. It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced, Gardner or an amateur, you can use these pruners comfortably.
A covered spring is provided in the pruner to give you heavy recoil thus saving you from scissoring action to operate the cutters by reducing the force you need to cut through thick stems of plants. Handles are made of stainless steel and a rubber cover is provided to provide a better grip.


  1. A safety lock is provided to avoid damage.
  2. Thick stainless steel material is used for manufacturing.
  3. People with arthritis and other gripping problems can also use them quite easily.
  4. Easy flip safety lock on the top of the cutter is a big help.
  5. Easy to trim flowers, deadhead plants and even collect fresh herbs and fruits.
  6. Rubber cover over handles reduce shock.


  1. Sometimes Blades may not close completely.
  2. Quality of spring may not be as tough as handles resulting in the outbreak.

Due to its comfortability in using, many people have rated it 4 stars out of 5. Rubber grips are also appreciated as they keep your hands from slipping. While some have issues with spring a bit.

Fiskars Pruners

This is one of the best pruners available out there. The handles come with thick grip and make it very comfortable to use for crafts, herb gardens, dead-heading and even more. Fiskars pruners provide you with an orange safety lock which prevents the blades from moving, thus protecting from accidental cuts, tears and damage. You can easily cut through branches up to four to eight inches thick using the large jaws of the pruner. If you have rubber trees or any other tropical plants then these are quite awesome. A non stick coating is provided to protect the cutter.


  1. Bypass cutting style makes it easy for you to cut through the thick branches and flowers.
  2. Orange safety lock keeps the blades closed when you are not using it.
  3. You can make cuts up to four eights inches thick.
  4. Gumming and seizing is prevented using a protective coating.
  5. Made up of steel frame with machine grinding and corrosion-resistant material.
  6. These pruners have a self-cleaning notch for sap.


  1. Blade edges can dull fast sometimes.
  2. May not have a large enough spring as compared to others.

Most users have provided positive feedback, according to the reviews this product is quite durable and affordable. You should oil these blades each year to make them last even longer.

Gonic Pruners

These pruners are considered best for cutting large diameters. If you love to plant rubber plants, ferns or even palms then it becomes necessary for you to have a pair of pruners with a large mouth. As you would need to cut large diameters then usuals, so grip force and good design is a must needed feature. You get a single body construction design and contoured handles.
Material is quite strong and tough, the metal frame is durable and can easily withstand regular cuttings up to 4 inches. Sap groove is also provided to prevent blades from getting jammed.


  1. Sap notch is provided.
  2. These pruners come with super fine finishing.
  3. Precision gear control.
  4. Having light weight helps you to use it for a longer duration.
  5. Handle covers allows you better grip and thus prevent accidents due to slipping.
  6. Thick spring action.
  7. A safety mechanism is also integrated.


  1. If used on dense branches, blades may result in misalignment.
  2. You may need to adjust the blades before using it for the first time.
  3. Not recommended for beginner.
  4. May not hold up to rigorous usage.

There are mixed reviews. Some people liked them due to their sharp design and nonsticky surface. Also, handles are comfortable for long usage. Some faced issues with dense branches.

ARS HP-VS8XR Rotating Handle Hand Pruner

It is a Japanese brand hand pruner, they come with excellent quality stainless steel. You can clean them easily after use. Its sharp blades will not disappoint you as they are in a sharp state for quite a long time. You get a single body construction design and contoured handles. The handles come with a thick grip and make them very comfortable to use.


  1. These pruners come with super fine finishing.
  2. Handle covers allows you better grip and thus prevent accidents due to slipping.
  3. Rotating handle to reduce stress on the hand.
  4. With the help of a unique latch lock you can perform single hand operation easily.


  1. No safety lock is provided.
  2. It can be heavy for some users.

It has quite good reviews on amazon. People are satisfied with their usage.

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