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If you love flowers, a window box cascading with colorful blooms is a sure dream. Imagine how beautiful the scene of your house will be with window boxes positioned at the front of your window. The floral scents will capture the breeze of your home, rejuvenating every time you pass by. 

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Its green leaves and pink flowers blossom in the early spring. The glossy leaves and flowers spread quite a lot and thus need sufficient space to grow properly.

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It grows without the hassle and adds exceptional texture to the flowers. Sometimes after planting the flowers, there are many spaces left in the boxes.


This plant is known for attracting hummingbirds. It is an upright flower with many bright colors like yellow, orange, red, white, and pink. 


Vinca flowers have a delicate array of glossy foliage and bright flowers. Flowers bloom from summer to fall. The height of this plant is nearly eight inches, so they cover a good amount of space in the window box.

Fuldaglut Sedum

This plant is another option that will add colors to your mini garden. The leaves turn deep red during the winter months. Plants grow in the summer season, lasting for about a month or longer. You can use a width of 10 to 12 inches to cover the surface of the window box.

Licorice Plant

The licorice plant is another filler option in your window boxes that add a subtle appeal when planted with other colorful flowers. The silvery-white leaves give this plant a unique appeal. It grows partially in low sun and needs less maintenance. 


Ivy is a rapidly growing plant that will soon fill its box and return year after year. Plant ivy can grow in all window boxes and then add bursts of seasonal choices amidst the ivy. It will give a nice appearance to your mini garden.


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