How to Grow Avocado from Store-bought Avocado with no experiences

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Avocado is the fruit of a plant family called Lauraceae. It is in the form of a berry with a large seed in it. They are commercially valuable and grown in tropical climates all around the world.

So you love Avocado and at the same time also have a passion for gardening. If you are thinking to utilise your skill to grow your lovely Avocado but don’t know-how. I am here with an Amazing trick to grow avocado from avocado just by using toothpicks. I will also be sharing a method to grow avocado without using a toothpick, so bear with me.

Many people try to grow avocado from seeds, and it has been a popular thing now, and why not? When you can have fresh avocado in some time.

Will a store-bought avocado seed produce fruit?

Best Suitable Climate and Temperature for growing Avocado

Avocados need a climate without frost and little wind because fast winds affect pollination by reducing the humidity and dehydrating the flower. The seeds need well-aerated soil. Avocados can tolerate extremely cold temperatures up to 20F.

Grow Avocado from Avocado using Toothpick or without Using Toothpick

There are numerous methods to grow an Avocado plant. Using toothpicks to grow avocado plants is the most popular one.

Avocado pit

How to Grow Avocado from Store-bought Avocado using Toothpicks

1. Wash the fruit.

Washing the fruit is really important because you need to get rid of any waste or impurity it may contain on the surface. Once you have washed the fruit carefully, proceed to the next step.

2. Put the seed in a glass of water Overnight.

This step will help in hydrating your avocado, due to osmosis the seed will swell a bit, which is fine. So once your seed is hydrated now let’s go for the next step.

3. Peel the Seed

Because of Soaking the water overnight, the cover of the seed has now become very soft, thus it is quite easy for us to peel it off the seed. You must do this step gently. Once done proceed further.

You will need water, avocado with seeds, toothpicks, and some seed-stabbing action will be preferred. So when you are ready, begin by stabbing the sides of the seed using toothpicks. Use this combination to place the seed in the glass, such that toothpicks are holding it halfway in the glass, with the seed touching the sides or maybe in the center. Now start adding water to the glass, slowly until it’s half-submerged. Remember not to fully submerge the seed in water.

4. Now follow the step mentioned above to stab the seed using a toothpick and place it in water, with the seed submerged halfway.

5. Water regularly

You will need to keep watering the seed regularly, so it should never be dry. This is a very important step, as if not done properly, it may result in the molding of the seed.

You will notice that the seed absorbs water as days pass and also because of evaporation, the water will decrease gradually. Water the seed regularly, to keep it hydrated. You will need to maintain a delicate balance between drying it and drowning it in water. You will need to spend time taking care of the process.

6. Check the Growth

You will see that seed now cracks open, so gently open the seed all way round. (about 1 cm maybe). Now it’s time to plant the seed in the ground. Choosing the right soil is important. You can use organic compost to get good growth. Watering the plant regularly at the beginning is a must. As the young sapling grows to a tree, less care is needed.

The toothpick method is a quicker way to get a new avocado plant from a store-bought avocado. If you are going to grow avocado, do let us know which method you will prefer.

How to Grow Avocado from Store-bought Avocado without using Toothpicks

If you are too lazy to follow the toothpick method and you are looking for a way of growing avocado without using a toothpick, then don’t worry, I have an alternative method that doesn’t require toothpicks. We will be growing avocado from pits.

Step 1: Harvesting the Pit

You will need to carefully peel the skin off the avocado and then split it in exact half, then using a spoon you need to take out the pit(the stone of a fruit). Wash the pit, so no flesh of the avocado is left. Remember that this is a very sensitive and crucial step, so do it with patience.

Step 2: Submerge the Pit

Now fill a bowl with lukewarm water, place this bowl near a window, so it gets enough sunlight throughout the day. Now fully submerge the avocado pit in it.  You will need to change the water on alternate days, also when changing the water clean the avocado pit from any slime which may have grown on it.

Step 3: Transplant the Seed

After almost two-three weeks you will start noticing that your seed cracked open. When you notice that, your seed is ready for transplant. Now take a container with soil, and make a hole about 2 – 3 inches throughout it. Now put an avocado seed in it and cover it again with the soil. Now you will need to water your seed every day, you may skip alternate days if you feel lazy because the goal is to keep our Avocado seed hydrated and not to over saturate it.

Step 4: Invisible Growth

So, this is the time when there is growth but you can’t see it. The roots will start growing from our seed. This happens when the avocado seed completely opens.

Step 5: Visible Growth

You will notice that a stem starts to grow from the pointing side of the seed, which you kept at the top. After almost four to five months of time, the stem should be tall enough with a good amount of leaves on it.


Do avocado trees grown from seed produce fruits?

Yes and No. No one can guarantee that your avocado tree will bear fruits, but in most cases, if you follow the procedure carefully, you will get fruits.

What temperature is ideal for growing Avocados?

Typically, Avocados are grown in warm temperatures. So if you live in a cold temperature then try to keep your plant indoors.


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