How do you propagate a ZZ plant from a leaf in water?

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ZZ plants are one of the popular houseplants found in many countries. Their glossy foliage and slow growth body are preferred by many. ZZ Plant(Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is originally from aroid reasons of East Africa, though they are native to the grasslands, they are evergreen in nature.

Propagating a ZZ plant from a leaf in water is not that though, you will need an adult ZZ plant where from leaf will be collected for propagation. In addition to that, you will need a sharp knife and a glass of water.

After we have all the tools ready, we can go for cutting the leaves off the ZZ plant. It is advisable to wear a glove while working with a sharp garden knife. You can cut a single leaflet for the experiment or cut a whole leaf off the tree, we will use this leaf to get many ZZ plant propagation as a number of leaflets will be there.

The exact location where to cut is the leaflet with the petiole(the bulging end attached to the rachis). Watch the below video to get an idea. You do not need hormones to add if you want to grow naturally. Then carefully transfer it to the glass with water and keep it in a place where sunlight falls.

The process of getting new roots on a leaflet is about 20 to 30 days. And till the new shoot come out it takes an additional one month.

How do you know when to transfer a ZZ propagated leaf from water?

The best time to transfer a propagated leaflet is as the new shoot grows to two to three inches long. This will increase the success rate of the ZZ plant propagation from a leaf.

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Some Care tips when propagating a ZZ plant

propagate ZZ plant from leaf in water

When you are propagating the ZZ plant for the first time you need to take care of the followings:

1. ZZ plant does not have a stem, you can propagate new plants either from Rhizome or Leaf(practically leaflet). Each leaf is pinnately compound in a whorl. The leaf rachis holds many leaflets with the petiole. While cutting the petiole care should be taken at least 1 and 1/2 inches length is present.

2. Choosing the ZZ plant for leaf propagation: Select an adult ZZ plant that has matured leaves this will increase the success rate of propagation.

3. Choosing the best tool for cutting: It is advised to use a sharp gardening knife for cutting. A normal knife does not have a curve end and it may damage the leaflet while cutting.

4. Choosing the water container for rooting: It is best to choose a transparent container/glass through which you can keep checking the progress of growth of the root.

5. Keep changing the water of the glass once a week to eliminate any microbial growth in the water.

6. Soil for the pot: When you transfer the ZZ plant to a new pot with soil, make sure the soil has proper drainage. As the ZZ plant is an aroid region plant, one part cactus soil or perlite soil with three-part potting soil will be perfect.

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