When did you realize your parents were bad at parenting?

This question may come to your mind if your parents are bad at parenting. Each year many children undergo depression because of their parent’s bad parenting. Parents should be like a friend to their kids. Not, act as an enemy to their child.

I am fortunate that my parents are supporting me. They never did abuse me. In fact, they are overprotective which I don’t feel good about. But, many of my friends have bad parenting stories to tell. They share with me like-

I realized my parents are bad at parenting when I found them always criticizing me, giving bad comments about me in front of relatives, not trying to understand my feelings, harassing me with vulgar words.

Another friend says- I realized my parents were bad at parenting when my drunker dad used to beat my mom and mon was having affair with an another man.

Different individuals have different stories to tell. If you also feel like your parents are bad at parenting do comment below.

Signs your parents don’t care about you

You can also know whether your parents are good or not. Some simple signs mentioned below can help you to determine bad parenting by your parents.

  • If you parent constantly criticizing you for no reson.
  • Parents talking bad about you in front of relatives.
  • Using abusive words, rather than simply educating you.
  • Not appreciating for your achievements.
  • Comparing you with others and demoting you.

Parenting your parents: dealing with bad parents

I have already written a good depth article titled “16 things to do when your mom says hurtful things” focusing on dealing with bad parents. When you have toxic parents, parenting your parents require a little presence of mind.

Always tell them you love them and they should love you as well. Do not quarrel with your parents. Deal with cool minds. If your parents do not understand make them feel you are not dependent on them. Take your stand and be strong!

FAQs on bad parenting

What is a toxic parent?

A toxic parent is who doesn’t treat his/her kids well. A toxic parent misbehaves with their kids and doesn’t understand their feelings at all.

What are the signs of toxic parents?

Signs of a toxic parent are using abusive language, harassing children, not encouraging their child, not being happy with the kid’s achievements.

What is narcissistic mother syndrome?

Narcissistic mother syndrome is seen in a narcissistic mother who is possessive and fears of children’s growing independence. Narcissistic mothers always try to involve every matter of a child even after the child becomes an adult.

Why are parents bad at parenting?

All parents are not bad at parenting. It is a perception that most parents are bad at parenting. There are good parents too who support their child in every step.

Final Words

My final words to readers, whether your parents are bad at parenting or not. But, when you become a parent, you will not abuse your kids.

Parenting your parents
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