How to store extra pillows and blankets?

In every cozy home, there’s always a surplus of pillows and blankets, ready to provide comfort and warmth on chilly nights or lazy days. However, finding adequate storage solutions for these soft essentials can sometimes be a challenge, especially if space is limited. Fear not, as we’ve compiled a list of practical and stylish tips to help you store extra pillows and blankets efficiently, keeping your living space clutter-free while maintaining easy access to your beloved snuggle companions.

Utilize Underbed Storage:

Maximize the space under your bed by investing in underbed storage containers or bins. These are perfect for storing extra pillows and blankets while keeping them conveniently out of sight yet easily accessible when needed. Opt for clear containers for easy visibility or choose decorative baskets that complement your bedroom decor.

Roll and Store in Baskets:

Rolling blankets and neatly stacking pillows in decorative baskets not only serve as functional storage but also add a touch of charm to your living space. Place these baskets in your living room, bedroom, or any cozy nook where you enjoy lounging, creating an inviting atmosphere while keeping your extra pillows and blankets within arm’s reach.

Invest in Ottoman or Bench Storage:

Choose furniture pieces that double as storage solutions, such as ottomans or benches with built-in storage compartments. These versatile pieces not only provide extra seating but also offer ample space to store blankets, pillows, and other household items. Place them in your living room or bedroom for stylish and practical storage options.

Hang Blankets on Ladder Racks:

Incorporate decorative ladder racks into your decor to hang blankets in a visually appealing way. Lean a ladder rack against a wall and drape blankets over the rungs for a cozy and rustic look. This not only keeps your blankets organized but also adds a decorative element to your living space.

Store in Vacuum-Sealed Bags:

If you’re tight on space, consider storing extra pillows and blankets in vacuum-sealed bags. These bags compress the contents, reducing bulk and maximizing storage space. Simply place your pillows and blankets in the bags, remove the air using a vacuum cleaner, and seal them shut for compact and efficient storage.

Utilize Closet Space:

Make use of closet space by dedicating a section or shelf to store extra pillows and blankets. Fold blankets neatly and stack them on shelves, while pillows can be stored in breathable storage bags to protect them from dust and dirt. Keep closet doors closed to maintain a tidy and clutter-free appearance.

Rotate Seasonal Items:

To free up space and keep your storage areas organized, consider rotating seasonal pillows and blankets. Store off-season items in a designated storage area, such as the attic or basement, and swap them out as the seasons change. This not only keeps your living space clutter-free but also ensures that you have the appropriate pillows and blankets for the current season.

In conclusion, with these practical tips and storage solutions, you can effectively store extra pillows and blankets while maintaining a clutter-free and organized living space. Whether you utilize underbed storage, decorative baskets, furniture with built-in storage, or creative hanging solutions, there are plenty of options to suit your style and space constraints. So go ahead, declutter your living space, and create a cozy haven where pillows and blankets are always within reach for ultimate comfort and relaxation.


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