iCandy Peach Double Review

Everyone knows that iCandy is the representation of style and substance, especially in the Pushchair world. The company is British born, designed and engineered according to modern technologies. The product I am going to discuss today with you is iCandy Peach double pram also called iCandy peach blossom twin stroller. It is great for a growing family, no matter whether you just got twins or a baby and older sibling, this iCandy double pram will never disappoint you for sure.

iCandy Peach Double Stroller

Type: Travel System (single or double conversion available)
Suitable from: Newborn to 25 kg (suitable from birth using the carrycots)
Weight: 14.9 kg (without the car seat or carrycot attached)
Folded Dimensions: H70 x W60 x L30 cm
RRP: £1,360
Average resale value: £500

What you receive in the Box

  1. Seat Unit
  2. Elevator
  3. Converter seat
  4. Converter adapter
  5. chassis
  6. iCandy double pram rain cover

Colours available

You get a great set of colours for your iCandy double pram Peach, i.e ranging from royal, olive, butterscotch, peacock, black magic etc, till iCandy double pram orange. Still, most popular ones are iCandy double pram grey and iCandy double pram black.

Now, I am going to discuss each feature of this iCandy double pram one by one. So, let’s begin.

iCandy Peach Double: Configuration

You get a number of ways to set up this iCandy double pram, with toddler seats, carrycots, or even with car seats (you will need to purchase the additional car seat adaptor). Each configuration is well explained in the user manual you get. According to your needs, you can adjust the matching of seat units, carrycots i.e combination can be of the car seat and toddler seat or car seat and carrycot or even two car seats or simply two toddler seats and the punctuation is long. Both the babies can face each other and interect each other whenever they want, this makes the pram suitable for the kids.

iCandy Peach Double: Chassis

It becomes a very important feature to consider while buying the double pram that its chassis is strongly built and has a smooth movement. As told earlier iCandy is one of the top brands in terms of the pram, there is a reason for that, i.e it doesn’t compromise with the quality, so you don’t have to worry about the strength and movement of chassis, they are purely tested on the ground level. You can easily move with the pram, easily use public transport and carry it through the streets. The design of wheels is sleek and the spokes make it look stylish. They are not going to wear down anytime soon.

They test the wheels on many different terrains like pavements, cobbles, tracks, gravel, grass etc and it performed quite well. There is a button to control the brakes. Also, the handlebar is covered with leatherette, making it soft and comfortable to push it around easily. The basket has a holding capacity of around 5kg, thus you can carry things you need easily along with you.

iCandy Peach Double: Seat

Another important factor to consider is seat, after all it’s where the baby will be lying. So it is important that seat units on the double pram doesn’t fall short. iCandy brand has managed to successfully stand on the expectations of it’s customers. Every zip, stitch, length, thread is just perfect. You get 10 different colour variants with great quality. If we talk about the strength of the seat, it is capable of holding 15 kg each. Both upper and lower seats have same height of 50 cm. The lower seat is 2 cm slimmer as compared to the main one, which is quite understood as it has to fit into tighter gap. Your toddler can easily fit and relax in seat without any issues.

The harness is build of strong material and provides great quality webbing, padded by shoulder and crotch pads. You can adjust the height of harness accordingly, with a simple click of button present at the centre. It makes the process smooth and luxurious. It makes using this pram easy and comfortable for both i.e baby and parents. The bumper bar is a two hand affair, as the button needs to be pushed simultaneously. Both bumper bar i.e present on main seat and carrycot have leatherette covering, making it great for a person to hold on.

The sun hoods are of fabulous quality, although only extendable till 90 degrees of protection. It doesn’t have any sharp clank or click sound, that could wake up the baby.

iCandy Peach Double: Carrycot

icandy peach carrycot

The carrycot comes with soft mattress and padded sides, providing babies with comfortable experience. They are of top branded quality, you can access them easily as the apron is made safe by zip. You can easily reach and grab the carrycot off the chassis as the bumper bar is cleverly angled. The rain covers are very easy to pop on and off and there are separate rain covers for each seat units. You don’t need to purchase it as they come along the box. You can easily store the rain covers along as they are malleable plastic.

iCandy Peach Double: Fold

The fold may not seem to be something important but trust me it can be the deal-breaker, but congrats your iCandy double pram can be folded single-handedly. In the beginning, it may be an issue for you to learn how to fold it, but after a few practices, it will become an easy job for you. You will need to learn the mechanism first like if you click outer ring of the pushchair, the units pop out of the chassis. If you press the central button on the handlebar and give a sharp downward movement, it will fold the chassis. You should keep the babies away while constructing and deconstructing until you become habitual to it.


To conclude the product, I have to say that iCandy is a super brand and its quality is one of the reasons why it has earned this name. They pay attention to each and every detail like zipping, thread, joint, hinge, etc. They have set the expectations too high and they meet them with flying colors. They test their products in almost every possible way to provide the best service. The double pram is available in great colors and design is also quite graceful. It looks great. I would recommend you buy this pram if you can afford it as it is one of the best out there.

QNA Related to iCandy Peach double Stroller

Can you convert iCandy peach to double?

Yes, it is possible to convert iCandy peach single stroller to a double stroller. For that, you will need an adaptor to fit the new seat. Watch the below video by iCandy on converting a single iCandy stroller to a double.

Does iCandy peach come with car seat Adaptors?

Nope, you will need to purchase separately. You can buy iCandy Peach Converter adapter from amazon.

What age is iCandy Peach suitable for?

iCandy Peach double can carry a six-month-old child to a child weighing 25kg!

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