Why are my rose cuttings failing?

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Did you make a rose garden? But you are not able to do rose cuttings successfully? You need to dip the stem cutting ends in the hormone paste that will help to roots to come out fast. Please read to the end of this post to know every steps of the successful rose cutting propagation in details in this post.

At the time of writing this post, we are now in the month of April (2021). This is the spring season and the best for gardeners to watch their crop bloom. The covid pandemic has let people spend their idle time with plants. You can also prepare for rose cutting in the next seasons.

Summer is the best time to do the hardwood cutting for plants, whatever variety of roses you have in your garden, you can get new plants from stem cuttings. It is a whole new experience to successfully grow your own rose cuttings. And you can swap rose cuttings with others to acquire new varieties of roses.

Which type of rose plant do you need to select for rose cuttings?

Gardening is a complete miracle. Making it grow as a beautiful blooming rose from a little stick not only gives us happiness but also immensely satisfying for us. If you want to successfully make a rose cutting, you need to select the stem of the rose that does repeat blooms. You need to look at the bush and select that branch that has flowered. It is better to choose the one-year-old branch. The old ones do not root quickly, and even if the new root grows, it will wilt and die.

Now the question is, “How to propagate roses from cuttings?”

There are several ways to propagate a rose plant from a cutting. I have shared my knowledge on different ways to propagate rose cuttings like propagating rose cuttings in water, propagating roses from cuttings in direct soil, and propagating roses from cuttings using potato and honey.

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How to propagate roses from cuttings in water?

  • This is one of the easiest and best methods that give the best result and earliest result. Like other method propagating roses in water also offer the product like the parent plant. Here you will get the steps that are below:
  • The starting summer is the favorable time for this water propagation. You need to make sure that the parent plant from where stem cutting is done is free from any pests and disease.
  • Make sure that you use a clean knife to cut the rose stem, and you need to have the correct measurement of 4 to 6 inches long. You need to cut below the node where the branches are attached to the stem. While cutting, you need to leave two or three intact and remove all flowers and buds.
  • Now you need to fill half of the jar with lukewarm water, then put that rose cutting in it. Leaves should not be under the water which may rot inside the jar. After this, you need to keep the jar in a bright place, where the sun does not fall directly.
  • You need to check periodically the color of the water when it looks brackish you need to change it with new water. To be precise you should change the water every three or five days. New roots will take three to four weeks to grow. You have to be patient sometimes to see new roots; it may take even months sometimes.
  • You can transplant it to a pot when the roots reach 2 to 4 inches long. Make sure that the pot has a drainage hole at the bottom.
  • It is better not to place the rose cutting in indirect sunlight so that it does not get wilt.
  • Now you need to keep on watering the new rose plant so that potting soil becomes moist always but it should not be soggy. After watering you need to drain the pot, and water should not remain in the pot.

You can keep this rose cutting outdoors when it will become a complete plant with matured leaves and new branches.

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How to propagate roses from cuttings directly in the soil?

Weather impact very much when the softwoods of your rose plant are ready for cutting but do not waste your time looking at the calendar. You need to look at your roses; if you find blooms are fading, then it is time to cut. Here you will get the steps to follow:

rose cutting in soil
  • You need to carefully cut the stem of the rose bush that you want to propagate using a sharp knife. The cut must be from new growth, and make sure that you keep 12-inches long.
  • You need to cut all the flowers, and buds from the top as they take a huge amount of nutrients for growth. Now, the remaining part of the stem will focus on producing more roots instead of maintaining buds, flowers, and leaves.
  • It is better that you do the fresh cut below the stem node. Now you might be wondering what the node is. Well, it is a bump on the stem from where new leaves can grow. Down the stem, make a 1/3 inch slits up which will be divided into quarters.
  • If you want to use some powder rooting hormone, you have to make sure that you wet the stem so that compound can stick. If the rooting hormone is in gel form, then you can dip away. The rooting hormone increases chances of successful rose cutting propagation.
  • After this, take a container with rose potting soil and make a small finger size hole in the middle. Plant the stem in that hole carefully. Give a gentle press on the soil holding the stem cutting, then keep watering regularly.
  • You need to cover the stem and pot with a plastic bag nicely so that it does not rest on the leaves. It is better if you can get the bag from the grocery store of the production section. This bag can hold moisture and keep the soil moist. You can even put one stick into the ground so that the bag must always up and far from the leaves. It would help if you have not tied the bag so that air can flow, and it will also help prevent fungus growth and mold.
  • You need to regularly check the soil so that it always be moist, but it should not be damp. The root should be at least eight weeks old, gently tug the stem out. If it is resisting a little, the roots have grown nicely. You can either plant the rooting stem in a new pot or plant it in the same pot adding new soil and organic manure. Now, you no more need the plastic bag to preserve the moisture.
rooting of rose cutting

Propagate roses from cuttings using potato and honey

We have a couple of ideas for rooting rose cuttings this one is with the plain potato, and you need to use the correct method for this. Every gardener has dreams of rose plating, but purchasing rose plants can be expensive, so you may prefer to propagate rose cuttings new way which is also fun to do.

At very fast, you need to have raw honey which will act as a rooting hormone, a small potato, and a rosebush cutting. You can involve your kids too which can be a great fun activity for them. Steps to follow:

  • Before you start cutting rose, you need to make ready the area where you will be planting them. You need to Dig a 6” trench then need to put the line to the bottom with sharp sand. You need to select the stems carefully. You need to select young stems so that you will get good growth which includes thickness, healthy, and pencil. You need to avoid using kinky or bent pieces because they do not root well.
  • You need to make sure that every cutting must be 9-10 inches long. It should not be too long or small. You need to make the best root that you will get if you cut below the flower bud. You need to strip off the leaves and from the bottom, you need to take 1/4 of the stem. If you want the best cutting, then you need to remove the leaves from the stem. You need to lightly score from the bottom to the outer stem around 2 inches. Mainly, you need to break the outer skin and allow it to get the root quickly.
  • When you cut the stem from the bottom, you need to make sure that it should be a 45-degree angle, then you need to do the dip cut, then you make sure that you dip that part into honey. You can now plug the stem into the moist potato where you already have made a hole. The rose stem part plugged inside the potato will be protected, then it will give the result in the same way as in soil.
  • You need to bury it about 3 inches in the soil; after that, you need to fill that portion correctly. You need to water them regularly. It may few months to root to come, and after that, it will be ready for transplanting to a new place. Now you can add organic manure(which I always prefer) to your beautiful rose cutting to get large blooms.

You need to make sure that you have chosen naturally preserved potatoes because commercially potatoes are sold by spraying an anti-rooting chemical (Bud-Nip) to stop the budding of potatoes in the warehouse but this stops your roses from growing as there are chances to transfer those to the rose cutting. You can even make those potatoes chemical free by liberally scrubbing them with vinegar and rinse thoroughly. It will help you to remove chemicals from it.

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Why are my rose cuttings turning black?

If you see any black spot, then there are chances that it got a fungal infection, and humid, wet, and warm weather also plays a significant role in plant development. If the black spots are there in those spores, it is waiting for its ideal condition. It does not take much time to germinate the black spot spores, and you will not have any symptoms for few days. If you do not act quickly, then you will get new spores after three weeks. Usually, back spots start with a small dot on leaves then it becomes big slowly and turns full leaf in yellow. After that, all leaves will start falling, and the plant will become infected, and it will become defoliate. To get rid of it, you need to do clean up thoroughly. Black spot is the sign of poor growing condition you need to make sure that you must add plenty of water for good air circulation.

How to tell if a rose cutting has rooted?

You need to keep the soil hydrated and moist for this, you need to keep watering on them. When you are putting inside the soil make sure that for the support you need to fit one clear plastic bag on top for support. If you want, you can even keep few decorative twigs around it. Not only it will give support; it will even be a good decoration for your plant. Most of the softwood rose’s cutting root comes out within 10 to 14 days. If you want to know this progress, you can do the gentle cutting and feel the new root’s slight resistance. You can even feel the slight resistance of the fresh root, which is growing from the soil.

How long does it take for rose cuttings to root?

Rooting normally take 3-4 weeks but few plants may take even more time. When the root becomes 1-2 inches long, that is time to potted up. It would help if you made ready the pot so that you can directly move the plant on it.

What is the best time to take rose cuttings for propagation?

The best time to take rose cuttings is the summer season just after spring. Your rose plant has blossomed to the most in the spring and now numerous branches may have grown. We need to lessen few branches to give room for growth and we can do cutting now. The summer and rainy seasons will help the cuttings to grow new roots and new shoots. If you ask what time of the day best for cuttings, there is literally no best time of the day as we are plating only stems and wilting leaves do not matter.

Here, Some good tips from Fraser Valley Rose Farm-

Final thought:

Rose cutting failing is not the big thing, but to get rid of it you may need to try differently. Buying new rose plants can be expensive but growing rose plants from cutting is cheaper and it can be a fun job. If you follow these above-mentioned steps you will definitely get success in rose cuttings.

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