Best Playroom Ideas for 10 Year Olds

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Having a playroom in the house is the dream of all kids. It is the most fun place in the entire house. There are plenty of ideas to incorporate in this room, like an epic arts station, in-room climbing wall, playpens, kids-only crawl spaces, books station, toys corner, and more. You can merge an entertainment area with your child’s bedroom or go over the top and make a separate space where they can spend time well.

It is a boon for both parents and kids to have a room in the house where they can explore their interests. In this article, we will discuss several playroom ideas for 10-year-olds for you to choose from. Get inspired by these ideas and give your kids their playroom to remind them of your childhood joys.

art station at home
art station at home
  • Create an art station

The complexity and size of an art station will vary as per your child’s interest in the field. Some children have kept an interest in drawing while others want to do the painting. Your kid might want to explore sculpting or sketching. It is significant in making a creative space in the playroom, even if your kid is not much into art and craft. It will encourage a creative outlet in them. Add comfortable drafting tables and stools where they can conveniently carry out craft projects. Along with the table, add a cart containing all necessary supplies as per their age. 

You can also provide them with ways to explore animation, photography, video editing, and other forms of digital art. Add suitable software to their computers or consider getting them an art iPad to curate these skills. With gadgets comes a greater responsibility on the parents to ensure healthy screen time for the kids. Computers should be a part of their playroom and not their entire playtime.

Add some ways like a few wall shelves to display the created artwork. You can make a wall dedicated to a gallery wall to keep all the ready pieces to work on. For crafts, you can get display shelves. You can decorate the entire playroom with their art. It is not only cost-effective but also a way of appreciation. You can put some of the best paintings into a frame and hang them on walls. This way, the play area will become essential and individual to the child. 

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  • Make a learning corner.

An excellent playroom idea for 10-year-olds is to add a desk with a chair as a learning corner. It must be a comfortable space where your child can complete her homework, study, and do other learning activities. Put a bulletin board or cork board on the wall near the desk. You can also hang a whiteboard where your child can write while studying. They can hang her timetable or photos on that board. This area is vital for older kids as they will get more homework to complete in comparison to the younger children. You can also set up a computer here so that she gets access to educational programs or websites.

  • Create a reading nook

Nooks are intimate and cozy places where one can perfectly curl up with a good book. For making the area appealing add some pillows, floor cushions, a comfortable chair, and a small table for drinking milk or shakes. At around ten years of age, kids want to have more alone time. Letting them spend their alone time with books is an excellent way.

As kids get older, their practice of reading becomes lesser with time. But as parents, you have to encourage them to continue reading. Get a bookshelf with good story books, encyclopedias, and novels. Also, keep it in a dictionary, so kids get into the habit of looking for the meaning of difficult words. As your kid will read books, you can replace them with new ones. Take your kid shopping so she can herself choose books of her kind. 

  • Include a maker space in the playroom

Are you looking for a unique playroom idea for 10-year-olds? Add a maker space in your kid’s playroom if they like to build things. It will inspire imaginative play. Maker space is a segment where kids can experiment with technologies to build things. It is an area dedicated to activities like construction, building, and taking something apart. It can include simple things like cardboard boxes and high-tech assets such as robots or laser cutters, depending on the age and interest of your kid.

You can introduce older kids to many tools, and they can explore their creative side in this playroom area. You can also add on a working bench equipped with some tools. They can fix things like furniture, toy cars, or models. If you want to include a maker space in the playroom, you must have good storage space. Getting all the gadgets and tiny pieces will be fun and an outstanding experience for your kid. Managing all of this in a small segment can be a kind of a pain. 

lego station
lego station at home
  • Include building blocks like LEGO

Even 10-year-olds enjoy playing with building blocks. Building with LEGO is an excellent STEM activity promoting spatial awareness, creativity, and problem-solving skills. You can put a building table next to the art table in the playroom. If you have space, you can make a LEGO-specific table as well. 

Purchase LEGO architecture kits that will encourage the kids to think about several structures such as buildings. You can bring more creativity into the daily routine of older kids through such activities. Buy kits particularly for your child’s age to give them something more challenging. 

  • A sports area

The list of playroom ideas for 10-year-olds cannot be complete without a sports area. Create a space for indoor sports if your kid is interested in this field. The simplest way is to clear out a corner and place a soft mat where they can work out or do simple exercises like skipping.  Another way is to hang a basketball hoop from one of the room walls so your kid can play and practice, even indoors. If your child likes football more, use painter’s tape to create a goal on the wall. For such things, make sure to give them a softball and not a hard one. If your child is into learning something special like karate or wrestling, you can add mats inside the room where they can practice.

Putting board games like chess and carrom is a common playroom idea. Some other things to include are a climbing wall, swing, or indoor slide to give more activity in the playroom. There are numerous ideas to incorporate sports in the room. Select according to your kid’s interests. 

You can also put other board games and cards in this area that your kid can play with friends and family. Add a few cabinets or storage shelves in the sports area to keep all the games and cards organized in one place. Some popular games you can buy are chess, Uno, Phase Ten, scramble, checkers, and connect four.  

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  • Make an area for video gaming.

Video games are an inseparable part of kids’ lives these days. Older kids enjoy it even more. What would be better for a kid than to have a cool video game station in their own house? So it is a good idea to provide them with a place for video games.

Video games become time-consuming, and kids are into them all day long. If there is a place for video games, you should ensure they are not into it for the entire day. Set rules on how much time your child can spend in the video gaming area. Assign times for other zones of the playroom as well. You should monitor your child to ensure they do not have excess screen time. But at the same time, never hover over them. 

  • Get stuffed toys

You can include stuffed toys in the playroom ideas for 10-year-olds. The love of soft toys does not disappear with age. Even older kids love to have toys like elephants, giraffes, dogs, or a bear with them. This area should not occupy a lot of space in the playroom of a 10-year-old kid. Putting a toy cabinet in one of the room corners is enough. 

Some kids like to sleep with one of their toys. So you can also keep them in your child’s bedroom. Your child can bring her favorite toy from the playroom to the bedroom to sleep with at night.

  • Paint the walls with bright colors

Kids’ playrooms cannot be complete without bright colors. There is proof that bright colors help in the neurological development of babies and kids. Always keeping their play area bright, colorful, and bold is a good idea. Get them to work by creating the room according to a theme of their choice. Who knows when the inner designer will become alive? Cater to their favorite movies on the walls of the rooms. You can use bright colors to cover the imperfections and smudges on the walls. 

  • Put an easy-to-clean floor.

Kids are known to be messy, whatever their age is. But no worries, as you can do certain things to clean up that mess fast and easily. Floors like tiles, fake wood, and foam flooring are easy-to-clean. So we recommend that you install these in the playroom of your kid. If you have recently renovated the house and do not want to replace the flooring, consider getting floor pillows or mats. You can wash them hassle-free in buckets or a washing machine. When not using them, simply close them and put them in a closet. Your child can play sitting on mats, and they also make brilliant movie night setups. 

  • Beautify with wall decors

Using decorative items is a must to include in playroom ideas for 10-year-olds. Give an individualized and unique space by decorating their playroom with decals. It will make them feel that the playroom is their own space in the house. 

You can use charts made up of motivational quotes, cut-outs of animals, wall hangings of Disney princesses, and murals of their favorite things for decorating the room. It will create a more energized and kid-friendly area for them to play in. You can buy several sticky wall decors online. These are temporary and paint-safe. Else, you can let your child explore several DIY ideas to make them customizable.

  • Include a chalkboard wall

Kids of all ages like to play with chalkboards. It never goes out of fashion. They will be happy to get an entire wall of the chalkboard to play with so that 10-year-old kids can study on that wall. Whatever they have learned on a particular day, they can revise by writing it on the chalkboard. They can also use that wall to draw on. If you find it difficult to find big enough chalk for the board, you can try to paint the wall with chalkboard paint. Instead, you can also use a peel-and-stick chalkboard. 

  • Add some cute storage bins and toy cubbies.

Storage bins are good, especially for the kids’ playroom. These are cute to add to the appearance and make sorting things easy. You can organize and label toys, books, colors, and other objects in the room, using these cute storage pieces. You can bin with wicker baskets or patterned totes. Get them themed according to the decor of the rest of the room.

You can utilize both the horizontal and vertical space wisely using toy cubbies. Also, kids can showcase their toys nicely using these display models. They can also easily access all their toys, books, and video games without climbing on high furniture. There is no need to scramble through closets or create a mess in the room anymore. Having these cute storage spaces will also help create a safe place for the kids to play. 

  • Incorporate decorative shelves 

Shelves serve two purposes. One, they are great for storing things. Two, they act as beautiful decor pieces. There are many shelves to choose from, like bookcases, floating shelves, free-standing shelves, and tree bookcases that lean against the wall. It will decorate the room well and help to store books, toys, and games. These are also easy-to-access ways. 

  • Get cabinets for the playroom.

Cabinets are a must in the list of playroom ideas for 10-year-olds. These are especially important in kids’ rooms because they help to hide the mess. They are not mere storage places but are great for hiding things that otherwise will spoil the decorum of the house. You can organize a lot of elements, using cabinets. There are specific things too small to be kept in other storage places like boxes. You can keep the frequently used objects like books, stationery, and craft supplies in the cabinets. 

  • Make a comfortable seating area.

To feel good in a place, one must be comfortable there. You can make your child’s playroom comfortable by adding comfy seats such as a bean bag, a fur rug, large stuffed animals, and massive floor cushions. Kids love to cuddle and lean against them.

Take special care that the seats kids use for studying must be super comfortable. Their working station where they research on the computer or play video games must also have comfy chairs. The chair must match the table level where your kid does their artwork or homework. 

  • Buy furniture that has storage.

Two-in-one furniture and storage options are the best to have in a playroom. It will save a lot of space, and you can create many sections within the playroom. Some great furniture with storage options are ottomans, under-bed drawers, and benches. You can store plenty of things like games, toys, and stuffed animals there. You can keep the toys your kids are not playing with anymore. You can place all the items that do not require everyday access. 

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  • Build a space to rest in

Rest is vital, and a nap should be a part of the schedule of children of all age groups. Putting kids to sleep in the afternoon is a difficult task. But you can simplify the task by creating a designated, comfortable area in the playroom to sleep in. It may make your kid sleep faster and easier. You can add large bean bags or daybed pillows with blankets. It will make it easy for anyone to fall asleep in the middle of an afternoon. 

  • Build a mini stage and a dressing area

You can create a low-cost mini DIY stage with your kid’s help. Let them explore their creative side by building some decor for the playroom. All you need is some drapery panels, lumber, and drywall anchors. To give your mini stage a vibe, hang some cute curtains off a shower rod in one corner of the room. 

A dressing area inside the playroom can be a dream of many girls. So this must be part of the playroom ideas for 10-year-olds. Playing dress-up games is one of the favorite activities of many kinds. All you have to do is take an open corner in the playroom. Then add a shower rod or a metal hanging rack with a mirror and hook baskets. It will take their imagination to faraway lands. 

  • Suspend in some swings

Kids have many swings in the front end of the park. But they cannot always enjoy themselves in the park on sunny or rainy days. Getting a swing for them in the playroom can be best. Who would not want to enjoy swinging in their home? If you have the space, it is easy to incorporate a DIY indoor swing. You will need a sturdy board for the seat, some industrial hooks, and a rope. Get your kid to construct with you as well. 

Slides are fun, and getting them in the house can be the dream of many kids. Investing in a DIY slide is a great option. Slides will get the excess energy out of the kids. 

ball pit
ball pit at home
  • Get a ball pit and a cozy fort.

Ball pits are fun places that every kid wants to go to. But such public places can be dangerous and filled with germs. You can take the danger and germ infestation away from the kids by making a ball pit for them at the house. Just take a baby pool and plastic balls to create a ball for your kid. It is a great playroom idea for 10-year-olds as it contains bliss of colors. You can upgrade it as your kid ages and decorate the theme room.

You can also add a fort to the playroom as they are fun. Building forts will curate the construction skills of your children. If they build a fort using pillows and blankets or hog the hall couches, it will create a lot of mess. So it is better to make a dedicated fort area in their playroom. They can play hide and seek there or spend some quality time with their friends. You can get a themed fort like castles, pirate ships, treehouses, and many more. Match the curtains and another draping in the room with the theme of the fort.

  • Make a home gym

Kids are always full of energy. They can not always go out to the playgrounds. Why not create a safe place in the house to get their energy out? You can create a gym for your kid in the playroom to take care of their physical health. One of the primary things to get is a climbing wall. All you need is a wall and will not have much impact on the rest of the house. It will offer a place to burn out the energy without taking too much space in the room. 

Some extra playroom ideas for 10-year olds

It is essential to pay attention to the style of the room while creating a playroom for your 10-year-old. They have extensive imagination by this time and a clear idea of what decor and styling are. They may want to make the room in the style. Make sure you ask about preferences while you create the playroom. Add a personalized touch to the room by adding their name palates at the door and hanging their art on the walls. Some must-have pieces of furniture are:

  • Ceiling swing
  • Bean bags
  • Bookshelves
  • Couch and gaming chair
  • Study table

By the time your kid is ten years, they have already built interest in several activities. Although older kids also like experimenting, they have short-listed a few things that are always on their to-do lists. So while creating a playroom for your older kids, think about all the activities they are interested in or find entertaining. 


The key to creating an excellent playroom is to involve your kid in the process. They are the best person to consult what all sections they need in their house area. While a study station and a book corner are a must-have, these should not be the only things in the playroom for your kid. Remember that this area is for entertainment and must have the things they find interesting. We hope that these playroom ideas for 10-year-olds will be helpful to you. 

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