7 Best educational apps for 3-year-olds

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As a parent of a toddler, the education of your child might concern you all the time. Since you need to spend a decent amount of time on your work, it becomes difficult for you to introduce your kid to nursery rhymes. Also, you want to tell your little one all the fairy tales. But after a long, strenuous job schedule, it becomes impossible for you. Even for all these, many parents feel guilty about not offering the best education to their children. But, fear not, as there are millions of educational apps perfect for your three years old toddlers

7 Best educational apps to download for 3-year-olds for free

You will see thousands of free educational and engaging apps for 3-year-old toddlers, but finding the suitable one is always a stressful job. As little ones from the age of 3 cannot read, interesting apps will help them to improve their language skills. In many cases, the kids’ applications even help the little ones to say complete sentences with proper pronunciation. 

But, we all know that every application found on the Android and iOS play store is not trustworthy for your kids. Sometimes, a kids’ app can contain adult content. So, avoiding such glitch-filled software can be the primary concern for the parents. 

Fortunately, we have tested hundreds of kids’ apps so that you can let your toddler use the best educational software. Below we have listed the toddler-appropriate apps with the highest ratings you can find on Android and iOS platforms free of cost.

1. Khan Academy Kids

Key features:

  • The kid-appropriate content with updated features
  • Help in the skill development of your kid by offering hundreds of activities. 
  • The parents can easily monitor the activity of their toddlers on the app. 
  • Your little one will find the open-ended activities on the platform that will boost their creative development. 
  • The app offers a fun learning process that is customizable. So, you can personalize the sessions as per the demand of your kid. 

The popular Khan Academy app is an appropriate learning program for kids between 2 to 7. Nowadays, as most parents need to stay busy with their work, they always try to find engaging software for their toddlers. An educational app that will offer several creative activities for the children can help them to learn playfully. 

But, most learning platforms request the user to purchase the complicated levels. Khan Academy Kids is a free application that allows your three-year-old toddlers to do fun activities offline. The program even shares the best stories for kids so that they can boost their knowledge. 

They will even love to hear the tales before bedtime and help the kids power up their imagination. Also, there are some offline games available on the platform. Long story short, Khan Academy Kids offer plenty of fun activities like drawing, reading, story-telling, and even some educational games so that your kid can study joyfully. 

Since your little one can learn everything at his own pace without getting pressured, he will surely fall in love with the app. Plus, you will see a massive improvement in your child’s language, math, science, and all other subjects. 

Download for Android and iOS

2. Fairy tales- Children’s Books, Stories, and Games

Key features:

  • An engaging offline educational platform. 
  • Your child can read the fairy tales by himself, or artificial intelligence can tell the fairytale. 
  • The download feature will help your kid to read ebooks anytime and anywhere. 
  • The interface feature involves your kid in fun activities. 
  • The platform will not ask you to spend money for unlocking upgraded levels. 

Probably all of us love fairy tales as bedtime stories during our childhood. Even after growing up, we never miss a single chance of reading, listening, or watching fiction in various formats. But, children nowadays often do not get the scope to listen to the stories due to the busy working schedule of their parents

That is why the developers have designed the Fairy Tales app to make the going-to-bed ritual easier. The rich story collection of the program includes almost every tale. So, listening to them will make your little one more advanced compared to his age. 

Your kid will get to know about all the famous fairy tale characters through the app, and the stories will give wings to the imagination power of your little one. Plus, the pop-up games can make the session more educational. The entertaining activities of the program will help your kid in developing his skills. 

Also, the games will keep them occupied too. The high-quality animation, graphics, illustration, interactive sessions, and professional narration of the app make our already beloved age-old fairy tales more attractive. 

Download for Android.

3. YouTube Kids

Key features:

  • Can customize the category of the videos your kid will watch. 
  • In a single gadget, YouTube Kids will let you create eight different accounts for toddlers. 
  • The app will let you monitor the watchlist of your little one on the platform. 
  • You can set the watch-time of your kid so that his screen time does not exceed 1-2 hours.
  • If you think some contents are inappropriate for your toddler, you can block or flag them. YouTube will never recommend the channel and such content. 

From a little one to an adult, YouTube is well-known software to people of any age. Even though Google LLC designed the app for all age groups, they later developed YouTube Kids only for children. The main motive of developing the engaging app was filtering the content for the little ones. It will help them learn through fun videos. 

Also, the popularity and more than 100 million installations of the program will not give you a single chance to doubt the platform. YouTube Kids is the most popular learning and entertaining application for toddlers. It contains millions of educational videos with superb animation and fun activities. The software will let you choose the apt content for your kid. 

Plus, it will even let you select several modes regarding the age of your toddler. The educational software will let you set preferences and content recommendations for the profile so that your child can get proper education as per his age. 

Download for Android and iOS.

4. ABC Spelling – Spell & Phonics

Key features:

  • Attractive illustrations and animation make learning sessions more interactive. 
  • The cartoon characters will guide the activities and the sessions to make learning more fun. 
  • The rewards after completion of each activity successfully will increase the enthusiasm of your kid. 
  • Like school, the ABC Spelling platform also provides report cards. 
  • The free program contains no-ads. So, it makes the app a safe learning platform for your toddler. 

At the age of 3, kids need to learn about alphabets, spelling, and phonetics. At this time, a parent needs to take care of the vocabulary of the child. The earlier you introduce them to the basics of the English language, the better it will be for your kid. 

The app developers marvelously designed the ABC Spelling app for the kids so that the users can brush up their spelling skills. With over 15 spelling games, the software can help your toddler become a winner in every spelling contest. The application opens up an engaging way to learn phonics with attractive illustrations. 

Plus, it will help your little one to associate words with graphics. If your 3-years-old kid has recently started to learn alphabets, the app offers a Fill in Blank game for them. With the help of the activity, he can learn how to spell easily. 

Also, the parents can introduce the Vowel and Consonant game to their older kids to make them efficient in language. Your toddler will learn phonics with the program more quickly than the traditional read-and-write method. 

Download for iOS

5. First Words for Baby

Key features

  • Kids can learn more than 100 new words from various topics. 
  • The app provides content in more than 15 languages. So, now your kid can learn English and other languages too. 
  • The interactive games will help your toddler learn more under the guidance of beloved characters. 
  • Papumba has developed this free program for kids from a wide range of age groups 1-5. So, you can safely let your three years old toddlers use the platform. 
  • The frequent update feature keeps the contents relevant. 

If your little one has recently started speaking, the app will help him talk more clearly. On this platform, your kid will learn hundreds of new words daily and associate them with daily objects to boost their language skill. Your 3-years old kid should participate in interactive games, and the engaging app will help him learn vocabulary. 

As the platform requires frequent updates, you can safely remove the chance of repetition. The fun interactive games are flexible so that these will allow both the kids and parents to play together. Thus, you can easily monitor the activity of your child. Since the contents of the program are only for kids, you can safely let your toddler use it. 

They will love to explore new sessions and activities and learn new things every day. The high-end graphics and convenience have made the ad-free app one of the best platforms for kids to learn about colors, shapes, animals, and other daily objects. Long story short, the fast learning program will boost the vocabulary of your toddler every day.

Download for Android.

6. 123 Numbers-Count & Tracing

Key features:

  • The app features countless fun activities related to counting and tracking. 
  • A 3-years old toddler will learn the numbers while playing attractive games on the platform. 
  • The all-in-one application is easy-to-use, and the supreme quality graphics will make learning more entertaining. 
  • Can customize the activities regarding your kid’s age and skill. 
  • The parents do not need to spend a single buck on the platform and still can access the app worldwide. 
  • The no-add feature makes the program safer for your little one. 

A working parent might feel a scarcity of time and patience for teaching numbers to their kids. In that case, the 123 Numbers-Count & Tracing platform is there to help you. App designers have developed this learning program only for kids so that your 3-years old child can learn numbers quickly. 

The various levels of the app make it suitable for toddlers, preschool children, and kindergarteners. Since the traditional number learning process can be less entertaining for kids, the application makes learning more fun. The interactive lessons, number finding, and tracing games on the platform will keep your little one occupied for hours. 

Plus, your child will learn the number system without getting bored. If your kid can say every number loud and accurately, he will achieve virtual rewards at the end of each game. It will surely encourage them to learn more and attentively. 

Long story short, the entertaining activities, customizable sessions, and ad-free safe content make the 123 Numbers-Count & Tracing app more popular as a learning platform for kids. 

Download for Android and iOS.

7. Colors & Shapes – Learn Color

Key features:

  • The high-rated app provides uninterrupted learning sessions with fun activities that can engage both parents and children. 
  • A kid will learn all the colors and shapes through the app, and you do not need to spend a single buck. 
  • The virtual reward system will make the learning sessions more fun and encouraging. 
  • Can level up the games as per the IQ of your kid. 
  • A child will learn colors and shapes through painting, tracing, matching, and drawing games. 

The app developers have designed this application, especially for 3-years old toddlers. The platform will offer the kids a chance to learn shapes and colors joyfully. Plus, the Colors and Shapes program will teach your little one to recognize shapes through matching and tracing activities. 

The fun games and interactive educational sessions will make the learning process more entertaining. You will notice enthusiasm in your toddler while learning colors through the platform. As the app provides plenty of engaging games like solving puzzles, detecting accurate colors, you will notice a faster development of skills in your toddler. 

Regular usage of the application will enhance the color and shape recognition skills of your kid more quickly. Also, the adorable characters, attractive animation, fun graphics, and several other tools make the program more engaging and fun for the children. Now, learning colors and shapes is nothing but an enjoyable game! 

Download for iOS.

Final verdict

The new work cultures of the parents keep them busy for almost 24 hours. So, the learning apps are the only thing they can rely on for their 3-year-olds toddlers. All our recommended software is informative, entertaining, and engaging for your little ones. Now, you only need to choose the right mix of apps for them. As any of our recommended educational applications do not charge you a single dollar, you can let your kid use more than one app. It will help them expand their knowledge. But, you need to take care of their screen time. If your 3-years old kid spends 2 hours daily while using the apps, it will be enough for them. A limited screen time will help your kids learn joyfully while not hurting their eyes. 

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Best educational apps for a three-year-old

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