How To Store Bags And Backpacks At Home?

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BAGS!- Something that all girls love. We might have our closet filled with bags, but we fail to stop when we see a new attractive one. After all, there is nothing less than the number of bags we have! There is always a separate handbag for coffee plans, a designer clutch bag for wedding parties, a tote bag for shopping, a casual sling bag for a walk or a basket for the beach days.

Backpacks are a go-to bag for someone in any case. They are very comfortable to carry; fill them with anything you want, use them roughly, and drag them through rugged conditions. The backpacks can handle every challenging situation; however, you must store them properly to maintain their shape. Let us see how to store the backpacks.

How do you store your backpacks at home? Where do you store them?

Backpacks are something that can be stored anywhere in your house. For those houses having mudrooms, you can keep your backpacks there and take one of them whenever you go out. You can keep the backpacks in the entrance hall or in your bedroom for houses with no mudroom. You can keep them on the side table at the door, so you can pick them up whenever you plan to go out.

Having a designated location for keeping the daily use bags is also a great choice. Thus, if you have any vacant space in your house, make it the drop-off region where you can keep your bags and backpacks. It would also become more accessible for the house members to pick a bag whenever required.

In case your bag is not too heavy, you can also keep them in the hooks of your cabinet. If you have a pretty good budget, you can also prepare a customized cabinet with hooks to keep the backpacks, keeping the area organized and clean.

If none of the above conditions works, hang the backpacks behind the door in the hooks. But to maintain the bag in decent condition, you should not hang your bag daily in the hooks, which will change your bag’s structure. If you are not going to utilize your backpack, empty them, wash them and store them in closets or under the beds. It is always better to stack the backpacks rather than roll them or hang them.

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Where to store your regular-use backpacks in your bedroom?

Backpacks are low-maintenance items and can be stored anywhere in your bedroom. However, organizing the backpacks depends on the space you have in your room. Yet, some cool tricks for storing their work for all. Keeping the backpacks on the hooks looks tedious for the drawing rooms. But for the bedrooms, you can build a small shelf where you can keep the backpacks. Specially designed bedroom cabinets for keeping your backpacks will make the room look organized and tidy.

Also, you can attach labels on the backpacks’ zips and handles and arrange them so that the tags are visible to you. This will let you pick up the required backpack wherever you go outside. Always prefer keeping them on the top shelf because they are lightweight and can be easily taken out.

Purses and handbags.

Purses are a bit complicated to store. Let us see what ideas are given to store the handbags and purses. We need to move with a different approach when storing handbags and purses. It is not the same as storing backpacks. You can either store the handbags based on their size or the storage type. The clutches can be kept in a line in one portion of your cabinet. For handbags with minimal usage, you can separate a portion of your cabinet using a piece of cardboard and keep them there. This way, you can separate the handbags you use for different occasions.

You can keep dust bags for storing the purses and make them stand next to each other with a gap of two inches between them. This way, you can prevent specks of dust from accumulating in your bags and also avoid scratching caused due to abrasion.

Dustbags are practical for storing handbags because they protect them from dust. They come in various materials and generally have a drawstring attached on top of it. This will also secure the handbags kept inside it and also keep it safe using the drawstring, preventing anything from entering inside it.

Should we store our bags in dustbags?

It is always great to keep your bags inside the dust bags, even if it is stored for a shorter span. It will ensure that your bag is in a safe and clean space.

  • Besides saving your bag from dust, a dust bag will also protect it from insects and debris. We know that the dust particles can easily stick to your bag and cause scratches on them.
  • Dust bags will also prevent scratches to your bag from any other items placed beside it.

The best part of the dust bags is that they improve the longevity of your bag and will keep it new for a longer time. This is the primary reason why most top-quality bags are sold with dust bags.

Are dust bags washable?

Washing a dust bag depends on the bag’s material. There are many dust bags that have an attached tag with washing instructions, and some also have tiny granules on their surface to prevent dust from entering. Washing these dust bags can remove the granules from the top surface of the bags. Therefore, reading and understanding the washing instructions attached to the dust bags is always better.

Some dust bags that are made up of cotton are washable. However, if the bag is dark-coloured, it might fade away. Sometimes, there might not be any attached washing information on the bag’s surface, yet you want to wash them. If you want to know whether your dust bag is washable, hold a corner of it and dip it in the water for some time.

If you see that small granules are coming out from the dust bag’s surface or bleeding colour, then you should not wash your dust bag. Additionally, if you see that the structure of your bag is changing, do not wash them. However, if the dipped portion of your dust bag does not release any granules or shows no signs of bleeding, you can wash them with precaution.

It is always better to get your bag cleaned by a professional cleaning service. Or you can replace the old ones with the new ones and use them for storing purposes.

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Is it worth storing leather bags in plastic containers?

Yes, plastic containers are effective for storing leather handbags like purses. It is an excellent alternative for storing bags if you wrap your purse in a plastic container and store them inside the cabinet. Leather bags should always be stored with no moisture and sunlight.

Another advantage of storing the leather bags inside plastic containers is that it will prevent damage to the bag caused due to weight which is a common issue when the bags are stored in stacks. You can easily stick removable stickers on the container and pick them up according to your needs.

Can you store your bag in bubble wrap packages?

Storing your bag inside a bubble wrap will ensure that it remains dry and is protected from external scratches. Thus, it is a safe storage mode where you can store your bag for a longer time. Also, covering specific parts of your handbag, like the zippers and sharp metallic parts, will also prevent scratches. It is an excellent trick that will work for all handbags.

The safety of storing your bags inside bubble wrap depends on numerous factors like weather conditions, the material of the handbag, and whether it is exposed to sun rays or not. If your bag is made of neoprene or leather, it won’t be wise to store them in bubble wraps. Let us see which bags can be stored in bubble wrap packages.

  • Canvas or cotton bags.
  • Denim bags.
  • Straw and Jute bags.
  • Mesh bags.
  • Acrylic or plastic bags.
  • Condura bags.

Can we hang purses or bags?

Hanging purses, whether full filled or half filled or empty, can be damaged if it is hanged. The handle or any other part used for hanging the purse might get damaged, and the material can stretch long and ultimately tear out when left alone. Besides, hanging purses or bags also leaves a mark on the bag and deteriorates its shape and structure. Not only is the handle’s structure compromised, but the overall shape of the bag might also get distorted.

The natural shape of the bag might get lost due to stretching at different parts of the bag. It is also the same when hanging a bag utilizing its metallic element. Only backpacks are safe to hang. Even if you are hanging them frequently, make sure to keep the bag empty. For hanging purses or bags, instead of hanging them through the parts of the bag, use hangers. In special hangers, you can place your purse or bag.

The basic steps that you must follow before storing your bags.

Before moving to how to store the bags and backpacks, you must follow some quick steps whenever you are storing your bags. These steps apply to all types of bags.

  • Completely empty the bag.

Make sure to empty your bag before storing them, whether for a short or extended period. Any substance left inside the bag can make it dirty and create dents on the bag’s surface, either outside or inside. Therefore, inspect your bag’s chambers before storing them and taking out the materials.

  • Thoroughly clean the bag.

Clean any debris or dust from the inside and outside portions of the bags. You can use a soft cloth or a mild brush for doing so. While a soft cloth material is perfect for cleaning leather bags, a damp cloth or a gentle brush is enough for cleaning a tote bag. Besides, you can also wash the bag made up of clothes if they are filthy.

  • Uniformly stuff your bag.

Stuffing your bag correctly will prevent the formation of wrinkles on its surface, especially for leather bags. You can use acid-free, natural paper or air paper for stuffing the bags, and Air-filled bags and bubble wraps are also suitable for such purposes.

  • Coat your bag with a protective layer.

You must invest some bucks using a quality protectant for your bag, especially suede and leather bags. This coating will add years to not only the bag’s life but also life those years.

  • Keep it inside a container or cover it with a cloth bag.

Once you have dusted and cleaned your bag, you can utilize a plastic container or a cloth bag for storing your bag, depending on the type of bag. Ensure that there are no sharp things inside your bag and that the belt of your bag is not bent. If you do not have any cloth bags, you can choose a pillow cover made of cotton, silk, linen and other soft materials.

  • Add tags or labels to the bag.

You can see the label and take the bag you need. Although, this part is optional. Yet, if you can add labels to your bag, it will be easier to find them when required.

  • Store and stack them properly.

Once you put your bag inside a cloth bag or a container, you can store them in the proper place. Always remember that purses must be stored in places away from sunlight as sun rays might fade their colours. Also, if you have more than one purse stored, keep them at a gap of 2-3 inches. Never put additional weight on your handbags while storing them. Backpacks do not get damaged while stored. If you have a solid plastic container, you can stack one backpack over another.

Final Words.

This was all about how to store your bag. If you can follow all the steps mentioned for leather bags and backpacks separately, you can also improve the bag’s longevity. Therefore, read the entire article to see how and where you must store your bag to keep it in proper condition.

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How to Store Bags and Backpacks
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