8 Best Heat Activated Grill Cleaners for Your Next Outdoor Party

The grill can get gunked up quickly with grease, fat, rust, and sauce in sunny sky and warm weather. It can give food an unappealing taste and cause issues in your intestinal tract. You can save your stomach by investing in a grill cleanser that removes all the caked-on residue and rust from the grill.

The people who frequently do grilling will have one or two grill brushes that will quickly clean off the fats and sticky globs of sauce. However, a grill cleaner has the power to remove even the most cooked-on grease from your grate. This article presents you with a list of the most effective grill cleansers against grease and residue.

1. Scotch-Brite Griddle Cleaning

Scotch-Brite griddle cleaning is a liquid that quickly cleans off fats from your grill. It can clean a hot and cold grill in 3 to 5 minutes. This liquid has a unique 3-step system: squirt, scour, and squeegee. It makes commercial griddles spotless when the grill is still hot (300 to 350F). So all you have to do is focus on creating your next culinary masterpiece.

The liquid produces bubbles lifting and loosening the stubborn burnt-on food, food soil, and carbonized grease upon contact with the hot griddle. It is safe for all food items as its formula includes ingredients regarded as “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) in food by the US FDA.

The cleaning-up system is simple and safe as compared to the traditional processes. You can do the cleaning in half the time as you did earlier. It is a highly effective product that does not need water rinse. The product meets the seal standard GS-53 due to its effective performance, protective limits on VOCs, and minimized packaging.

Specifications of the product:

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Volume: 3 fluid ounces
  • Included components: 40 3.2 oz packets of griddle cleaning liquid


  • Highly affordable
  • Comes with green seal certification
  • Safe and simple to use


  • It might leave a residue of a tar-like substance even after cleaning

2. Product of Member’s Mark commercial grill cleaner by Ecolab

It is a restaurant-grade Member’s mark commercial grill cleaner. It also works as an oven and fryer cleanser that starts working in seconds. The grease and carbon build-up on the grill can lower the quality of your food and the inspection grade. This cleaner will remove all the grease and fats from the grill and save your stomach from aches. The best part of this ready-to-use formula is that it reduces scrubbing and scrapping of the grill and keeps its surface clean.

Specifications of the product:

  • Unit color: 96 Fl Oz
  • Weight of the item: 32 ounces
  • Specifically used for oven and grill


  • Perfect for heavy-duty and commercial grill
  • Can remove the liquefied grease with a paper towel
  • No scrubbing necessary with 2 layer application


  • Only one spraying nozzles for 3 bottles

3. Traeger Grills: All Natural Heat Activated Grill Cleaner

This cleanser is available in a spray bottle form and will keep the mess away from your meat machine. It is made of all non-toxic ingredients to keep your food surfaces safe. The ingredients work tough on grease. It is a premium quality product by Traeger accessories and lasts for all the years of wood-fired grilling to come.

The manufacturer makes all the products with a custom feel. For example, rosewood accents on the handles of the cooking tools and embossed signature mountain logo. You will find this feel only on Traeger products. The process for using this spray is simple. Just spray it on the grill surface, let it sit there for five minutes, and wipe it off. It is made of all-natural ingredients and is non-toxic to keep on your food surfaces. The product is composed of all biodegradable ingredients, so rest assured that you are not consuming any toxic substances. In other words, the product is easy-to-use, sturdy, and value for money.

Specifications of the product

  • Weight: 2.18 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Traeger
  • Quantity: 950 ml per bottle


  • Non-toxic solution
  • Include industrial strength
  • Natural and biodegradable ingredients


  • It might leak during shipping as the seals are not tight

4. Citrusafe Grill Cleansing Spray

Citrusafe grill cleansing spray will keep your grill clean inside and out. It is an all-purpose grill cleanser that uses a citrus-based degreaser. It also has a subtle scent that cuts through moderate amounts of grease on the grates, adding a fresh-smelling shine to the grill exterior.

The active ingredient in Citrusafe grill cleansing spray is D-limonene which is safe for the grill, the user, and the environment. It is an environmentally friendly option for the users as it is a biodegradable formula to be used on cold grills. So this is the best pick for environmentally conscious consumers. It is an all-purpose cleaning spray with a volume of 23 fluid ounces.

Specifications of the product

  • Item is in spray form
  • 680 ml of item volume
  • Perfect to use for ovens and grills


  • Includes an eco-friendly formula
  • Reduce the wasted fuel by using the spray on a cold grill.
  • The active element is D-limonene which cuts through grime and grease.


  • Work hard on tough and stuck-on grime.

5. Therapy premium stainless steel cleaner and polish

Therapy premium stainless steel cleaner and polish is the best cleanser for an average grill that is streak-free, eco-friendly, and efficient in cutting through grease. It is a fully plant-based formula, making it safer than bleach cleansers and ammonia. You get a microfiber cloth with the product to clean your grill’s smooth surfaces perfectly.

If you are one of those cooks who is very diligent about keeping the grill clean between uses, this BBQ grill cleaner is the best choice. It is a stainless steel cleaner that removes grease spots and streaks from the outer parts of the grill. It is as good at cleaning grease from the interior of the grill.

Specifications of the product

  • Volume: 16 fluid ounces
  • Application form: spray
  • Type: stainless steel grill cleaner


  • Cleans the interior and the exterior of the grill.
  • A plant-based and eco-friendly formula
  • Include a pleasant lavender smell


  • The product is for light-duty cleaning
  • You cannot clean all grill grates with this spray.

6. Easy-off BBQ Grill Cleanser, Degreaser

This grill cleaning product by Easy-off should be used on grill grates to remove all the burned food, residual grime, and stuck-on grease. This powerful cleaning can destroy the stainless steel body of the grill and so you should not use it on the interior or exterior of the grill. You will get a clean grill within 40 minutes of the spray application.

The product comes in three cans, and each holds a volume of about 14.5 fluid ounces of the cleaning liquid. So you will have a small stock of grill cleaner with you for the entire grilling season. This product has a powerful chemical scent. Therefore, you should only use it in a well-ventilated area with proper personal equipment for protection. Wear a mask, safety glasses, and gloves while using the liquid.

Specification of the product

  • Volume: 3 cans of 14.5 fluid ounces each
  • Type: specializes in cleaning grill grates
  • The application method is foam


  • An easy-to-use foam cleanser
  • Affordable pack of 3 cans that you can use throughout the grilling season
  • A powerful formula to remove grease


  • Include a strong chemical scent
  • You cannot use it to clean the interior and exterior of the grill

7. Parker and Bailey BBQ Grill and Surface Cleaner

Use this strong degreasing grill cleaner to remove grease, oil, and fat built throughout the grilling season. It is an all-purpose spray by which you can clean the interior and exterior of the griller. Besides this, you can also use it on grates, grill baskets, drip pans, and any grill tools. The product comes in a spray bottle of 24 fluid ounces of volume.

Parker and Bailey grill cleaner has a completely non-stick formula that cleans the entire grill without creating a mess in the work area. It is not like other cleaners that leave behind oily residue and streaks. However, the formula may cause eye irritation, so you should use it in a well-ventilated area.

Specifications of the product

  • Volume: 24 fluid ounces
  • Type: All-purpose
  • Application method: spray


  • Suitable for cleaning grates, drip pans, and the interior and exterior of the griller.
  • Do not leave behind any sticky residue.
  • A streak-free formula


  • It can irritate the eyes if not used in a well-ventilated area

8. Weber Grill Grate Cleaner

Weber grill grate cleaner focuses on cutting through grime and grease that all-purpose cleaners cannot cover. This formula is approved by USDA and is eco-friendly, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and non-flammable. These properties make it a safe alternative to some hazardous grate-focussed grill cleaners.

You can easily spray this odorless solution on the grill grates regardless of the grill temperature. So whether the grill is cold or hot, you can spray it and save some money on fuel. You can also spray this on ovens, microwaves, and smokers to remove any grease, oil, fat, or food. Simply spray it on affected areas, give it some time to eat through the grime, and then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.

Specifications of the product

  • Volume: 16 fluid ounces
  • Type: specialized grill grate cleaner
  • Application method: spray


  • An odorless solution
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable
  • Use it on cold grills to reduce the wasted fuel


  • You cannot clean the exterior of the griller with this solution
  • Hard to clean stuck-on grime with this spray

Key Takeaway

We have done extensive research on heat activated grill cleansers and narrowed it to list the above products. Our key considerations are the application method, the volume of the grill cleanser, whether the product is safe or not, and the type of grill cleaner. We have kept safety as the most crucial factor in the selection process and have preferred products with weaker smells over those with strong, pungent odors. In addition, we have also considered the negative impacts on the environment to be a safety hazard.

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