14 Best Women’s Blogs To Follow In 2023

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We have come a long way from reading articles in magazines to blogs. There are various blog pages for every target audience. You can Google Search for a blog page and go through it to uplift your knowledge.

If you are looking for famous blog posts for women that discuss fashion, fitness, empowerment, lifestyle, and others, then you have landed in the correct place. Whether you are a homemaker, a college graduate, or a working woman, blogs will help you to improve your life in every aspect. 

Whether looking for health tips, or fashion advice, you can look up these blog pages to make your job easier. But when you try to search for a blog of a specific niche, you end up landing on the Search ending result page (SERP), and so many articles leave you needing clarification. 

It is a waste of time to open every blog and read for a single problem. How would you get a list of the best blog pages? You can filter your choices to the mentioned blog pages and get the best answer for your query. 

Before we get to the list of the best blog page list, it is crucial to know the advantage of consuming blog pages, which will help you to realize their value and make you an avid reader of blog pages.

Why should you read blogs?

You should go through the blogs due to the following reasons.

  1. Knowledge 

Continuously reading a blog is akin to reading books, and we all know how reading books can help individuals increase their knowledge and wisdom. Reading blogs of different categories can help you gain insight into various topics and build a perspective about them.

2. At your fingertips

Unlike books or other physical pages, you can access a blog anywhere, anytime, given your decent internet connection. You will not have to wait to return to your place and check the book for the answer. Instead, you can refer to the blog in a moment.

3. Cost-effective

It would help if you had different books for reading different categories, which can be heavy on your pockets. But for blogs, it is not the case. You can read most articles for free, irrespective of their category. 

Now, you must be convinced that reading blogs can help you in many ways, and they are a better option than any other conventional mode of reading. Blogs can play a significant role in improving your life with good habits.

It is good to begin your year with some commitment to get the most out of it, and proper guidance is imperative for moving on the right path. So, we will introduce you to some best blog pages to ensure you progress steadily toward your goal.

The Everygirl blog page is the ultimate choice if you are looking for a blog dedicated to career women. The blogs help females to better their lives and maintain a balance between work and personal life. You must go for it if you are a career-oriented lady and want to see good changes in your life to make it better in every way possible.

Joanna Goddard writes cup of Jo. She lives in New York and is a magazine writer by profession. She posts a daily blog on her page on topics like design, fashion, beauty, parenting, and food. The writer publishes honest and unfiltered stories about motherhood and relationships. She also writes about hair tutorials, home makeovers, and weekly recipes. If you want to take your fashion game up or make creative changes in your home or food, you should follow Cup of Jo.

It is an online magazine that publishes about life after 60. If you are close to your retirement age or want to live a happy life with your partner after retirement, then sixty and me can give you a better perspective of life after 60. The topics range from dating advice to make-up for older women and senior travel recommendations to retirement advice. 

The article will help you to live happily, financially, and securely after your 60s. Even if you are in your late 20s or early 30s, you can go through sixty and my online magazine. It will help you plan your retirement better, and you will not find it difficult when you inch closer to that age. So, the early you begin, the easier it will be later.

The Blonde abroad is a female travel blog accoladed for its lifestyle and travel tips to women. The blog covers every aspect of traveling, like packing guides, fashion, places to visit, budget tips, photography, festivals, and style. If you love traveling or aspire to travel in the future, you cannot afford to miss the Blonde Abroad. The most loved part about the blog post is that they do not just recommend places for traveling; they also give tips on various things to make your travel easier and enthralling.

If you want to look professional and fashionable at the same time, Corporette is the blog to read. This blog page targets overachievers women like MBAs, bankers, Lawyers, consultants, and many others. Females who want to maintain their fashion and professionalism should refer to the Corporette, as the blog page will give great tips to a woman to look stylish with minimal work. The blog also provides career advice to working ladies. 

Shan Draugelis founded the Mom edit in the year 2008. The blog does not vindicate its name, as they are not solely made for mothers. The blog primarily includes lifestyle and fashion tips for women. It publishes practical daily tips for women to take their lifestyles to the next level and improve their lives.

Her campus covers beauty, style, health, life, career, love, and more. Her campus is not a blog; it is a global community for females attending college. The community ranks first in its niche and covers students from more than 350 colleges. If you are in your 20s, joining Her Campus is a must as it will add enormous life to your lifestyle. If you religiously follow the tips provided in the community, you can stand out from the crowd and positively influence others.

  • HelloGiggles 

HelloGiggles is a community that covers different topics. Though the target audience is similar to both communities, they have different niches. HelloGiggles is for every young female, instead of just college-going women. Any young female seeking advice for a relationship, culture, friendship, women empowerment, career, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, or any other topic can visit the community.

A beautiful mess is a blog by sisters Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson. It publishes women’s lifestyle tips and does not target women within a specific age group. Both sisters have prowess in giving a try to various creative crafting ideas, home décor, hairstyles, making jewelry, and food recipes. They do not recommend complex ideas and emphasize easy-to-do methods. Their motto is to teach women to create anything they desire to get. Their thoughts and practices are also pragmatic, making it even more convenient for the readers. 

The New York Times is one of the most prominent and renowned newspapers in the Globe. You can read the news about girls and women in the newspaper’s online version. It will help you to stay updated on the current happenings around women, like knowing their rights, the latest movements for women’s empowerment, the latest reservation for women, and many others. Other than news, you can also get commentary on the same topic by analysts and experts to improve your knowledge and get a more thorough idea about the subject.

As the name suggests, you might guess the niche of this blog. This fitness blog focuses on quick and effective workouts and easy-to-cook delicious meals for working women or moms who need more time to focus on their health. They also give tips to make the life of women more adventurous out of the monotonous daily schedule. The blog writer is a certified personal trainer, weight loss specialist, and fitness instructor. The writer has a lot to offer their readers with her quick recipes and effective workouts for females. 

One of the females’ most prominent lifestyle blogs is Advice from a twenty-something. The blog also found a place in the top 10 beauty and fashion blogs released by better homes and gardens. This page also includes a list released by Feedspot of the 100 best women’s blogs. You can guess the quality of their content. It would help if you did not neglect Advice from a twenty-something while looking for lifestyle tips.

Marie Forleo is a renowned name in the online world, and you must have heard its name if you have been active on the internet. Marie Forleo is a prominent life coach in America, author, motivational speaker, and host of a web television show Marie TV. What to expect from the blog post of Marie Forleo? Being a motivational speaker and life coach, Marie Forleo’s blog will guide you to the right path and help you achieve the big goal that you aspired to. 

The blog also includes interviews with some great personalities of the planet, like Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, etc. Her blog will encourage you not to settle for less and to work hard towards your goal. If you are an aspiring woman with the zeal to achieve an elusive feat in your life, you should religiously follow the blog of Marie Forleo.

  • The workout Mommy

The life of a mom is not easy, as they hardly find any time from their daily chores. But taking care of health is imperative, especially after pregnancy, because most women gain significant weight in the nine months. The workout Mommy talks about fitness tips for moms and is on the list of top-rising blogs for females in the fitness niche. The blog was started in 2007 and has come a long way in 15 years. The workout tips are very commendable and effective for moms. The blog will help you focus on your health, even if you have little time.


These are some top recommendations for women to improve their lives. No matter what answer you are looking for, you can find the answer in one of these blogs. All the blogs are written by experts in their field, ensuring enriching content for the readers. You can see a significant change in yourself if you follow the advice mentioned in the blog. 

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