Best Instagram Bio Ideas for Couples

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It is pretty challenging to find your perfect significant other, and when you have, it is best to show the world! And when it comes to showing the world, what can be a better place than one of today’s world’s various social media platforms? Talking about social media platforms, we can never disregard how influential Instagram has been in recent years as a social media platform. And, couples can readily showcase their sweet and adorable lifestyle through Instagram.

There are several aspects that one requires to be on the social media platform Instagram. One has to decide on a good username for their account and, most notably, an attractive bio so that people feel interested in following that account. Selecting an excellent bio for the profiles is one of the most vital factors in having an Instagram page or account.

Thus, we discussed the following to assist couples who want to have a great bio on their Instagram account or page. We have first included the various readymade bios that one can easily include in their accounts or pages. And then, we have discussed the tips and advice that can help one improve and create bios on their own from their Instagram pages and accounts. So, let us begin straight up with the discussion about Instagram couple bio ideas without delaying it any longer.

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Different Types of Instagram Bio and Captions for couples

To start off most simply, we will put forth some of the best captions that couples can include in their bios for their Instagram account or page. So, they are as follows.

  • Mr. and Mrs. <your surname>

We love #cooking

We love # traveling

Hitched on <your anniversary date>

Together forever

  • <your first names>

King and Queen

Together since <date you both started dating or got married or engaged>

Better together!

Always for each other!

  • <give your couple-name”>

Holding hands since <date you both started dating>

We love traveling together!

Family of <number of member you have>

  • <name> and <name>

Had each other’s back since <date you both started dating>

“True love stories never have endings.”

Our world revolves around each other!

  • <name> is the light to my gloomy day

A life lived in love will never be dull.

We love to go places together, dance together and live life together!

  • Mr and Mrs <surname>

Pawparents to <number of pets you have> <the type of pet you have>

All you need is love

(this bio is especially for the couples who have pets)

  • <username>

My hands feel complete when they are holding < partner’s name>

You made me believe in love!

“Each day, I love you more; and today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.”

  • <username>

My world is < partner’s name>, and it revolves around her

Never believed that true love can exist, until I met him/her

Together since <date of dating>

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How can you create a fantastic Instagram bio for an account?

We have previously discussed the different captions you can include in your bio for an Instagram couple’s account or page. But what if you would want to create a bio on your own? How can you make your unique couple’s account bio for Instagram? Do not worry! We have given below several tips and advice that, if you follow, you will be able to create the best and the most attractive bio for your couple’s account or page on Instagram. So, let us start a discussion about the tips and advice now.

  • The naming of your account properly is essential.

Always try to start your bio with a catchy name for your account or even a couple of names. For example, including the surname can be a great way of making your Instagram couple age or account look more engaging, and it also reflects how well-bonded you are as a couple. Another excellent way of making your bio attractive through your names is by integrating your nicknames.

You can either out your own nicknames or the ones that you call each other as a couple. Lastly, decide on a “couple name” for yourselves and include them in your bio. And if you already have a “couple name”, including it in your bio will make it look more attractive and deary.

  • Include emojis

Technology has given us various ways of communicating. And with the developments in social media platforms, we can express every emotion with the

innumerable emoticons or emoticons available. So, try to include emojis in your bio, and it makes the entire biography of your account more attractive and social. Include more positive and exciting emojis with each description.

Although using emojis can make your bio look immensely attractive, ensure to not use them to the extent where your bio looks crowded. So, use the emojis wherever required and in the right amount. When used in the right way and amount, your Instagram bio can look incredibly attractive.

  • Include descriptions of your hobbies, likes, and other

Descriptions play an essential role for couple bios on Instagram, especially when it is a page and you are running a lifestyle influencer account as a couple. People often expect to see and follow your way if lying as a couple. Thus, if you do not provide them with what you, as a couple, are about, it tends to lack the amount of engagement and excitement that you are expected to offer to your audience. Or, even if you are not a couple having an influencer Instagram account, it is always better to provide descriptive information about yourself and your couple’s life.

Some examples include what your hobbies are and what you like to do as a couple and in life. For example, “We love # traveling”, “We like to spend time together”, and other information about your couple-life.

  • Include quotes

You can find innumerable love quotes on the internet, and when you include these quotes in your bio, you can readily make your bio look more intellectually incredible. Also, you can create some quotes and include them in your bio. The quotes on your bio reflect your page’s better and more fascinating outlook, making your bio look unique. And you can make your bio even more extraordinary when you make the quotes by yourself.

For example, you can include quotes like “Always better together”, “You call it madness, but I call it to love”, “Life is a flower, and love is the honey”, and many more like this.

  • Include important dates

Another factor that you can include in your bio for your couple’s Instagram account is the important dates of your relationship. You can portray how long you have been a couple. It can be when one of the partners proposes to the other, on the date of marriage or when you start seeing each other. It gives more information, and your page or account looks more genuine than a couple’s account or page.

  • Include the number of family members you have

The more description you add to your bio, the better it is and the more engaging it becomes. So, another thing you can add is about your family, how many members you have in your family and who they are. For example, “Happy family of four”, “Parents to two lovely kids”, “Living the journey of life together with two little feet”, and the like.

  • Include whether you have pets

Having pets as a couple can be the cutest thing ever. So, why not show that in your bio? When your bio reflects that you have pets, it reflects a better and sweeter reflection of you as a couple. For example, “Paw parents”, “Just us and our dogs”, “Life, we and our kitties”, and the like.

  • Be creative

The more creative you are about your bio, the more unique it looks. And the more unique your bio looks, the better it will attract the audience. This is more like a general tip and advice for creating the best bio for your account or page on Instagram.


This was all about the Instagram bio for couples that you can readily put readymade or create yourself. Whether you put a readymade bio for your account or use our advice and tips for making a bio for your account, it is nevertheless a crucial factor for including a great bio for your Instagram couple’s account. So, follow our tips to make the best bio, or choose the right one among the innumerable ones available online.


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