When should you start shopping for the baby?

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If you are an expecting mother, you may need certain things to buy for you and your baby. It is an awesome feeling to have a new life coming into your life. Things that you may wish to buy like diapers, pregnancy kits, clothes, towels, essential oils, cosmetics, etc.

The best time to start shopping for the baby is after the baby arrives at your home. You can buy small things for the baby like a doll, a few changing towels. It is because the psychological effect of losing a baby if any unforeseen happens may affect you very badly when you shopped items already.

Some prefer to buy baby items after the baby’s gender is revealed which is around the 18th to 21st week of pregnancy. Newborn items are not gender-specific, so it is not necessary to know the sex of the baby to buy items.

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When should you start shopping for the baby

List of things to buy for your upcoming baby

Anyway if you decided to shop for an upcoming baby, you can list out these things on a piece of paper. It will be easy to mark the items.

  1. Disposable diapers.
  2. Waterproof covers.
  3. Disposable wipes.
  4. Changing pads.
  5. Diaper bag.
  6. Snaps, safety pins to secure cloths.
  7. Burp cloths.
  8. Thermal bottle carrier.
  9. Sleep sack.
  10. Sling or baby carrier.
  11. Onesies for the baby.
  12. Cotton blankets.
  13. Baby towels.
  14. Baby soaps or cleansers.
  15. Crib mattress and covers.
  16. Baby creams and ointments.
  17. Mittens and bibs.

FAQs on shopping for the expecting baby

Can I start buying baby stuff at 20 weeks?

It’s advisable to purchase baby items after the baby is home. The unexpected loss of a child during this time can be more haunting if their belongings are already with the parents. IVF treatment has enabled numerous couples to welcome healthy babies into their lives.

Is it bad luck to buy baby stuff early?

It may be considered bad luck to buy baby stuff early in the beliefs of some communities, societies, and religions. There is nothing to worry about if you buy baby stuff early.

What do I need to buy for twin babies?

You will need to buy twice the amount of items a single baby needs. Items like a twin bassinet sleeper, twin z pillow, twin breast pump, twin baby carrier, and twin stroller will make things easy.

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