16 things to do when your mom says hurtful things

things to do when your mom says hurtful things

Parents may say different things when they get angry with their kids. Some parents say very mean things to their kids. Some parents know what to say and what not to say.

All mothers make mistakes, all mothers discipline their kids, make rules that need to be followed at home. , If you someday feel like your mom not good to you. She abuses you all the time. Then, your mother is a toxic parent.

What if the woman who is to nurture and support you instead gives you pain. Here we come with a list of 25 things to do when your mom says hurtful things to you.

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things to do when your mom says hurtful things

1. Show that you are not dependent on her

Your mom may be saying hurtful things as because she thinks you are dependent on her. You will not respond to her hurtful sayings. But, you need to show her that you are independent and you do not need her support if she keep on saying bad things to you all the time.

2. Listen your favorite songs

Listening to your favorite songs can lessen the tension in your brain. Music is a great therapy to calm down your mind. Keep a playlist of your favorite songs on your mobile phone.

3. Let dad know about it

If dad is living with you, let dad know what’s happening in your life. Your dad may know a better way to tackle it. If your dad supports you, you will not have to worry again.

4. Let your friends relatives know about it

This can help in two ways. He will feel better after sharing your pain with others and secondly your friends, relatives may have better ways to handle it.

5. Stay calm and do nothing

If you get angry too often, the best way to tackle the situation is not to respond to the situation. Stay calm and escape the situation. This will give you enough time to think positively.

6. Spend time with your pets

It is human nature to feel low when someone says hurtful things to someone. Spending quality time with your pets can relax your mind. This way you will be able to concentrate more on your duties afterwards.

7. Go for outdoor adventure

If you are feeling low after your mom said hurting things to you. If you go for outdoor adventure you will have fresh air around you. The outer environment is beautiful you will have good time trekking in the mountains, foraging in forests, fishing, hunting etc.

8. Let her know what she doing wrong

Let her know that what she is doing wrong. She may be saying hurtful things without her knowledge. She may change her behavior after she comes to know what you are going through. Sometimes people do makes such mistake unknowingly.

9. Do your favorite things

Do the things that you love to do most. By doing things that you love most will help you to beat depression that you may be going through.

10. Watch a movie

This will make your brain divert from the main cause. Imagine you just came from work and entered home with some coarse words from your mom. Your brain will need some distraction to forget it. It is a temporary relief from the situation. Definitely, you will need a permanent solution in the future.

11. Forgive

Forgiving is a nice way to address with the matter. Even Jesus Christ forgave those who crucified him. Forgiving does not lessen the pain that she has caused to you. But, it will give you a immense holistic power to you for the good thing you are doing.

12. Get Realistic Expectations

After doing all these it does not guaranty that she will change. You need to have realistic mindset that she may change or may not. But, it is you who need to move on in life.

13. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to remain free from negative thoughts. All People should mediate 10 to 20 minutes a day to remain focused. It’s a nice way to remain healthy too. People all across the globe are realizing the importance of this ancient therapy. To be honest, this will not lessen the hurtful thoughts your mother has towards you, but definitely, you will boost your inner energy to fight the problem.

14. Yoga for you

Just like meditation yoga makes people calm and flexible. I have seen people composed even after catastrophic changes in their life. Yoga helped them keep control over temper and not to break down. It will also bring positivity in your life.

15. Get a Psychologist help

It has been seen many times that people who have been under pressure for a long time (may it be at workplace, home or elsewhere), they undergo depression as times pass on. It is important to take care of you or your relative if you seen someone going through this. Getting an appointment from a Psychologist can help you to come through this harsh time.

16. Grieve the loss

We grieve only when we lose someone. You have not lost your mother. Then, why will you be in grieve? You will grieve for the loss of the mother and child relationship that you should have. This will wipe out the faith you have that your mother is a loving person. You will not feel bad if she says hurtful things to you.

Final thoughts:

All we have to go through some sort of harsh time in life. All we can do is stay remain positive and find out a solution to put an end to the cause. Remember what is important for you!

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