How To Clean Airforce Ones At Home?

White air force ones look stylish and elegant on any outfit. But dirt and stains are easily noticed on their surface. So, most people avoid wearing them on any occasion or holiday.

But you don’t need to sacrifice your look because of dirt accumulation on your sneakers.

The article discusses various methods on how to clean airforce ones at home. So, keep reading the article to learn about different cleaning methods for making your sneakers look good.

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What Are The Methods For Cleaning Airforce Ones At Home

Method 1: How To Clean Air Force Ones By Hand?

1. Remove Shoelaces From Your Sneakers

You must first remove the shoelaces from your sneakers and keep them on the side before cleaning. Now you need to slide down a shoe tree inside each sneaker. The primary purpose of sliding shoe trees is to prevent the sneaker’s fabric and plastic from damaging during washing.

Well, if you don’t have, then don’t worry. You can slide newspapers on both the sneakers and keep washing.

2. Use Sneaker Cleaner

Buy sneaker cleaner from any nearby store or from online. Now take a container and add two cups of sneaker cleaner to it. But if you don’t have a sneaker cleaner, you don’t need to panic. Take 2 cups of water in a container and add one spoonful of detergent powder.

3. Soak Your Shoelaces

Dip your shoelaces in the solution described in the second step. Well, there are various ways to clean shoelaces. But this is the easiest and most effective way to clean shoelaces.

4. Clean Your Sneakers With A Soft Brush

Take a brush that has soft bristles and dip it in the solution. Then brush gently on the sneakers. Drag back and forth almost on all areas of the sneakers to remove all possible dirt.

The cleaning solution is not poisonous or will not harm you while cleaning. But you can wear gloves if you like when washing your sneakers.

5. Use Hard Bristle Brush

If you still find your sneakers dirty, use a stiff bristle brush for cleaning. Dip the hard bristle brush in the cleaning solution, scrub back and forth, and cover every area of the sneakers to clean appropriately. Do scrubbing at least 2-3 times so that your sneakers look clean from all sides.

6. Clean All The Stain Marks On The Sneaker

Now it’s time to clean all the stains on your sneaker. Take a clean towel and dip it in the cleaning solution. Then rub it gently on the stains of the sneaker until the stains don’t go away. It will take almost 5 minutes to remove all the marks on your snake.

But if your sneakers are torn, and the inside layer is visible, you cannot remove the stains from the sneaker.

7. Wipe Sneakers By A Towel And Allow It To Dry

Now dip the used towel in warm water, take another towel, and wipe the sneakers to remove all the soap solution. Rub it in almost all parts, including the shoe, heel, and tongue.

Allow the sneakers to dry in a shaded area of your home. But the place needs good ventilation so the sneakers will dry quickly.

After 24 hours, keep your sneakers under the fan or near the window so they will dry completely. But don’t keep it under the sun because it can damage your sneakers.

8. Wash The Shoelaces

Wash the shoelaces you have dipped in the cleaning solution with fresh water and hang them on your clothesline.

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Method 2: How To Clean Airforce Ones In The Washing Machine?

You can choose this cleaning method if you want to clean your sneakers urgently. However, don’t wash your sneakers above two times a year in the washing machine; otherwise, it will damage their leather.

Well, here is a step-by-step procedure you need to follow if you want to clean airforce ones in the washing machine.

1. Take Out Shoelaces And insert Shoetrees

Take out the shoelaces from your sneaker and then insert shoetrees inside your sneakers. The shoetrees prevent your sneakers from shrinking in water.

Your shoetree may rust while washing your sneakers in the Washing machine. But it is available at an affordable price, and you don’t have to worry about it. The best thing is these shoetrees are preventing your sneakers from deteriorating.

2. Put Your Sneakers In Washing Machine

Now put your sneakers in the washing machine and a few old white clothes or towels. Washing with other laundry clothes will prevent the sneakers from hitting the machine. Use the laundry detergent for washing your sneakers in the machine and allow it to run.

3. Allow The Sneakers To Dry Completely

Your sneakers will be completely wet at the end of the washing machine cycle. You need to make it dry. So keep your sneakers in the shade and well-ventilated place for almost 24 hours, and then keep them under the fan or windows to dry completely.

However, don’t keep your sneaker in a humid environment because it can promote mold on your shoes.

Also, don’t use a blow dryer to dry your sneakers because it can deteriorate the leather in your sneaker. It can even shrink it.

Keeping your sneakers in direct sunlight can also make them dry and shrink. So, it’s best to keep it in a shaded place.

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Method 3: How To Clean Airforce Ones By Using Apple Cider Vinegar?

1. Add Apple Cider Vinegar Into Luke’s Warm Water

Take a container with lukewarm water. Add one-half cup of apple cider vinegar into it and mix them properly.

2. Rub the Sneakers With A Brush

Take a brush and dip it in the solution. Then gently scrub almost all areas of the sneaker. It will help in removing stains on your sneakers.

3. Allow Your Sneakers To Submerge In Soapy Solution

Now submerge your sneakers in soap solution for almost 30 -60 minutes. It will remove all possible dust and dirt from the sneakers. Don’t dip in soap solution for a long time because it will damage the leather of your sneakers.

4. Wipe The Sneakers With Damp Cloth

Take a damp cloth and wipe all the surfaces of the sneakers.

5. Allow The Sneakers To Dry

Now allow the sneakers to dry in the shade, well-ventilated place for almost 24 hours. After that, lay your sneakers under a fan or window for some hours so that they will dry completely.

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Method 4: How To Clean Air Force Ones With Baking Soda

1. Take Vinegar, baking Soda, And Water

Take a bowl of cold water and add one tablespoon of baking soda and two tablespoons of white vinegar. Mix thoroughly till the baking soda is wholly absorbed in water. You can put half a tablespoon of taking hydrogen peroxide in place of vinegar.

2. Rub The sneakers With an Old Brush

Take an old brush, dip it in the prepared solution, and rub it on your sneakers. You need to repeat it two to three times for good results.

3. Wipe The Sneakers

Wipe the sneakers with a damp cloth and allow them to dry for almost 24 hours in a shaded place at your home.

How Can You Deal With Stubborn Stain marks On Your Air Force Ones At Home?

A non-gel toothpaste can work wonders to clean stains on your white air force at home. You must apply the non-gel paste to your sneakers’ stubborn marks or stains. Then take an old toothbrush and make it wet by holding it under water.

Gently rub the areas where you have applied the non-gel toothpaste. Rub it till the stain does not appear on the sneakers. Take a damp cloth and wipe over the surfaces of the sneakers. A gel toothpaste may leave marks on your sneakers. So, it’s better to avoid it.

How To Remove Unpleasant Odours From The Airforce Ones At Home?

  • Take a container whose size must b the size of your sneakers.
  • Put your sneakers inside the box.
  • Take a bowl and fill it least one cup of baking soda.
  • You can keep some baking soda inside the sneakers to eliminate the unpleasant smell.
  • Keep the bowl inside the container.
  • Close the container and don’t open it for almost 48-72 hours.
  • The baking soda dramatically helps neutralize the odors.
  • After 48 -72 hours, wash the sneakers either by washing machine or by your hand.
  • Your sneakers will be neat and clean and have a pleasing odor.


Air force ones become dirty within a short time. But you don’t need to get worried about it. You can follow any of the above methods and clean your air force ones within 24 hours.

We thank you for reading this article and if you have any queries related to cleaning air force ones at home, then ask us in the comment section. We will be glad to answer your queries.

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