How to cut leaves off monstera and propagate them?

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Cutting died, damaged, yellow leaves off monstera is satisfactory. These dead, damaged leaves can be a home for new pathogens to grow. It also makes the plant look beautiful with fresh healthy leaves. Monstera growing indoor in pots needs to be checked often if any bugs, fungi are infesting.

Monstera is a climber that grows with the support of aerial roots. The stems of the monstera are woody and slender, you will need a sharp tool like a garden nipper for stem cutting. In a normal monstera plant; leaves are big, fenestrated, dark green in color. However, if the leaves are getting smaller in size, turning brown or yellow, no fenestration that is in need of concern.

If your monstera plant is growing tall without many branches, you may want to trim the stem off. To remove dying leaves(brown or yellow-colored leaves) you can use a sharp pruning shear or a knife to selectively chop leaves off. Care to be taken when using a sharp knife.

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If you want to propagate a new monstera plant from the trimmed leaves, you need to keep in mind to trim with at least one node with the leaf as shown above. Then, put the leaf with the stem node in a water-filled jar till new roots come out. Keep changing the water in the jar as it turns black. It may take 20 to 30 days to see roots on a monstera cutting.

when to move monstera from water to soil?

When the new roots on a monstera cutting grow at least two to three inches long from the node base you can transfer from water to a pot filled with soil. This allows the growing root to mature a little and increases the surface area for nutrients intake.

should I cut small leaves off monstera?

You can cut small leaves off montesra if you want. But, these leaves will not affect the health of the plant. The reason for the small leaves may be your plant is not getting enough nutrients from the soil.

How to propagate from monstera cuttings?

Do not through the cuttting of the monstera stem. You can grown a new plant from the cuttings if there is a node on it. You can use rooting hormone to get roots from the stem or you can keep the stem in a glass of water for few days for rooting. You will need keep changing the water in the glass regularly. And then plant it in a pot or wherever you want.

Monstera Pruning Tools

Tools you will require to trim a monstera are a pruning shear, a sharp knife, gardening gloves.

Opinel Pruning Folding Knife

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Monstera one of the best indoor plants to grow. This plant magnifies the beauty of a drawing-room, living room. There are many varieties of monstera available in the market, out of which Monstera deliciosa nicknamed cheese plant is the most popular one with big, dark green leaves with holes on it. Hope this post will help you to carefully choose the bad leaves to eliminate from the good one.

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