When Can I Put Clothes On After Fake Tanning?

Have you got yourself tanned? Do not worry. If you are perplexed with the post-tanning procedure. We have faced similar situations before and will help you with your questions, like how long one can shower after getting spray tanned, the time taken for a fake tan to dry, and how long a person can leave a spray tan on their body.

The day for your tanning session has come, and you have followed everything advised, like exfoliating, shaving, moisturizing, and many more. If you have experience, there is no problem, but if you are a rookie, you might need help getting the most from the session. 

How long should you wait for a shower after spray tanning?

You might be willing to jump into the shower for rejuvenation, but after applying the spray tan, you should at least wait 6 to 8 hours before that. The tanning solution will be fully absorbed into your skin in this time, giving you the best sun-kissed and glowing look.

Use lukewarm water instead of hot water when you go for a shower. It will make your skin smoother. Also, avoid a harsh body wash to make your skin better. Knowing the right time to shower after spray tanning will help you to get the best shade for your tanned look.

When can you put your clothes after spray tanning?

After a successful spray tan session, wait for the product to dry before pondering about wearing the clothes. At least you should wait for 10 minutes before putting up the clothes. Keep checking on areas like underarms, behind knees, etc. know how they are drying. It is early if the skin is not fully dry.

It is crucial to wear the appropriate clothes after getting dried, as the wrong clothes might squander your time and the purpose of the session. We will thoroughly discuss the types of clothes further in the article. 

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Time for a fake tan to dry

Now that you know the correct time to wear clothes and shower, you must ensure that your spray tan completely dries. Nowadays, most tanning solution takes a few minutes to get completely dried. It prevents your clothes from getting stained because of rubbing.

Though your fake tan spray takes less time to dry, you should wait a long time before washing them off. It will help you to get the best result from your session.

What is the best time to use the tan spray?

While using self-tanners yourself, apply them at the correct time to pass your time quickly. Because they do not develop instantly, as we have already discussed, you should wait 6 to 8 hours before taking a shower. 

The correct time to spray tan yourself is before bedtime. You can apply it at night and wash it off in the morning. Make sure to use an old bed sheet at night because it can get stained and make washing more difficult.

If you are uncomfortable applying them at night, you can also use them during the weekend. We will advise you to cancel all your outdoor plans on the day of applying the tanning spray. You can have quality time after applying the spray tan or finish your chores simultaneously.

How to protect your clothes from getting stained after a spray tan?

Following a simple hack can help you protect your clothes from getting stained. All you need to do is take a little quantity of baby powder and brush it over your body. Do this before wearing the clothes and 10 minutes after applying the spray tan. 

When to shave after applying spray tanner?

While having a fake tan on, a person can shave her body after 24 hours of applying spray tan. The process goes the same for waxing as well. If you wax before the stipulated time, you might find yourself in a dire situation, as the wax residue can pick up the spray tan solution and leave a dark brown spot in the same area where the wax was.

What should you avoid after a spray tan?

Do not apply moisturizer for a few hours after spraying or fake tanner. It will not let you achieve the best result. It also includes sweating, saunas, swimming, showering, bathing, or other water-related activities. At least wait 8-10 hours before doing any of these activities. After spray tanning, shower within a day (24 hours). Do not rub to dry yourself, take a gentle towel and pat dry yourself.

Best clothes to wear for going to bed after a spray tan

It is crucial to wear the right clothes if you have applied spray tan before going to bed. Wear long pants and long sleeve t-shirts that are loose in fitting. If you have applied spray tan before going to bed and do not wear loose-fitting long clothes, you are jeopardizing the result. As the spray can smudge too much and get absorbed incorrectly over your body, it is necessary to take precautions.


Following the correct aftercare is as crucial as knowing the right time of taking shower and wearing clothes. Leaving the spray tan for a significant time will give you the best result, but the proper aftercare will provide an even better outcome. There are numerous things you can do to enhance the color.

  • Moisturizing the skin every day
  • Exfoliating the skin properly
  • Avoid jumping into chlorinated pools
  • Do not do activities or exercise that will make you sweat
  • Use a body wash with neutral pH
  • Do not touch your body when the spray is drying.

What to wear after tan spray?

As mentioned above, we will discuss the right clothes to wear after the session, so you do not have to face any problems later.

  • Do not wear light-colored clothes.

We always recommend that you should not wear light-colored clothes immediately after using spray tan. The bronze will be sticky and blotchy for some time after using spray tan. The color will stick to your clothes and be more significant if they are not dark. Get a dark t-shirt and pants for yourself, and your attire is done. Colors like dark grey, navy blue, black, and camel are advisable for your post-tan outfit.

  • Avoid tight clothes

Do not go for tight-fitting clothes like body-hugging tops or pants. You need to pull the top over your face if they are tight. It will smudge the spray, eventually leaving the stain on your clothes and making a mess of your skin. 

We suggest house dresses like loose jumpsuits or maxi dresses for breathability. Do not select a sleeveless dress, as sleeves will protect your arms that have been freshly tanned. If your dress does not have sleeves, swap them with sweatpants or long-sleeved sweaters when going to bed.

We will not recommend shorts after your tan session. Because doing so will not protect your leg and leave a stain wherever you sit, like a car seat, sofa, or any other furniture. You can wear them after your first shower after the tan session. Wear loose-fitting shorts for more freedom. You cannot be careless even if you have had your first shower. Be mindful of where and how you sit to never create any mess.

  • Other apparels

When choosing footwear, make sure you only wear step-in sandals or flip-flops. Do not wear sneakers or boots, as these footwear will rub your feet and mess up the tan. Bras are not necessary or advisable after a spray tan session as they will leave a make mark on your chest area. But if you need support for your breast, then it is recommended to go for a sleeveless bra or a bandeau. 

After the tan session, you should not hook the bra on the front and take it to the back, as this will make a mess of your tan. You can take the help of the spray tanner for the same. Avoid wearing jewelry like bracelets, watches, necklaces, or any accessories on your body. These accessories may form a line on your body and smudge the tan.

  • Attire ideas after a spray tan

If you are still perplexed about the clothes and unable to decide what to wear, we have some ideas for you. The following attires are comfortable and easily available, so you will not have to worry much about your outfit.

  • A sweater and a pant
  • Oversize lace-up shirt
  • Sweater pants
  • Brown knit shorts
  • Joggers and an oversized t-shirt
  • A loose jumpsuit
  • An oversized sweater
  • A loose lower and a top
  • Oversize cotton shift dress
  • Drawstring black shorts
  • Long sleeve top waffle knit Cropped hoodie
  • Loose one piece
  • Sweater top (One shoulder)
  • Tie-dye dress

These were some of the best outfit ideas to wear after a spray tan. You can purchase all these dresses through a marketplace or a retail store at a minimal cost. So, if you cannot decide what to wear, we have made your job easier with some best recommendations. You can go with other dresses too if you do not like the above ideas.

End Takeaway

Now, you must have got to know that your job is not done after the spray tan session, as there are many more things that you can take care of after the session. If you follow all the recommended tips wisely, you will get the best and most enhanced shade for your skin. All the tips are pragmatic and easy to follow. Hope you too have got the answer to your question.

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